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Contradicting Trump Claim of Iranian Mine Attack, Owner of Japanese Oil Tanker Says 'Flying Object' Likely Caused Explosions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/14/contradicting-trump-claim-iranian-mine-attack-owner-japanese-oil-tanker-says-flying

Thank you planet Godmom that this evidence of something closer to the truth
finally came out hopefully soon enough to stop trumpco and him dead in his tracks.

Trump is the Hitler of our time. Manipulated by business oligarchs around the world, he and they are planning WWIII for the purpose of genocidal extermination of the poor and people of color. He has no concern for the USA outside his associates in the casino mob boss underworld and the filthy rich. All others are no more than consumers, wage slaves and cannon fodder. Catastrophic climate change will force fleeing refugees into the gun sites of unnecessarily extra belligerent neighboring nations likewise struggling to keep their people fed and housed. We are in a time like no other. Trump is a traitor!


Could it be another false flag operation? Seems likely.


We are no doubt on the eve of destruction. Benedict Arnold has reincarnated as Trump!

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I am a documentary videographer. They have overcompensated for continuity errors. First was the story that the b/w (really?) video was shot before the attack. Then they said that the mine was removed after the attack. The b/w video was edited to within one second of showing the mine. Really… one second? The still color pix showing two black holes looks like hours earlier (sun angle and color) and looks photo-shopped. Hull discoloration shows evidence of impact without damage. The black hole/mine/whatever is not really there. Who is creating this false narrative?


Impeach Now! Trump and all his cronies ,yes men and yes women must be Impeached and prosecuted to the full extent of the law! Peace


“All governments lie.”
–I.F. Stone

And here in the 21st century, Twump lies and the corporate media swear to it. That’s the REAL “fake news.”

With that said, I have to wonder: on what possible basis does an attack on a Japanese ship—by whomever matters not—warrant a military response by the US???


Good call. You may want to provide those pix you evaluated. But good job Sunflower.

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and of course the owners will have access to the witness statements of their crews, who would be in the best position to know. every ship going through the straits is going to have at least 2 watchmen on duty, and the odds of one of them picking up a floating object (since they’re looking for that kind of stuff) are pretty good.

curious to see what kind of a wedge this might drive through Abe and Trump since it fractures the Fascist Boys Club a little.

Anyone else want to lay even money down on the IDF?


Both War Parties are in on it and want the same thing. WW3 would make all of them sh^t loads of money. I see no one with the power to do so trying to stop this. Trumps fan base will be howlin’ As he fires them up with War to insure his re- election. Boils down to one Extinction Event or another… which ever comes first.


I sometimes check out MSM to see what they’re up to and I was pretty shocked to see that CBS reported this story this morning as well. Thank heavens it is getting out there, even if it was reported as the owners of the oil tanker seem to think the explosions were caused by an airborne projectile.

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Do you have any idea who took the pictures from the air (before any photoshopping)? I was just wondering if it was media, first responders, maybe the ship had its own helicopter, or a drone. Looks too close to be a satellite.

Video from military plane. Was there footage of small craft approaching ship not released?

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Maybe the photos were taken by the drone that delivered the explosive?


False flag? False story? Has this narrative been used before? The Maine and the Lusitania? Is the Gulf of Tonkin similar to the Gulf of Oman? Who’s angry with Iran - Oh, that would be John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, along with their boss, Donnie “Bone spurs” Trump.


You are stating the stark obvious trumponian treason-like movements of a rogue swamp monster.
I say, do what the republicans would do.

Watch out for an end run on VZ. We need to know whether trump feels he has weeded out all personnel that would object to his lawlessness. Impeachment needs to begin yesterday.
We are headed for climate destruction, poison food in our grocery stores, shortages of water, CO2 air pollution, etc. Why would we seriously worry about a trump re-election above all else? Impeach. You hold out congressional cowards need to step up.


Welcome to the Gulf of Tonkin, 2019 edition. War pigs like Pompeo and Bolton are full on with trying to pin this on Iran because they can’t wait to start bombing that country. That insane Neo-con dream of 2003 is still part of U.S. foreign policy. Of course, Trumpo the Traitor is all in as well. No evidence is required for any of these right-wing scum. The War Powers Resolution will be invoked and Uh-meriKKKans will have another distant “war” to watch on their TeeVee machines as Fux Noise and their ilk crow about the slaughter.
So, someone, please try and convince me that the United States isn’t just another loathsome empire spreading death and destruction for profit around the world - just like Rome did before it collapsed under its own corruption, bankruptcy and social malaise.
The U.S. which has boasted of creating “Full Spectrum Dominance” over the planet, has “boots on the ground” in more than 70% of the world’s countries. It’s military uses more petroleum “resources” than any country and is helping to bring global heating on even faster. Our political machines are hopelessly corrupt and beholden to corporate clients and the oligarchs and the people can barely be compelled to vote when they are offered candidates who slavishly continue the same old shakedown of the population. I know that it can be a bit facile to compare the U.S. in 2019 with Late Rome but the similarities are there. Trumpo the Klown would make a perfect Commodus - egomaniacal, ruthless, greedy and corrupt. Unlike Commodus Trumpo will not be strangled in his bathtub. Nope, Trump still has a 43% approval rating and will go and on in one way or another to fuck this country up for his own gain. Even his own admission that he would collude with other countries for “dirt” doesn’t change anything with his idiotic supporters. They worship him just like the Romans did Commodus until he bankrupted the Roman economy and met his demise. With Trump we can’t even be sure that he would give up the presidency if he loses next year. He could very well decide to call it a “fake election” and declare another national emergency. Such is the way of tyrants. As for me, I think we have been in a national emergency since this sub-human turd took office. He shames us every time he opens his pie hole and he lives in a deeply twisted fantasy world with himself, the “stable genius” at the center.


Then all we need is one country deciding it would be more humane to nuke some country to shorten the war. Who will it be this time?

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