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'Constitutional Crisis Not Seen Since Watergate,' Warns Senator, If President Trump Fires Rosenstein


As was Killery Clinton; yet, how many voted GREEN instead of holding their noses?!


You have to stop the corruption somewhere - it took taxes to bring down Al Capone, despite all of his mob crimes and connections. Nixon wasn’t brought down by his Southeast Asia wars, secret bombings, blacklisting of “leftists”, etc. He wasn’t even brought down by the Watergate breakin. He was brought down by attempting to cover up the break in and CREEP funding schemes. Trump is attempting to obstruct justice by firing FBI directors and special prosecutors looking into transgressions by him and his cronies. Comey’s recent book reminds me of John Dean’s book which contributed heavily to Nixon’s resignation. It is my hope that Trump will eventually resign, and be subject to criminal prosecution like the rest of we ordinary citizens.


This man is so flawed, he is afraid of vaginas and will freak out of he knows he is in the room with a menstruating female. I really can not understand how he could function with he screwed up ideations so I refuse to give him enough power to have he be the cause of fear.

“Had Nixon’s inner circle not been broken up, Nixon would never have resigned.”
Do you really think that drmp has many supporters who will stand by him? Are not 41 rethugs retiring from government?


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F_ck! That a$$hole just went into Syria! – Now, I don’t care what happens to Trump. I should watch what I say; but, he can cease to exist for all I care. Those f_ckers didn’t want to wait for the investigation to show that they are fools.


Markey is showing his preference for alligators in the swamp.


This is starting to look like Trump extending his television program, “You’re Fired.” Unfortunately we have a pompous ass in the White House. Republicans are going to have to distance themselves from Trump if they want to be re elected. Otherwise Trump could bring down the entire party in the next couple of elections.

I think his bombing of Syria without any effort to work with congress is going to backfire on him. That can be interpreted as going to war without congressional consent.


Yes but remember, Watergate was the blueprint but not the reason.


Well spoken.

Thank you.


Trump is guilty so he will fire Rosenstein so he can appoint someone who will fire Muller. At this point it’s the only play he has left.


it’s not just Trump – it is the fascist power behind Trump.


Problem is that since the end of WWII, US voters have only been offered corporate-fascist
candidates controlled by Elites.

NOW, US voters are only being offered fascist candidates and the controlling power is still
Elite-fascist and still largely unseen.


Yes. I had a weak moment back then when I first read that the U.S. had started the bombing. I was pissed more than I’ve been in a very long time.

I realize that Trump is being pushed and poked and prodded. Perhaps they even threatened his family. Or, they found something in Cohen’s records to hold over his head. And, I suppose it would be easy for me to say that Trump should have the guts to stand up and out the people within the “Deep State”. But, I’m not there; and, we’re given very little information. As much as I abhor/hate his domestic policies, I had hoped he would be able to put a damper on our warmongering. The other day, George Galloway called him a “man-child”; and, it seems that’s accurate. Trump has little control of himself.

Syria threat by ‘manchild’ Trump is ‘most disturbing presidential statement ever made’ – Galloway – Apr 11, 2018 - RT

Former MP George Galloway has called on the US cabinet to impeach Donald Trump, labeling him a “man child” and questioning the American president’s sanity after he promised to launch “smart” missiles at Syria.


Agree with you and Galloway re this “man-child” –

but it also seems the personal nature of Trump is towards a bullying personality.

And, now, with new powers he has proceeded to express himself even more brutally and criminally
against the weakest members of our society – and citizens already suffering war, internationally.

Are you saying that you “believed” in Trump?

I’m guessing that Trump was never officially part of Secret Government, but I’m quite sure they
immediately took control of him when he reached the White House. And undoubtedly have the
power to topple him should it become necessary. They don’t allow anyone to come to power who
they can’t control. Trump would have instantly recognized that they have the bigger STICK in any
bullying war that may have ensured – and Trump would have surrendered without any fuss.

I think there had to have been enough support of Trump by people who also support the Secret
government for Trump to have reached the White House. As I’ve said before I don’t think we really
know yet where his strongest support came from. But I would say that Koch Bros./John Birch
Society would be strong supporters of the Secret government … i.e., fascists supporting fascists.


Yes, there are a lot of journalists who have been writing about Trump’s bullying. It’s a fact.

So, we’ve now seen that it takes about a year to implement a silent coup. Trump will not be re-elected; he’s lost most of his base due to his response to this latest false flag. Question is now whether they’ll remove him from office before his term expires. And, then what?


Why doesn’t everyone see this as clearly as you and I?


One of the polls has just reported Trump rising in the polls, a bit over 40%
for first time in a very long time.


Thanks for that info. Proof that the MSM propaganda is effective.


I hope ole Orange Butt seethes himself into a fatal stroke.