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Constitutional Law 101: It's Just Our Freedom of Speech and We're Exercising It


Constitutional Law 101: It's Just Our Freedom of Speech and We're Exercising It

Talk about doubling down: A Texas woman threatened and arrested by a sketchy Repub sheriff affronted by her straight-talking truck decal - FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM - has not only added the sheriff's name to her missive; she's considering suing him. Sheriff Troy Nehls was upset by her truck's "offensive display." Far more offensive, argues Karen Fonseca and her state rep, is a president boasting he can "grab women by the pussy” and a law enforcer who feels he can "target citizens."


This lady has guts! I guess I’m chickenshit, but I’d be afraid I would get trounced by a gang of Trumpsters if I had this decal on my truck.


She is very brave, and has just as much right to her opinion as all the racist jerks who have been driving around with very derogatory stickers ever since Obama was elected!

Memo to this sheriff: You are supposed to enforce the law. You do not get to make the law!


Go for it sister! We can take up a collection for you :rofl:

We can also send some messages to this bigot:



Nehls simply took a page out of the Arpaio book on “How to Be A Racist…er, Sheriff.”


It does take courage to express her opinion in those decals as I am sure there are any number of gun-totin’ self-proclaimed Texas cowboys (and testorone-soaked deputies) who would shoot out her windows or flatten her tires or key her truck front to back for any reason. I applaud her!


Recently in Mexico I saw a young man with a shirt that said FUCK TRUMP And his wall , international consensus , he got two thumbs up am considering doing a silk screen ,I suspect the more the shit hits the fan the more apt that folks will sport these kinds of messages ,


Admirable. Love the newly edited and enlarged version.


Amy I’m a big fan of yours, but you have been stuck in a trump rut
for too long. please try something else for a while.

Yemen needs help


This issue is not about Trump. This issue is about freedom of speech and the need to speak out. For too long our country has been afraid to come to terms with the internal corrupt politicians and corporate powers that subject the people of this country to ignorant divisive discourse and policies. Corporate powers control our government by graft, hate and fear. Our civil rights are being dissolved one by one. Mrs Fonseca and her family are doing a service to all of us.


This woman, her family, her Truck and her friends that stand beside her are Hero’s. It is this kind of Patriotism that founded our country, by exercising their rights of free speech they become more than just folk’s on the street. They become part of the spine/backbone of our collective founding documents. This is exactly what they were written for, US. Not a few of “them”. We all should be proud and give her a knee. Thank-You Karen Fonseca for doing what we fear to do.


Or the fascist’s direct email: Troy.Nehls@fortbendcountytx.gov


FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM (and fuck you if you voted for the neo-Liberal instead or if you did not vote).


“You can say grab this or that; so I can say f- this or that!” While I’m all for the free expression of ideas (and all against Trump et al), it’s rather pathetic when we are reduced to congratulating ourselves for this sort of sophomoric speech.


sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do and sometimes use of the vernacular is necessary. It is rather pathetic when we are reduced to the two candidates that were forced on us last election.


Yes, plenty of pathos to go around.


She’s only saying half the story. The sticker should read:

Fuck Trump and those who voted for him. Fuck Hillary and those who voted for her.

Voting for ‘lesser evil’ propaganda is NOT A CHOICE.

And just what kind of government does this to its servile peons you say…hate to read history? Start with Marine Brig. General Smedley D. Butler’s little tome: War is a Racket. Educate yourself.



My mother was not without the occasional scatological expletive on occasion but I think she, if still alive, would be saddened by the lowering of civil discourse especially as espoused in public. While I agree with this woman’s sentiment about the Tangerine Troglodyte and also the defense of her right to shout it from the rooftops without fear of state censorship, I still feel uncomfortable with her stickers and can’t but feel there are more erudite and clever ways of saying what she feels. Then again, I’m an old fart and should probably leave new social mores to the young.


Civility and eloquence never go out of style (a notion clearly lost on Abby Zimet).