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'Constitutional Crisis Not Seen Since Watergate,' Warns Senator, If President Trump Fires Rosenstein


'Constitutional Crisis Not Seen Since Watergate,' Warns Senator, If President Trump Fires Rosenstein

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump continues to seethe with anger over the FBI raid of his personal lawyer's offices and openly float the possibility of firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the Wall Street Journal


A random sample of things we could be marching in the streets for, but aren’t:

–cutting off all aid to Saudi Arabia and Israel (with allies like these, who needs enemies?);
–repealing the tax scam bill;
–ending all subsidies for fossil fuels;
–enacting HR676.

Feel free to add your own.


With Trump’s 24/7 reality TV smokescreen enabling the GOP’s most productive feeding frenzy of the past century transferring wealth from the 99% to the 1% why would a constitutional crisis spur them to dump Trump ?

Had Nixon’s inner circle not been broken up, Nixon would never have resigned. That included first dumping VP Agnew. With Pence waiting to take over, dumping Trump would be of no benefit to the 99%.


Will that mean the sociopath VP will commence war with Syria ASAP as president post trump?


The Watergate break in is what brought Nixon down. It was all partisan. It’s important to remember what didn’t hurt him: the massive escalation of the Vietnam War, the illegal bombing of Laos and Cambodia (which led to the “killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge). Millions of innocent people were killed and lives destroyed and damaged for generations. That was bi-partisan. The talking heads and the political class fret about a “Constitutional crisis” while mass death looms.


But he may be an obstacle in the way of the war machine run by the war mongering pro Israeli Zionist banksters so he has to go now.


Think we need to bombard Congress with calls to force them to control
Trump. Lay the responsibility to prevent new attacks on Syria and threats
to Russia on their doorstep.

REMEMBER the easier access to their local numbers – whether Dem or Repug.


From the article: ‘Americans should take to the streets’. That’s what I said all along. Americans should take to the streets in droves…


I find it very annoying that there’s this mass activism on this, potentially, but the country is crumbling and there isn’t anything comparable on many other issues. There is a lot of activism, but there’s not much as far as coordinated national actions like this is pointing to. A lot of this is partisan in nature, and I’ve come to hate both these parties and those running them. I think that Trump is probably guilty of something in regards to Russia, money laundering, tax evasion, outright corruption, but as I have said before, the overwhelming majority of politicians are guilty of something roughly equal, often with foreign countries. It’s also worth noting how this all began, with the wild claims the Democrats were making. The investigation isn’t uncovering things to this point to substantiate the initial wild claims, and if something big isn’t uncovered, you’re going to have corrupt politicians that have strong connections to other countries calling out Trump for corruption and connections to another country. And then you’re back in partisan/tribal territory.


It is obvious Trump is hiding a lot but we don’t know what. Once he said he would release his tax returns and then didn’t there was no reason not to be suspicious. The question would seem to be how far he will go to continue the concealment. It would appear he will stop at nothing to keep whatever he is hiding hidden. Someone like Trump should never go into public office. And certainly should not run for president. The people have right to know who they are electing. We know a lot about Trump but clearly there is a lot we don’t know and he has no intention of it ever being revealed. I think the outcome of this is going to be pretty messy.


The real “Constitutional Crisis” is the Dems unwillingness/inability to launch a serious impeachment effort. Trump will be gone, but not because of the Dems. His fellow oligarchs (who he is embarrassing) will figure out a way (legal or illegal) to force a resignation or just boot him out.

The Dems will give tepid applause, knowing that they lost their only hope of a “Blue Wave” and then run home to pick up their bribes (campaign contributions, jobs, etc.) from the same oligarchs who get rid of Trump.

In the U.S., we call this Kabuki Theatre “Democracy.”


Ending all the wars and dialing back the empire would be good.


Constitutional Crisis Not Seen Since Watergate Ah Jake what about a president who takes an oath to protect and defend the constitution and then in office calls it just a piece of paper so he can have his illegal war. Constitutional Crisis? AUMF ? Patriot act?


Hello Harry_Pjotr, The only way that this will happen if the rest of the world takes to the streets as well! The world has seen large demonstrations aplenty and the outcome rarely goes towards change. The Arab Spring was one but the world wide protests against the war in Iraq with “The Great Decider” aka shit for brains moron extraordinaire - The Shrub didn’t work out so well!!!


How the FUCK can you have a “constitutional crisis” when there is no constitution LEFT???!!!


Harry, as you may know, I’ve been screaming that for a LONG time. And what do we get: CRICKETS!!! Few give a fuck anymore. Few have guts anymore! MANY are into sleeping with their eyes on T.V., video games, or “social media”. SHIT! How I miss the energy, passion, and ENGAGEMENT of the 60s and 70s!!!
Prognosis: WE ARE DOOMED!!!


Sad to see Common Dreams reporting the russiagate story as if it’s real. It’s a lot of fakery to excuse hillary’s loss, and I say that as a green voter.


I echo your sentiments, caseyf5. This is tough shyte to fight.
Maya Angelou quote: '…and still I rise ’ .
We have to or we’ll all be swallowed up in the abyss that is fascism…


I hear you, Fokker. And you may well be right that we are doomed but we can’t give up without the fight. Carry the message: Rise !


Anyone who didn’t know who they were electing must have been hiding under a rock and only came out to vote. What Trump is was plain as day all through the primaries and the election.