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Consumer Protection Agency's New Mission Under Trump? Not Protecting Consumers


I don’t expect people to support something like single payer because they are ideologically on the left. Over 60% of the country now supports single payer and I don’t think a large portion of that support is ideological in nature. People don’t agree with the left on policy positions because of ideology, they in fact often do so despite their stated ideology. Seems to me that provides an opening for the left, people are often on the ideological left without realizing it, but that’s another story. They support the policy simply because they think it is in their interest, and it is. I don’t think people often care about ideology, they want solutions to problems they face, especially those that are structural in nature that can only be solved through policy. The solutions are simply not being offered to them. What is being offered to them, the range of “acceptable opinion” among the establishment, is inferior to what the left offers and is not nearly enough. I also think it is a mistake to think of this in regards to some parts of the country being potentially turned off by the left. Yeah, the Democrats might lose some people and some elections if they moved to the left, but they and every party loses and gains people whatever they do. What we know is that the set of policies that have dominated the Democratic Party for decades now are resulting in the party losing more support than it is gaining. They’ve been completely wiped out nationally under the watch of Clinton type of Democrats, so if the concern is turning off people more than attracting them, the status quo should be dead on arrival. The problem now is that those in charge of your party simply don’t seem to give a damn. The party is their piggy bank, their access to power, and democratizing the party and letting it move to the left and towards policies the population wants (but their donors don’t) harms them. That is the end of the story really. The only way to save the Democrats is to cut the parasites loose, that is the politicians and their donors. Let them go and moderate the other damn party, which is in need of moderation. If they maintain control, which they seem to want to, your party has no hope. It may gain some power here or there, but not as much as it would by moving to the left, and even if they do, what policies will they implement? The Democrats have no coherent vision, and they will continue to lack that because the party is a “big tent” and has to appease Joe Manchin (well, his donors, he’s just a good little doggie and does what they say) and people like Sanders, and there is little that they can agree upon. So, if they gain power, the right wing will either win outright or their crappy ideas will be a large chunk of the policies we’ll see, and things will continue to get worse as a result, unless the parasites are removed.


Yes, we can let the entomological dust settle to the other side by itself, thanks for the suggestion.


I agree, except the pro lifers are also climate change deniers!


Exactly and their so called Puritan work ethic which is nothing but pure crap


Yes, they don’t vote- too busy going to Wal Mart and Kiddie City. Work is no excuse because polls open early in the AM and close at 8 or 9 at night.


Have been doing it, and I like your post.


Pro lifers are only interested in life before its born. After a life is born it is shackled to a boring austerity job in everlasting hell of pollution and endless war. This is deemed necessary for capitalist income statement growth.


I don’t think many people don’t vote because of laziness. My god, what does it say of their opinion of this political system that they’d prefer to shop for socks than vote? You know, when our government analyzes whether or not a political system and an election in another country is legitimate, they at least pretend to pay attention to turnout. If 2% of the public votes, the system itself wouldn’t have legitimacy. The logic behind that applies here. Instead of blaming people for not bothering to vote for two options that often will make their lives worse (the macroeconomic data is clear that this is the case), maybe it isn’t on them but the rotten system that produces these candidates? The problem now isn’t Republicans. We know they’re horrible, their policies are rotten and deeply unpopular. The problem is that the opposition party is so damn crappy that it still manages to lose to the Republicans, and that ineffective opposition party refuses to change and doesn’t seem to give a damn about anything other than keeping the money coming in for those at the top of the party. The Republicans would have no power and wouldn’t dare doing what they’re doing if there was an opposition party worth a damn. But they don’t usually have to go up against someone like Sanders or Corbyn that will fully take them on. Their opponents are often people like Schumer or Mccaskill, people bad enough to be entirely beatable, as much as anything because people won’t bother showing up to vote.


Yes, except not all jobs are boring. These A hats ( the pro lifers) do not even care if there is war, people are starving, pollution, jobs etc. It’s like these people are from the cult of the unborn!


Well, maybe that is partly true, but I have met people who say they don’t have “time” to vote even for state and local elections. Not only that I have met immigrants who were so happy to even have the chance to vote. Sometimes we do not realize that at least we have the freedom to vote even if we do not like the candidates. Remember : women in the USA only got the right to vote in the 20th century! As far as candidates go, we need to have clean elections so that money is not the only gas revving up the engine.


I’m sure you do. I don’t know a single person that fails to vote when they think voting makes a difference and matters to them. I know lots of people that don’t vote, but they (to a person) have no faith in the system, either party, and they know (even if they don’t follow this stuff closely) that things continue to get worse regardless as to the party in power. Many of my friends are very progressive, radical even, but they’ve turned to non-electoral activism. The Democratic Party is what did it for them, and it isn’t like what it did in 2016 and what it has done since is going to convince them that it is anything but rotten and thoroughly corrupt. If the left does continue to leave the Democratic Party, and if ANYTHING emerges (maybe the Democratic Socialists), it’s over for that party.


Whoopee. trump can write his name. what an accomplishment!


No matter what, people need to vote even if they write in- they need not just to concentrate on national, but state and local as well. Local elections often determine what matters in one’s own community.