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Continued Detention of Ahed Tamimi Denounced as Symptomatic of Israel's Flouting of Int'l Law

Continued Detention of Ahed Tamimi Denounced as Symptomatic of Israel's Flouting of Int'l Law

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

 "It is clear that detaining and prosecuting Palestinian children in Israeli military courts has little to do with justice," says Brad Parker of Defense for Children International Palestine


The continued detention of Ahed is symptomatic of Israeli’s contempt for International Law, International Justice Court rulings, numerous UN Resolutions, world opinion, and common decency!

Along with the Israeli lap-dog US, including, but not limited to, Congress and the treasonous trump regime, the two “special” allies are an axis of international terrorism.

Free Ahed NOW! BDS!


When one is indoctrinated with myths like “a people without a land, a land without a people,” it is but a small step to treating the children of such “invisible” people as somehow less than human.

The bigotry and contempt borne of the Zionist narrative, just 70 years removed from the horrors of the Holocaust without a hint of irony or shame, is simply breathtaking to behold.

Like it was with apartheid South Africa, BDS is indeed the answer.


I’m sure there are hardline Zionists who refer to Gaza as a Bantustan.

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As more and more “settlers” enter Israel it is really becoming Trump country. N-yahoo and Trump are best buds. Amazing how victor has become oppressor in three short generations. Sick.


How can one con done incarcerating a 16 year old girl for slapping a murder after he killed her brother.


The Zionist of Israel are repulsive.


Bullshit, there is nothing contrary to international law about arresting and charging someone who has assaulted a soldier (or anyone else for that matter). Her mother posted the video of the assault for everyone to see and nobody denies she did it–though some claim she is a hero for doing so. Try slapping and kicking a policeman or a soldier in your home town and see what happens–you’d be lucky if you were only arrested for assault.

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this soldier din’t shoot anyone and her “brother” (not) wasn’t killed.

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Charlie, thanks for adding your voice - here is the story of Ahed’s (and her family) outrage at Israeli IDF racist contempt for all Palestinian life…except as slaves to the zionist entity. Such contempt for all except themselves makes zionist racism and terrorism a threat to any nation that questions their racist mythology and expansionism.


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I’m in favor of a one-state solution. I want the Jewish state to be a place where Jews are in the minority.

Thanks for asking.


So that the Zionist evolution from victims of oppression to perpetrators of oppression can remain on display.

Zionists called the place “a land without a people.” But that was a bad slogan to choose. Being an eternal optimist, I believe that by living side-by-side, Israeli Jews and Arabs could become friends, intermarry, and become a truly multi-cultural society.

Or, failing that, nothing brings out that BDS spirit like institutionalized apartheid.


Yeah, I read that comment the first two times you posted it.

Next time, could you add dispatches from the Jewish ghetto in Girona, Spain circa 1608? Thanks.


Past actions clearly demonstrate that Israelis have never been interested in a meaningful two-state solution, with right-wing Zionists openly denigrating it, and their more “liberal” counterparts instead thinking that scraps thrown from the table (Bantustans) should be good enough for the Palestinians.

For while one can speak of “peace” as simply the cessation of hostilities, true peace requires that the Palestinians get a VIABLE state and that their legitimate grievances be addressed.

Otherwise, we are simply speaking of the “peace” a thief desires after having taken what is not his, without having to make meaningful redress.

The irony in all of this is that the one-state solution Israelis have likely brought upon themselves (in light of current demographic trends) won’t be a Jewish one.



You repeat yet another Zionist myth about Israel’s so-called “generous offer,” and those wily “irrational natives” (i.e. Palestinians), who simply cannot be negotiated with.

While a favorite of Hasbarists here and elsewhere, it has been thoroughly debunked, and quite a long time ago at that… Bantustans were exactly what were offered to the Palestinians in the “Clinton Parameters.”



They refer to Gaza and the West Bank as Judea and Samora and they openly intend to annex both after they have finished ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.


Is there a way for us to block zionist trolls like Jack Green? Mossad funds huge numbers of them and they really need to be blocked by the site moderator.

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You are absolutely correct.

The Zionist Project was the brain-child of mostly 19th and early 20th century European Zionists who wanted to create a Jewish state in a land where the overwhelming majority of its indigenous residents for the past 2000 years were not Jewish.

Accordingly, it should come as no surprise that the concept of ethnic cleansing (which they euphemistically called “population transfer”) came to be embraced by nearly ALL shades of opinion in the Zionist movement.


The best first step towards achieving a just and lasting peace is dispelling Zionist myths that demean or belittle the legitimate grievances of the dispossessed.