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Continuing to Push for Reopening of Economy, White House Takes Extra Precautions As Two Staffers Test Positive for Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/10/continuing-push-reopening-economy-white-house-takes-extra-precautions-two-staffers

Why don’t these charlatan jackass interviews on 60mins, meet the charlatans, and that ABC one(I forgot I’m getting loose), ask a decent question to Goldman Sacha Boy: what about 40-50 % of Americans losing healthcare? What kind of economic impact is that going to have when everyone is getting sick and can’t afford to go to see a doctor? This whole gigantic mess was created by you know who. Too bad the fake news can’t hold POTUS to account. Good luck, we’re screwed here.


Stupid is as stupid does.

We also need HELP for our Frontline Providers!! And all essential workers being forced back to work prematurely. COVID-19 cases have already gone up in US America and abroad where social distancing has been relaxed.

From NNU: FACEBOOK LIVE CONVERSATION, May11, 3:30pm PT and 6:30pm ET

It didn’t need to be this way, CD Posters.

While at least 91 nurses have died in the United States due to insufficient PPE and infection control protocols in the COVID-19 crisis – zero RNs have died in Canada . We’re heartbroken and angry, but to make change and protect nurses, we need to pinpoint the failures.

Why have the U.S. and Canada had such different outcomes, with our current system in the U.S. failing so many of us? That’s what we’re going to discuss LIVE tomorrow with Linda Silas, RN and president of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, and National Nurses United President Zenei Cortez, RN.

In order to address this crisis and protect nurses moving forward, we must share as much information as possible with each other and learn from other countries’ successes and failures. This pandemic has no borders, and the more we take notice of what is saving nurses and patients, the more successful our response will be.

During the livestream we’ll discuss:

  • How access to PPE has impacted nurses in the U.S. vs. Canada
  • How the Canadian government’s response changed the course of the pandemic’s spread
  • How nurses are feeling in Canada and what threats they see on the horizon

We hope you can join us.

In solidarity,

National Nurses United



I think your post could be edited to just the part I have selected above.

I’m happy as long as there’s some tidbit you like. Lol

I am a person of few words :slight_smile:

Homicidal, hypocritical maniacs in positions of power forcing low wage workers back to work without protection and under threat of losing unemployment benefits if they refuse while they get daily tests, stellar health care payed by the people they treat as landfill and while our frontline healthcare workers are losing their lives without PPEs–They need to be sent to the Hague.

Prepare for total, rolling, non cooperation.


I just saw another story where a White House staffer not wearing a mask was telling three food corporation CEOs to take off their masks at the podium table. No, neither the CEOs nor the staffer were practicing social distancing. I read that most of the audience didn’t have masks on either.

Is there something in military culture that doesn’t want to wear a mask? The Secret Service has 11 members come down with the covid-19 and West Point cadets are infected all over the place and all over the army presumably. Is this why today, Washington, DC has a worse per capita infection rate over the past five days than any of the fifty states? I keep those stats handy. Are all of these officially essential industries, the Pentagon, the CIA, the Department of Energy,…, the source of all of this coronavirus within a five mile radius of the Capitol dome? Do the infected workers keep showing up for work anyway?

So, who in the President’s entourage really hasn’t caught the coronavirus by now? That buzzsaw has been in operation at Trump Victory Headquarters for a solid month now.

Donald J. Trump is approaching 300 pounds and eats the worst imaginable junk every single day. His brain appears to fart a lot these days, and that may be related to blood sugar issues. Mike Pence doesn’t look that healthy either.

If you like alliteration, say “President Pence”. If you like alliteration even more, say “President Pelosi”.


60 Minutes, which used to have some decent stories, has now become a toilet bowl for FOX-lite producers and grifters. It should be interesting to watch Rick Bright next Sunday though.


Permanent economic loss=when a person is dead. Otherwise, we can hunker down, take necessary precautions, and start over when this particular virus has calmed down from herd immunity. The Elite are more worried about their precious profits-over-people economic system than any meaningful and rational changes that should be made. Like, oh, universal health care. An end to income inequality. Severe regulations on corporations to prevent them from using funds to buy back stock, from harming the environment and people, no more revolving doors for CEO’s, no more golden parachutes, no more strip-mining companies to the harm of employees while one or two people benefits. And no more hedge funds, vulture capital investment firms. And any corporation that still puts profits-over-people is shut down and its managers get jail time.
On the plus side, an effort to rebuild small businesses to prevent food deserts, to make cities for people and green spaces and not cars, realize a thriving downtown with a walking mall is more environmentally friendly than big box stores way out of the city limits.
This is just the beginning of a series of major disruptions from climate change and habitat loss. What will we do when the coastal cities are flooded out? And the bread baskets of North and South America, Africa, and Asia become deserts?


