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Consumer Survey Shows Two-Thirds Oppose FCC's Plan to Destroy Free and Open Internet


Consumer Survey Shows Two-Thirds Oppose FCC's Plan to Destroy Free and Open Internet

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid concerns that the Trump administration is gearing up to "destroy the internet as we know it" by rolling back net neutrality rules, activists from across the United States are descending on the nation's capital Wednesday to demand that lawmakers protect the web from the pernicious influence of massive telecom companies.


This “opposition” doesn’t matter one whit if people don’t organize to ACT and defend an open internet.


The internet is all that’s left of a free press.

See: Operation Mockingbird, Paperclip, Gladio, MKULTRA


And when the FCC commissioners defy the people’s will, what will we do?


You rhetorical question should be well-noted by all. Power concedes to demands only if there are consequences of not conceding. The inability to clearly state those consequences, then follow through with them when necessary has been the greatest weakness of the left for several decades now.


ISP’s are so adept at writing those Terms of Use Acceptance disclosure forms we all so swiftly sign just to get to operational mode.

So why not provide a Net Neutrality Affirmation Disclosure for our signature.

Bet this could even be used to garner a large number of new customers if implemented across multiple vendors working together.

Imagine that Vendors protecting a Free and Open Internet with Equal Access Guaranteed in our Terms of Use Disclosure.


Yup. It’s easy to threaten and “send messages”. Organizing to build and use power to hold the idiots accountable and eventually take the reigns is anything but easy. But if we can’t get to the starting point that actively building and using power on behalf our agenda (which we can’t even agree on) is our purpose, we are lost. The biosphere and the human species deserve better.


We are living through the sclerotic institutional denials of death throes of a feudal model of centralized economy, the ‘Diamonds’ and ‘freedmans’ of which drank severely tainted koolaid decades ago.

This historical situation, I would submit, is DIRECTLY related to the elegant blossoming of electronic communications - despite its dark sides - ie: authoritarian backlash using obfuscation, manipulation and outright lies and fraud in an attempt to claw back a horse that has already left the barn.

I speak specifically of the concepts of crypto currency and the autonomy represented by the block chain ledger. The PRIMARY characteristic is economic decentralization. Challenge your Thinking!!

Sept. 24 panel discussion very much worth taking in.


How often do we, the citizens, read that a government agency or the Congress is about to do something that we are against? Our government is so split away from the will of the people that they don’t even try and defend themselves any longer. They just move ahead and do what their corporate masters want them to do, knowing that A. they’ll probably get re-elected because of gerrymandering and B. a minority of voters now can install a President. The will of the people is no longer even considered.


This is not about anything but destroying free speech that exposes the mendacious propaganda of the MSM!


Stop calling We the People “consumers”.


Who is Ajit Pai ? Is he even an American? Who appointed him and why ? Only 2/3 of Americans support net neutrality ? Who are the other 1/3 ? Are they simply ignorant ? As someone has already stated, the only free press we have is on the internet. Any rational person has long ago turned away from the MSM.


Two thirds of Americans don’t understand how the Internet works, let alone how to regulate it. This isn’t exactly news.