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Consumer Groups Warn Against Shielding Corporate Giants From Covid-19 Liability Lawsuits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/07/consumer-groups-warn-against-shielding-corporate-giants-covid-19-liability-lawsuits

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So while Graham is plotting to kill workers, Miss Nancy is busy bailing out lobbyist?


Hi Smerl:
Oh I think you’ve got that right. If the corporations are NEVER guilty of any harm to workers—even though they covered up the truth with the managers lying to the employees and lying about the employees like Amazon did to Chris Smalls-------how far will the inhuman companies take this?
Time for a MEAT boycott. VEGETABLES NOW ( can save more lives) BUT if corporations can skip on over the harm done to he workers, then what about the consumers who use the products? I’m sure the current INSANE Court in D.C. will somehow see that as precedence and let the companies walk. : 0

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McConnell is trying to capitalize on the coronavirus crisis & give LEGAL IMMUNITY to corporations that get workers & consumers sick.

The fascist, Republican, leader of the fascist, Republican Party needs to be destroyed before he makes us all sick!


Never mind the mask Mitch, haven’t you heard…not a single republican has caught the virus, only those crazy democrats catch it.

Forcing workers to risk their lives and then protecting their employers from liability? Doesn’t pass the smell test.

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Two germane facts: (1) 30 million people unemployed, 1000’s of businesses in default and (2) stock market approaching record high achieved prior to COVID.

The relief package and the economic facts lead to one clear conclusion: the poverty and powerless of the bottom 100 million in this country does not matter to the success of politicians or corporations.

Not one bit.

It is over.

I thought both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders would be jumping on this one. I haven’t heard a peep yet from either one.

I always suspected that the stock market had nothing to do with anything else except to manipulation by big players.

Decapitating the corporate lawsuits has been in the GOP planning at least since Bush Senior. I do recall him capping consumer lawsuit awards. That cow eyed Paul Ryan once said, paraphrasing here: " we’re the job creators and should be exempt from taxation". By we he was referring to the 1% I’m sure.

I don’t think this is about just the virus. This is about killing OSHA and all worker protections

The noose is tightening and the Duopoly is laughing.


Dems will trade corporate immunity for items that should not need fighting for like testing and funding hospitals.

What did one mirror say to the other mirtor ?

"It’s all done with people "
We are just copying everything we see without questioning .No critical thinking allowed .

“How far will the inhuman companies take this?” All the way if nobody is willing to stop them.

The American people are either weak, or they are comfortably numb. Or both.

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The only effective non violent tool we have is the boycott. Time to start killing one bad company after another until they say uncle.

Hi Gandolf:
Maybe the workers are terrified abut being forced out on the street, even though many states have rental rules set up to avoid this. Maybe they will just give up with the idea of fighting for their rights and just start showing up at the CEOs homes and begging at the door. Maybe that’s what some of the insufferable owners and CEOs really relish----making people beg for their lives. America has become even more of a heartless nation, it seems. : (

Look to the Civil Rights movement, anti Vietnam protests, Women’s suffrage, and the Union Movement for your examples. We have much more than Boycott in the ‘ammo box’. But these require something I don’t see very often these days. We Haven’t hit bottom yet. But we will - unfortunately.