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'Constitutionally Illegitimate': McConnell Confirms Trump Will Declare National Emergency to Build Wall


“Pelosi and Democrats Ready for Trump’s National Emergency Con”


Well this is going to get very interesting.

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Most people are not even talking about “the Wall.” They are talking about their pocketbooks.


I have Dolce and Gabbana, what about you? : )


What??? What the heck are you talking about?


We have three branches of government, but we the people got too lazy to see if they were doing their parts.

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For him it is- it is a distraction - just like every Fascist government has.


My pocketbook. It’s designer. lol

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You have posted some intelligent posts before such as being child free ( yay)! This post is not one of them.


Also I wouldn’t brag about your designer pocketbook when so many people are hurting. It just is callous.


You make a valid point about anybody but republican at this juncture. The rep’s have decided since they took over the senate that they will go nuclear on any issue to get their way. They are apparently now the only people on the planet. At least the only ones that count for anything. Time to throw anything and everything at them. A violent out come is the only thing they practice or understand. Well, let’s give it to them.


The Venezuelans are coming!


Oh come on; You’re sounding like Robert Wrinkle Brow Reich.


Imagine the outcry from the republicans when someone like a President Sanders declares Climate change or a lack of health insurance for everyone to be a National Emergency.


yo - don’t threaten my jet power!


It was a joke. It’s not translating well.


Do you think this reptile knows the difference between national emergency and martial law? Do you think maggot is dumb enough to declare martial law and suspend elections? Parasite said the government won’t repay its own workers. Do you think poor people will work for free? It may not be the mass murdering Oil Nazis from DC who shut down America. Americans are going to shut down America. Bank on it.


The long sad record of the D party leadership’s fecklessness, stupidity, and selling-out, leaves me a mountain of doubt that they have the capacity, will, or even understanding, – let alone an activated experienced base ready to stand up – for an actual high-stakes fight.


Please correct or confirm me, but have we not been under various Presidential declarations of “national emergency” since September 12, 18 years ago?