From the Los Angeles Times:

A nurse without an N95 mask raced in to treat a ‘code blue’ patient. She died 14 days later


The decision that Celia Marcos made, the one that would ultimately steal years from her life, had been hard-wired after decades working as a nurse.

On the ward that she oversaw at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, a man with COVID-19 had stopped breathing. Marcos’ face was covered only with a thin surgical mask, and obtaining a more protective N95 mask before entering his room would have wasted valuable time, her colleagues say.

The 61-year-old charge nurse knew the chest compressions and other breathing treatments the patient needed would likely spew dangerous virus particles into the air that could land on her face and clothing. She would be at high risk of catching the coronavirus.

Marcos raced into the room. Fourteen days later, she was dead.

In one version of her story, she is a selfless caregiver who chose her patient’s life over her own by rushing into his room without an N95. But staff at Hollywood Presbyterian say the reality is much bleaker.

As charge nurse, Marcos was required to respond to patients who stopped breathing, but she wasn’t provided an N95 mask at the beginning of her shift, her coworkers say. The masks are scarce, and staff who do get them are often asked to reuse them over multiple days, they said.

“The hospital wasn’t giving us appropriate PPE — the N95s were locked,” said one nurse, who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity after expressing fear of retaliation from hospital administrators. “It’s just too painful for everybody, what happened to her.”


White house.taking extra precautions:

“No more testing of anyone within the white house! The optics are terrible!”

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We should be letting loose our mechanical engineers on the stabilizing of our shore lines.
Instead we keep building airstrips world-wide, and giving money to Israel to destabilize their neighborhoods.


60 minutes stopped being worth watching when the Morley Safer/Ed Bradley crew started dying off and getting replaced. Lara Logan in particular used to make me sick the way she always gushed over the US military in her pieces (which were usually about one of the wars). She SHOULD be on fox news. Thank goodness I had the sense to quit watching it many years ago.

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If you have or have access to HBO, watch John Olivers Show, Last week tonight.
HE’s pissed me off a few time’s but usually its good

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The hens coming home to roost. You won’t listen to Science and this is what happens…the virus invades the White House. SHAME on you Pence for not wearing a mask at the Mayo Clinic! Your arrogance! Or is it IGNORANCE!? This f-cking Administration gets what it deserves…Death. And die quickly by the way…just like you want those to die who don’t have health care…Fucking Sociopaths…


Excellent and i agree! We need to abolish the limited-iability investor-owned corporation; re-charter all existing corporations with ecological and social charters; and make ecological and social accounting superior to financial accounting.


Celia Lardizabal Marcos, 61, and from that middle name and her lovely face my guess is Celia has family in the Philippines, like most nurses and healthcare aides I’ve worked with. One of the news stories about her colleagues has an old shift-team picture, where probably half or three-quarters of 'em have some Philippine ancestry. (You’d probably be picking up some choice Tagalog expressions – not to mention incredible recipes – working with this crew.) Someone needs to explain what the story is with Philippino nurses. It’s not just here in CA, it’s across the country, all over the world nurses from the Philippines are unsung international heros, holding hospitals together with scotch tape and sealing-wax. Cuba sends doctors, the Phillipines nurses. It’s been an honor working with them – a most profound honor.

(A nurse in England said “You call us heros so that it’s okay for us to die.”)


More like trout coming come to roost, since trout lay thousands of eggs. (You’re sounding somewhat vexed lately about the thousands of deaths each day, friend. That’s entirely appropriate, but we might run out of capital letters if we peak too soon.)

Dying quickly isn’t much in the cards with these viral maladies, in general. For those with full knowledge of the exquisite and prolonged suffering visited on various COVID-19 victims, it becomes so emotionally intolerable a NY doctor ended her life to slip away from the unremitting hell of it.

When it’s necessary for someone to die in order for me to enjoy a nice hamburger, it’s better to be fully aware that my non-negotiable lifestyle demands excruciating, terrifying deaths of others.