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Constitutional Law Expert: 'Series of High Crimes and Misdemeanors' by Trump Evident Already


Constitutional Law Expert: 'Series of High Crimes and Misdemeanors' by Trump Evident Already

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As conflicting accounts of what led to James Comey's firing linger and questions remain as to which equally troubling account of the dinner President Donald Trump had with the then-FBI director are accurate, one constitutional law expert has declared the developments "staggering" and evidence of "a series of high crimes and misd


'According to Tribe, "we are in a situation where the only way to avoid constitutional crisis is for members of Congress to basically get a spine or 'grow a pair' and really stand up to their responsibilities to the law."' This is why I've been posting Trump will not be impeached. If any of us are waiting for politicians to "grow a pair", we will be waiting until the universe ends. Nixon was a fluke of 'American justice'. He was sloppy, that's why he got ousted. Trump is not sloppy in this sense. He will tell corporations to do things that will affect us and put us in a position that we will have to be more concerned about ourselves than Trump's treason. People refuse to read history, therefore we are doomed to repeat it.


" Series of high crimes and misdemeanors by Trump evident already."

What is really terrifying to me, is we COULD have this treasonous, president for the next 4/8 years and one has to wonder what this loose cannon will do next! Folks: we have not seen anything yet!


The last paragraph in this piece is, to me, key and important and is most likely where the 'there' is.
With the Twitler, it is about money money money.


Charlie Pierce pretty much convinced me today that it's basically about money laundering, and mainly with Russian oligarchs (Putin cronies).


I think at this point in time the best thing our criminal in sheep's clothing can do is quietly and quickly commit suicide.


With regard to "obstruction of justice", it will be interesting to see whether pedigreed Tribe is proven to be correct or once disgraced former attorney Alex Mercouris of TheDuran:

Comey’s sacking was NOT an obstruction of justice -- May 11, 2017 -- Alex Mercouris -- TheDuran

Since no crime or other law breaking by any US citizen is being investigated, and since there is no indication that any such investigation of any crime will ever take place since as of now there are no grounds to suspect that any crime by any US citizen has been committed, there are no grounds to speak of Comey’s sacking as an obstruction of justice. That would only be true if this were a criminal probe, which it is not.

Doubtless some of the people are claiming that an obstruction of justice is taking place are genuinely confused, which is not surprising because of the way the whole Russiagate investigation has been hyped up and misrepresented. However I have no doubt that in some cases the confusion is deliberate, and that some of the people who are talking about the FBI’s Russiagate probe as if it were a criminal probe are perfectly aware that it is not.


I think you and quite a lot of other lefties are overlooking the increasing likelihood that Trump and Russians are deeply involved in nefarious monetary businesses.


... and your zero evidence is what exactly?


He will not be impeach until he gets a b job in the Oval Office.


When does his behavior reach the betrayal of a trust, or treachery? Or Treasonous behavior?


What makes Russian oligarchs (Jeffrey Sachs taught them well) any worse than U.S. oligarchs (AIPAC cronies)?


Did you look at the Esquire article I listed? To turn a blind eye to the very real possibilities is not logical. I have seen many other bits of real evidence here and there also. None of it makes a slam dunk proof of guilt, but I think Trump is on borrowed time.


Technically, we could jail US oligarchs. I know it happens more or less never, but there is at least the legal possibility.


Spectacle has center stage - again.

Trump - Pense. Nixon - Agnew. (Nixon and Agnew, both had quit, before being impeached.- which left Speaker Ford} - Trump - Pense - ?Ryan?. ?RYAN? How do the banksters plan to get rid of Pense?

While "Rome" burns, again, we citizens find ourselves in an entirely different world. A world burning throughout a very long time - countless generations into the future, suffering through agonizing eons of floods, famine and strife - that could have been halted to a manageable, barely livable life for all that is wild - in the early 21st century - TODAY!


Digby wrote a very good article on Pence and the probability that he is right in the middle of this mess: http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/mike-pence-neck-deep-donald-trumps-james-comey-mess-0


Oh, Please...The Duran and Mercouris? Breitbart on steroids with Mercouris the evil twin of Alex Jones of hate-talk radio ignominy and conspiracy confabulation.

This from MediaBiasFactCheck.com:



One of my Senators, Ron Widen of Oregon has said "If we are to get to the bottom of this, just follow the money". What Trump is most likely hiding is his business deals with Russia.
As for the deals with Russia that involve Putin, someone else has said "Follow the money and the dead bodies".


Today, maybe with a class-action suit! Ha!


Thank you for the informative link. I have asserted all along that Pence was fully aware of Flynn's Russian connections and that even all his evangelical fervor has not stopped his persistent penchant for prevarication. DJT did not choose Pence as his sidekick due to his "integrity" by any manner or means...Pence would be a textbook loyalist marching in lockstep to the beat of his emperor and satisfy the rapacious GOP legions in Congress. His festering dishonesty, hubris, misogyny, and vicious homophobia will eat him away from the inside out and he, too will be handed his marching papers.