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Continuing Sabotage of Americans' Healthcare, Trump Proposes Allowing Insurers to Offer 'Junk Plans'


Continuing Sabotage of Americans' Healthcare, Trump Proposes Allowing Insurers to Offer 'Junk Plans'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Trump administration is under fire for its latest move to sabotage the American healthcare system with an "unconscionable" proposed rule that would allow health insurance providers to offer what critics describe as "junk plans" that will drive up costs for patients and threaten necessary medical care for millions of Americans.


Single payer, and if the Democrats don’t go along, kick them to the damn curb too. If there was another actual solution, the “centrists” would have presented it. Their plan was the ACA, and while it did make things moderately better, it wasn’t a long term solution, and it’s being dismantled. The Democrats could use this to explain exactly why we need single payer, and if they were running on that, think that wouldn’t scare the hell out of the right? They aren’t though, and the far right wing has little to fear, because their opposition is the Democratic Party.

We can see now with the gun issue that it is kids on the street that are leading the charge, and the political system is responding. The Democrats did oppose some of what the NRA pushed for, but as usual, pathetically. Activists will determine this outcome, and right now, the Democratic Party is MIA. It’s left to defend a right wing healthcare bill that was based on similar proposals from right wing groups in the 1990’s, and its defense of that bill is weak at best.

The Democrats could completely destroy Trump on policy. Notice that his lowest approval came when he was being hammered on the ACA repeal and actual policy. Since that time the Democrats ditched that (cause what the hell alternatives do they have to run on that their donors will allow them to?) and they’re back to the Russia, Russia, Russia stuff.

This is a monstrosity, and there’s few doing much about the system. And like many other issues, it isn’t just an indictment on the Republican Party, it is an indictment on the entire system. The ACA would never be accepted in any other developed country, too right wing and too far away from single payer, yet it is the absolute best we can hope for in this corrupt and dying system. Bloody hell.


Guillotines for the corporate oligarchs and their political puppets. Single payer for the rest.


DAMMITT!!! Let’s get clear: Health CARE and health INSURANCE are NOT the same fucking thing!!! The first is concerned about PEOPLE, the second about the bottom line of insurance scumpanies!!!
SINGLE-PAYER NOW!!! (Just like the garbage in suits in D.C. have!!!)


Depopulation by design…


Single payer website for info. https://www.healthcare-now.org/

Alot of holistic doctors are dying lately over the last few years.

One can only wonder if these doctors were on the cutting edge of science which cut into drug company profits.


Ever since the US Congress ended Postal Banking a half century ago, payday lending became a huge industry preying upon Murkins who can’t access mainstream banking. The new Trump/GOP bogus medical insurance policies are a different spin on the same exploitation demonstrated by the payday lending industry and will ensnare many of the same victims…


Thanks for posting this.

Another thing to note- last week 24% of pregnant women spontaneously went into labor and it was supposedly due to a solar flare. My niece was one of them. She was 6 weeks early and the hospital was ful of premies being born at the same time. They couldn’t even take baby pictures because of so many babies and the ones that were healthier couldn’t have doctor time. The hospital gave the statistic of 24% of pregnant women to her, and why, and we can’t even find it in the news. She went into labor on Valentines.


just what we need more junk crap plans from the junk greedy GOP’s that never needed to worry about healthcare in their lives. I worked for low wages my entire life and never qualified for healthcare because I made too much. It didn’t matter that I made $5.00 an hour, that was way too much for assistance. I’d like to see a member of congress live on $7.25 minimum, pay for insurance, rent, utilities, food, childcare, transportation, sick leave, etc. See how for that crap wage gets them, make then survive for 2 years in that and see if they want to change their stupid laws after destitution does a while. I dare them.


Here’s something I just found - no mention of women going into labor.


Prolly nobody is gonna to buy them anyway. The individual mandate we repealed. So people who were buying the cheap crap plans are not in the market anymore.


The Democrats don’t want single payer. The money they receive from the health insurance companies would stop.


Junk Plans - Like this is something new. That’s all the insurance cartels have ever had to offer.


I agree, and since those running the party don’t care about the poor, working people, or doing what’s right for the general population, what they will do with their power (whenever they regain it) is to continue on with a corrupt system, and they’ll continue to proudly operate within a range of policy options that simply don’t work for most people. They cannot propose what the public now wants because of their donors, and when the “leaders” of that party decide what to do, do they choose the general public and working people versus their donors? Since the DCCC and the DNC continuously tilt the scales towards corrupt “centrist” (center of what?) Democrats, whatever policies they put in place will continue to make things worse. But if you have a problem with this, if you can see that this doesn’t end until people force it to end, or the system (or environment) collapses because of the impact of these policies, you will be ridiculed. Not the corrupt, rotten people like Pelosi, Perez and Schumer running the party, the victims of their corruption will be to blame. I realize that building third parties is difficult, and I realize that it will take time, but the left has got to get on with it, while trying to play some defense in the meantime. Continuing on with this party makes no sense anymore. Let’s grow up and realize this for what it is. Trump and the right wing wouldn’t dare doing this if we had an opposition party worth a damn, and the ACA itself would be dead on arrival in every other developed country because of how right wing it is. So, does the left want to truly grow, especially when its policy positions are popular? Or, does it want to go down with the Democratic Party, and the losers running it? Cause even if they get power in 2018, does anyone have any freaking idea what they’ll do with that power? What’s their alternatives? They don’t even pretend to have one anymore. Since they don’t have one, and since the policies they will support will continue to be failures, they’ll be voted out within an election or two, and things will continue to get worse. It doesn’t have to be this way, but it will be until the left just leaves and lets that party die, cause these two parties are killing us all any damn way.


No. Just no. Nobody is killing “holistic” doctors. However, assuming that these doctors practice their quackery on themselves, they would be expected to have a lower life expectancy. Don’t believe everything on the internet. In fact, disbelieve most of it


No. Solar flares and the resulting geomagnetic fluctuations would have nothing to do with inducing labor. Otherwise, waving a magnet around a pregnant woman would do the same thing. Those powerful neodymium magnets that you can take out of old computer hard drives would work especially well. And god forbid a pregnant woman gets an MRI.


Actually, many countries, like Japan, Germany and Switzerland have systems that are fairly similar to the ACA, except the insurance is more heavily subsidized and the medical procedures, drugs, and insurance rates are subject to cost controls.

I like single payer, but most countries provide universal healthcare coverage through something other than single payer.


You are probly right. Shrug off the negative and build a better tomorrow.

Medicare for all is a simple computer entry at the data center.

Let’s get those keystrokes done as fast as possible so we can proceed with less tension as a more powerful nation.


It is easy to see this system does not care about sick people unless you have big bucks to pad the obscene chemical drug and medical cartel pockets. The Capitalistic endgame is unstoppable in full gouge mode and millions will die in the near future. For the majority the price to live will not be obtainable. Obviously all by design.


Funny, ever been to an MD and try to introduce environmental factors and have them completely dismissed. They use disease models unless they are otherwise trained in environmental medicine. Natural paths use a different model that is no less functional. Really, count the number of prescriptions in your medicine chest and look each one up for side-effect if you have doubts.

And further, men should really try to understand that natural phenomena does impact pregnant women. In some cases it just isn’t measured. In more cases it is just dismissed. Think of the tides of the ocean in relationship to the moon.