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Continued Detention of Ahed Tamimi Denounced as Symptomatic of Israel's Flouting of Int'l Law


Continued Detention of Ahed Tamimi Denounced as Symptomatic of Israel's Flouting of Int'l Law

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

 "It is clear that detaining and prosecuting Palestinian children in Israeli military courts has little to do with justice," says Brad Parker of Defense for Children International Palestine


The continued detention of Ahed is symptomatic of Israeli’s contempt for International Law, International Justice Court rulings, numerous UN Resolutions, world opinion, and common decency!

Along with the Israeli lap-dog US, including, but not limited to, Congress and the treasonous trump regime, the two “special” allies are an axis of international terrorism.

Free Ahed NOW! BDS!


When one is indoctrinated with myths like “a people without a land, a land without a people,” it is but a small step to treating the children of such “invisible” people as somehow less than human.

The bigotry and contempt borne of the Zionist narrative, just 70 years removed from the horrors of the Holocaust without a hint of irony or shame, is simply breathtaking to behold.

Like it was with apartheid South Africa, BDS is indeed the answer.


I’m sure there are hardline Zionists who refer to Gaza as a Bantustan.


As more and more “settlers” enter Israel it is really becoming Trump country. N-yahoo and Trump are best buds. Amazing how victor has become oppressor in three short generations. Sick.


How can one con done incarcerating a 16 year old girl for slapping a murder after he killed her brother.


The Zionist of Israel are repulsive.


Bullshit, there is nothing contrary to international law about arresting and charging someone who has assaulted a soldier (or anyone else for that matter). Her mother posted the video of the assault for everyone to see and nobody denies she did it–though some claim she is a hero for doing so. Try slapping and kicking a policeman or a soldier in your home town and see what happens–you’d be lucky if you were only arrested for assault.


this soldier din’t shoot anyone and her “brother” (not) wasn’t killed.


Charlie, thanks for adding your voice - here is the story of Ahed’s (and her family) outrage at Israeli IDF racist contempt for all Palestinian life…except as slaves to the zionist entity. Such contempt for all except themselves makes zionist racism and terrorism a threat to any nation that questions their racist mythology and expansionism.



Evidence that the soldier she slapped killed her brother?


Israel was ranked 29 out of 167 on The Economist’s Democracy Index.
That’s better than Belgium, Greece, Cyprus & at least a dozen other European countries.
138 countries are worse than Israel, so why is there no BDS against them?


What international law is being violated by the continued detention of Ahed?


How is it less than human to arrest a person who attacks someone?


Bantustans were parts of South Africa designated for black people.
Gaza was never part of Israel.


None of the Zionists of Israel that I’ve met are repulsive.
I guess you’ve just been unlucky.


I’m in favor of a one-state solution. I want the Jewish state to be a place where Jews are in the minority.

Thanks for asking.


Why do you want Jews to be in the minority?


So that the Zionist evolution from victims of oppression to perpetrators of oppression can remain on display.

Zionists called the place “a land without a people.” But that was a bad slogan to choose. Being an eternal optimist, I believe that by living side-by-side, Israeli Jews and Arabs could become friends, intermarry, and become a truly multi-cultural society.

Or, failing that, nothing brings out that BDS spirit like institutionalized apartheid.


Palestinians have been oppressing Jews for centuries.

In 1839, the British consul, William Young, said that the poor Jew in Jerusalem…lives from day to day in terror of his life…Young attributed the plight of the Jew in Jerusalem to “the blind hatred and ignorant prejudice of a fanatical populace,”

New York Times December 29, 1878
Crowded together in the worst lodgings, or in the dark cellars under a synagogue building, without food, fuel, or water –even water at Jerusalem being a commodity of price – numbers died of starvation and various diseases, while others went raving mad. Those who could labor were denied employment by the bigotry of the Mussulmans and of the Oriental Christians.

Notice the date. This was before the first Zionists arrived in Palestine. Notice the word bigotry.

Jews had lived for centuries in Hebron & Gaza until they were ethnically cleansed from those areas in 1929.
During the week of riots from 23 to 29 August, 133 Jews were killed by Arabs and 339 others were injured,
and now Palestinians oppress Israelis

Running over Israelis is oppression.
Stabbing Israelis is oppression.
Shooting Israelis is oppression.
Firing rockets at Israelis is oppression.
Blowing up Israelis is oppression.
Throwing rocks at Israelis is oppression.