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Consumers Deserve Information About Food They Eat


Consumers Deserve Information About Food They Eat

Margaret Krome

Last week I spooned into a babbling baby’s mouth food her mother had sent along, both for my convenience and because she is particular that her baby eats food that’s organic and grown without genetically modified seed. This mother, my friend, opposes legislation to undercut labeling of genetically modified food.


From “The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements” by Eric Hoffer (1951) “If free enterprise becomes a proselytizing holy cause, it will be a sign that its workability and advantages have ceased to be self-evident.”

This tipping point has long been passed. What passes for "free market" in today's Orwellian press reminds me of Matt Taibbi's description of Goldman Sachs: "a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money."

"When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money." (ambiguous attribution)

I am fortunate to know the names and ethics of those who run the restaurants at which I dine and to a degree the grocers whose produce I buy. That is a luxury that takes a lot of time to develop, but does give me satisfaction that I am supporting the "greenies" to the best of my ability food wise. This would be all but impossible in a major city for a working person with children. Labels for freedom, I support to the fullest.


"Nobody explains why government should be the tool for suppressing information so important to consumers’ health. It shouldn't."

Hint: Monsanto's power and influence are not just due to its big bucks and how those big bucks purchase academic support (through all sorts of grants made to university research departments); this company has serious connections to the Military-Industrial Complex and no one messes with that entity! After all, half of all funds taken in are earmarked for some branch of militarism: active duty soldiers, weapons production, weapons testing, medical facilities to treat the wounded, and 1000 bases all over the world. Then, too, there are the special "ops."

So long as Monsanto is instrumental in designing chemicals that defoliate and kill huge swaths of natural foliage, they have the backing of the Deep State. They've been poisoning us for years and hiding behind false safety claims. Why should ANY child have pesticides in their urine? Why is a standard of exposure to poison now itself, standardized?

Then the whole medical-industrial complex lunges in like loyal Disaster Capitalists to treat all those resulting Cancers at what, a million dollars a patient/pop? Add in the Autism, the obesity, the Diabetes and all this faux food and fake filler crap has made the nation SICK. And still the bastards argue that they have the right to do harm... and citizens in "the land of the free" no reciprocal right to even KNOW what they are consuming.


In the Yakima Valley of Washington state some Native Americans converted an old apple orchard into a new school. Now, the instructors have to tell the youngsters not to play around and do silly things in the soil, there. It is chuck full of pesticides, of course. The Fog of Food, anyone? ( remember, " don't eat the snow " in 1961ish? ) Which reminds me of an old environmental, Orweillian type NW snark, " an apple a day keeps the doctors in play. " Poor Rachel Carson, she's probably spinning in her grave, again.


So sad that in her basic argument she speaks about 'consumers' and their rights to choose...rather than about people and their rights to health, safety, and protection by their representing government.


A mother doesn't want her baby to be poisoned. How "radical" is that? Monsanto wants to be able to poison that baby. How sick is that?

In a world that is typically so confusing that it's hard to know what to think, it's pretty damn easy here: Monsanto wants to poison your baby.

Any questions?

BTW, if you DO have any questions, Monsanto has bought-off thousands of co-opted scientists and academics, FDA and USDA functionaries, Congresspersons, and at least one current President and one currently leading Democratic Party presidential candidate (as well as all of the current Republican Party presidential candidates, and all of the corporate mass media), to lull you back in to the Matrix.

No labels need apply.

The poisoning of your baby will not be televised.