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'Constitutional Crisis Already Here': With Mueller at Risk and Free Press Attacked, Warnings Trump Era 'Entering Dangerous New Phase'


Me thinks we won’t rise up until they take it ALL away from us.


I hear people talk about constitutional crisis, but they are half a century behind the curve. The constitution was supposed to be the highest law, but is outranked by trade agreements. Gun control, even nuclear arms and chemical weapons control would only be possible by the amendment process, if not for a constitutional crisis. Our elections are the laughing stock of the history of elections, that’s a constitutional crisis. The media as we call it today, was called “press”, at the time the constitution was written, and it is far from free today. There are no checks and balances in this regime, as were supposed to exist under the constitution, all five bodies of the corporate owned government being a well tuned and synchronized instrument of oppression and manipulation for the 99%, (Think tanks, funded by corporations, write almost every piece of legislation forwarded, and are the fourth branch, the fifth is the corporate media). The bill of rights was part of the constitution, once amended, and it is no longer applicable, with police murdering people on the basis of skin color and not a judge in the nation finding fault with it. Cruel and unusual punishment is the norm without the constitutional protection in place, and even torture and “no charge, no trial”, concentration camps are now the accepted norm. The constitution grants congress the power to coin money, not to hand the responsibility off to private bankers, travelling under the guise of the federal reserve, (and its an executive appointment, not congressional).The longest war in US history rages on without a congressional declaration, as required by the constitution. I guess it just takes 50 or 100 years or so for some folks to see whats right in front of them. Actually, they still don’t see it.


As Mad Max said, “there ain’t no Captain Walker and there ain’t no tomorry morry land.”


This would be a great time for Obama, Biden, Clinton, and O’Roark to let Trump know they have tee times down at mara lago this weekend. Well, maybe after the fact.


Guess u were pissed it wasn’t a Red Wave?


That’s exactly what we need. Sick of reading about this bull crap every damned day. One MAGA Corrupt dude causing all of this damage for 2 years and no one has done a thing about it.


No, the dangerous situation is we refuse to fight back. Only thing we do here is avoid taking these people out.


Nope. Not a red wave guy at all. Just cynical.


Take what? Theres nothing left!


There’s always another government allocated pallet of cash ready somewhere.


What do you think Trump and his henchmen are hanging around for? It’s not to make sure granny gets her social security check.


Let the investigation continue. There are a lot of peripherals worth looking at.

But the upshot is the West cannot admit to its fascism enabling. The West would not believe Keynes about WWI reparations. And it will not believe neoliberalism put a Trump in the White House. Time is running out.