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Continuing to Reject Election Results, Trump Rejoices With Drive-By for MAGA Rally

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/14/continuing-reject-election-results-trump-rejoices-drive-maga-rally

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They should have called their rally “Useful Pawn Idiots For The Rich”. It suits these f-cking Right Wing Fascists.


Re-reading the late, great Joe Bageant’s Deer Hunting with Jesus. Unlike Hillbilly Elegy, Joe was a working class lefty who describes the corporate hell these folks live in, and have lived in for the past 40 years. Yes, I think they’re jerks, but they’ve been programmed by a psyops that the old USSR would be proud of. Forced to listen to right-wing talk radio because our airwaves are now owned by the neocons, no access to decent education, jobs depending on neocon globalization and Wal-Mart, bosses telling them who to vote for, preachers telling them who to vote for…To them, Trump would be god if he managed to secure their jobs.
Joe makes a cogent point that, because the working class have had the humanity pounded out of them, they have no empathy or compassion for others outside of their Matrix. Yeah, that fits the sociopaths who run global corporations.
What to do? Chat up people standing in line, listen to what they’re really concerned about. Pull an end run on the neocons by taking back the grassroots. Channel your inner Eugene Debs.
But I do draw the line at the way they drive those massive pickups. However, again, I blame the corporations and ad companies for designing the behemoths as killing machines and pushing them as a way to prove your manhood. Killing machines? Yup, take a look at the average front end of a normal sized car and then the one of an average pickup truck or SUV. Regular car strikes a pedestrian, they’ll get pretty badly hurt below the waist and hips. The big guys…well, it will strike a pedestrian at torso level, crushing the rib cage with probable death. Some of them would even decapitate a person at the right speed.
Bottom line-MAGAs basically don’t care about super-spreading events or who gets harmed by Covid. All they care about is someone, anyone, who can bring back 1950’s America. Long gone, folks, long gone, like the dinosaurs.


But, BUT… i thought, the neocons bought “OUR” party, now?

Sometimes, I hear Joe Bageant teasing me for hypocracy in not questioning my silly-ass brainwashed assumptions. But I generally simply ignore fellow inebriate, hillbilly socialists?





But, at least, “everything’s back to NORMAL!” Who are WE to question? They’ve run THEIR empire, for our entire lives!


Didn’t see a Confederate flag in the picture but certainly they still think that JESUS
will deliver help – maybe even a miracle.

What sums everything up is their trust in Trump’s “no masks” message – they are free
to make themselves and anyone one else they come in contact with ill.
“Don’t Tread On Me!” but they’re signed up with the MIC and CHURCH without realizing
what control systems they are, evidently.


I am reposting this:

With Mitch McConnell still in control, seats lost in the House a pandemic and ecological crisis past point of no return, that we need to get past symbolic acts should be a given.

Now, the NNU has asked for help to get control of the Senate. My last act of charity as I love these frontline workers who risk life and health for us and ask you consider supporting them in their efforts:


They will send you everything you need. No money donations.


I am getting a gut feeling that violence will be unleashed as never before once Biden gets his mandatory mask wearing passed.


All Trump needs is spark to light this fire.


Typically, NO. It was a bit more complex, but analogous? It’s as if an ever more reactionary, corporate Liberal “opposition party” conspired with Neocon/ neoConfederate fascists to crush Keynesian Democracy, to feed us to oligarch patrons. With a brainwashed, speciously complicit petit-bourgoise (to former yuppies & Creative Class liberals: WE’RE the threat?)

~https://www.leftvoice.org/could-hitler-have-been-stopped-by-voting-for-the-lesser-evil (blatant protection scheme 101)

~https://www.jacobinmag.com/2020/02/thuringia-afd-die-linke-ramelow-kemmerich (phase 2: bad cop/ INSANE cop!)




A Few Thousand Don’t Make A Million.


Some of the Trumpers are making a good point: they claim that the Democrats stole the election from Bernie. That does not mean that they stole the election from Trump, but it does make a good argument for Trump.

Where did this rigged election story come from? The last twenty years of Republicans purging, mis-allocation of voting machines, easily hacked Diebold machines, not to forget 250 years of the electoral college which has delivered the two worst Presidents in our lifetimes. So it has a real basis and Trump knows it as just as well as its prime implementer, Karl Rove, knows it.

Less well known is the real meaning of MAGA," Make Asshole Go Away", aka GMAFB.

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Thank you! You have said what needs saying! I am so sck of seeing these jerks
using these oversize beasts to intimidate other drivers and pedestrians.

Trumpism seems clearly to be the mortal enemy of Empathy, Kindness and Compassion.

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Once Trump is taken out of the Oval Office kicking and screaming in an orange jump suit on 01/20/21, we will see violence like we have not seen before!

Hi Giovanna –

Gave you a HEART as sharing you concerns about right wing violence –

but do you imagine that if Trump had smartened up – and gave up his efforts
to create violence of any kind here for the benefit of right wing – and had told
his followers that he was advocating MASKS because of the dangers of the virus
that they wouldn’t have done what he was asking?

I think Biden team is smart enough to move in the right ways on this –
No reason why liberals can’t create some memorable propaganda of their own –

Let’s make those who don’t wear masks look as dumb as they are –
How about a few hundred stories from SD where patients dying are still claiming
that the virus is “fake” –

Or how about family stories of those dead now not wearing masks – etc, etc, etc …