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Consumers to Pay as Charter Cable Giant Now Official


Consumers to Pay as Charter Cable Giant Now Official

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The maligned merger between Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks is complete, which means the three companies have now become the country's second-largest cable provider, despite months of warnings from consumer and open internet advocates.


It is ALL about the money/profits at the expense of the customer/consumer. And our governing agencies give their blessing to this ongoing rape by corporations. So much for the Clayton Anti-Trust Act and its intent as far back as 1910 to eliminate monopolies, even the playing field, and foster good business practices...that has gone by the wayside and the consumer takes the abuse over and over and over again.


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Contrary to the "propaganda" of capitalism about free markets and competition, the principle components and inherent nature of capitalism create and nourish an economic environment for monopolistic, oligopolistic big business. As such, these firms:

  • Are able to stifle or eliminate competition,

  • Are able to externalize (due to their size, influence and market share) costs and inefficiencies to their suppliers and customers,

  • Set prices,

  • Determine wage levels in the industry,

  • Set quality standards (or lack thereof) in the industry,

  • Influence economic and political policies (due to their size, influence and market presence) on a national and global scale.

The following article provides more information and details:
What Are the Effects of Big Business on Society?


Learn about the experiences of communities working toward RS fibre and other networks.

Why dosen't a monopoly like Charter offer straight out simple gigbite internet connection?
Why must the public be subjected to bundled TV / phone/ cable ?
Why is the public denied choice?

Community Broadband Networks
"Communities across America have built their own broadband networks to ensure access to affordable, reliable, and fast networks. We tell their stories and defend their authority to build these networks."

An interview by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance


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Good summation of how it really works. In the US, government programs are seen as cash cows ripe for skimming, and this like most US forms of government corruption elicit only the sighing "yes that's how it is but what can you do." The acceptance of this sort of thing and the general belief endemic to the current incarnation of capitalism that nothing that's done to make money can be in any way immoral enables the wealth transfer scam that is siphoning so much earned income from people who depend on it to live,

At least this election has put the issue on a barely visible corner of the table. But not till most of the people now ensconced comfortably in the "burbs" find that their 401Ks and retirement nest eggs have been mysteriously emptied, their "secure" employment situations have let them go, their mortgaged homes that they had been conned into thinking they "owned" have been foreclosed and they're being evicted with no place but the nearest refugee camp tent city to go to for food and a cot to sleep on, that the state of the art high tech medical treatment plans that their loved ones need to stop suffering and not die miserable painful deaths are priced out of affordability, and that when members of their family do die from neglectful inattention there will be no way to provide them with a funeral and a "decent burial," and when the Tom Petty song "You Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee' seems to be speaking directly to you personally -- then and only then will the realization that the "American Way of Life" was nothing but glitzy packaging hiding toxically shoddy products sink in, and the homeless people who had thought to have earned their fate with their laziness and endemic avoidance of doing "plain hard work" -- then and only then will the set up for "hope and change" be in place,


So, anyone know how we can raise Theodore Roosevelt from the grave because I don't see any politicians these days supporting anti-trust?