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'Constitutionally Illegitimate': As Workers Miss Another Paycheck, Trump's Draft National Emergency Order Condemned

'Constitutionally Illegitimate': As Workers Miss Another Paycheck, Trump's Draft National Emergency Order Condemned

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The country's longest ever government shutdown hit day 35 on Friday and federal workers missed yet another paycheck—but instead of urging the GOP-controlled Senate to pass legislation to reopen the government, the White House is reportedly drafting a national emergency order to secure more than $7 billion for President Donald Trump's racist border wall, despite warnings from legal experts that doing so would be "constitutionally illegitimate."


One thing needs to be remembered above all: it is illegal to follow illegal orders. Period. Let’s hope Trump’s wardrobe soon matches his complexion. My taxes will gladly support his ability to stare at his deserved walls 24/7/52/ad infinitum.


It is a national emergency. Record breaking storms, floods, droughts, and fires have continued each year, getting worse each year.

Population growth along with habitat collapse has caused millions of people to move, becoming refugees.

This is going to get worse.

A wall is the stupidest response to this. A wall will not stop fossil fuels. A wall will not teach people about overpopulation and sex education.


I was going to say people should just refuse to build the stupid wall. But that wont happen will it!!!

The wall is a physical impossibility. Also show me a ten foot wall and I will show you an eleven foot ladder.

This has nothing to do with the wall. It has to do with distractions while fossil fuel industry executives rally the stock market for one more day.

Meanwhile climate refugees increase by the millions each year.

We don’t need a wall. We need vasectomies.


emergency |iˈmərjənsē|
noun ( pl. emergencies )
a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action: your quick response in an emergency could be a lifesaver | times of emergency.
• [ as modifier ] arising from or needed or used in an emergency: an emergency exit.
• a person with a medical condition requiring immediate treatment.
• short for emergency room: he was rushed into emergency.


The ginger Mussolini is hopefully providing more of the rope that will, also hopefully and toot-sweet, hang his worthless depraved odious person…he will finally be removed from office before his mental illness and arrogant contempt for truth, justice, empathy, his oath of office and Constitution, contempt for all others, create any more disasters and human suffering, and enter the next phase of worthless criminal life in prison, stripped of all wealth and property!


Richard Burton was once asked to read the phone book. He made the phone book sound like a great literary work.
The US Constitution is like the phone book, it sounds grand in its 18th-century English, but there is very little there. And whatever little there is vanishes as the US openly displays its true nature as an oversized third-world dictatorship. The wannabe American Empire never went past a brutish schoolyard bully - lots of mayhem and little more - “constitutionally legitimate” isn’t a meaningful statement.


Wouldn’t be nice if Democrats could expend this energy on, I dunno, stopping the coup in Venezuela? Or about a dozen other more useful things? The wall’s gross. It’s a crap idea. But no one’s dying over it yet. Get your bloody priorities together.


We need to be having at least one national pole taken daily to understand whether “the people” are willing to stand against a Trump take over. If we wait until one happens, nobody will be ready to make drastic decisions about livelihood, logistics, organization, supply essentials.
We don’t, in this country anyway, charge off into the night at the raising of the sword by an unknown leader.
Or we can just let a mob gather and see how many join.

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If we had a functioning Congress, Trump would just be the laughing stock that he truly is.

The perpetual failure of the ‘GOP-controlled Senate’, to conduct their affairs according to anything resembling due process is nothing more than enabling the very behaviors and actions they, in reality, support.

Maybe I was daydreaming in civics class, way back when, but it seems simple enough:

  • Congress passes a bill
  • Bill is submitted to the President
  • President vetoes bill
  • Congress overrides the veto
  • Bill enacted

Congress has been “functioning” very well to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99% for at least three decades.



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Does it even need to be said again…Two things can be done at once. Maybe even three or four or five or six…


From the article: ‘Trump’s unprecedented assertion of quasi-dictatorial powers was warmly received by major media outlets aligned with the Democratic party such as…’

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Little Jessica! My my my . . . aren’t you the farrrrrr left delusional, misinformed stereotypical brainwashed millennial!!

How old are you? 26? That would explain the absolute mind numbing naivete’ !

Your skills (in your “resume’”) LOL . . . . fact checking and research? I don’t think so, you missed a few crucial points here!

  1. HUNDREDS of tons of methamphetamine, fentamnyl, heroine, opiates and cocaine flooding into the USA (FROM MEXICO) IS, in FACT a NATIONAL EMERGENCY! . . . .or are you OK with that?

  2. Are you OK with MS13 gang members in EVERY one of our 50 states? Yes, that is a FACT, check it!

  3. Islamic terrorists on FBI watch list HAVE been apprehended coming across the southern border too.

Your so called “skills” in research and “fact checking” SUCK!

Tell me . . . if tons and tons of drugs can be smuggled into the USA from Mexico, what is to stop sayyyyy . . . . a few hundred pounds of high yield explosives?! Hmm??

You know, the PROBLEM with you 20 something little libtards is you have been BRAINWASHED in INDOCTRINATION Centers like Ithaca with ant - American sentiment and identity politics and don’t know SHIT about REAL life and the REAL dangers & issues that face this Republic!

By the way . . . next time you want to make a point, for one . . . drop the RACE CARD, it’s worn out and TWO . . . don’t quote one of the only two Muslims that were unconstitutionally allowed into Congress.

Neither one is legit. You CANNOT take the oath of office in the USA on a Q’RAN!

Should you ever have the inclination to actually LEARN something and distribute accurate information that is actually beneficial to the American public . . . let me know.


Fuck you completely and irreversibly.


I’d give your post 10 'Likes"…


Yes, we do need a wall because we have a national emergency, what is needed is a wall to put Trump and his mafia cronies behind!


AMEN!!  — Except that it’s not a National Emergency, it’s a WORLDWIDE Emergency.