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Contradicting Trump Claim of Iranian Mine Attack, Owner of Japanese Oil Tanker Says 'Flying Object' Likely Caused Explosions

I think trump is too self oriented to risk retaliation that could fuck him up. He is a lot of bad things. A martyr he is not.
Simple solution. Stop the sanctions on Iran, and let them run their country as they see fit.
Yankee go home.

Just think what it would be like if the bees and the rest of the animal kingdom embarked on offense instead of just protecting their own. We would be stung, suffer stampedes, be mauled, and likely eaten. All in short order. Thankfully they are all smarter and in better control than humans. G.I. come home, defend the homeland, and quit screwing with others and their resources.


Clearly shows four sailors pulled onboard small craft next to ship then walking away as a group. No evidence of anything related to removing a mine.

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Such ridiculous propaganda. Why in the world would Iran do something so reckless when Trump is surrounded by violent, war criminal sociopaths that are itching for war with them? Who in the hell falls for such things these days? Bolton ruined this type of propaganda with his push for the war in Iraq. If only the US media didn’t give him space to call for war with Iran and if only the right wing politicians didn’t still hire him, maybe he could spend the rest of his life rotting in a jail cell, where he belongs. It would also help if we had an actual opposition party that held them responsible for war crimes.


What a fucking President. He would start a huge ME war without evidence, just like without evidence, he condemned the Central Park Five. Government is run by greedy, superstitious, fear driven reactionary conservatives and is too rotten to fix. Conservatives have the Midass touch. Whatever they touch turns to shit. Liars, blabbermouths, irresponsible self promoters, cons rule the ignorant masses.

Chickenhawk cons love war as long as its somebody else’s kids fighting them. Wars to steal land, resources, body organs. Wars for money and power. And cons are everywhere, in every country. Patriotism, flag, god, all used by cons to deceive, cheat, steal, pollute. The Singularity can’t come too soon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Singularity_Is_Near

I could not access that link as it is not available in the european union.


First few seconds show life-jackets on sailors pulled on-board. Replay over and over to see the group of saved sailors.

I don’t know anything about any other footage. Whose military plane?

These are important questions. We need full disclosure on cameras and edits…

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Hi GuildF312S:
Excellent question—which is why major media is NOT asking that same excellent question!
After the WMD lie—it appears that no lie, no latter how ridiculous, will ever stop the USA in its quest for world domination–although pretty soon they will experience world damnation, if they keep this war crap up. Thanks to he Japanese ship owner for the truth, as truth has become such a rare quality.

Hi Sunflower:
Thanks for the BBC piece. It is very interesting that the UK person used the words, "Speculated, " which is not a word one uses when saying that something is true.Perhaps some remedial vocabulary work is needed by American and the war hawks.

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Hi bruce bennett:
I think maybe the military stopped reading about Rome, after Caesar crossed the Rubicon—and then forgot about how he was offed. Sadly I think many in America intend to replicate the “All Roads lead to Rome,” idea. I think if they actually read more ancient history, they would realize that the eventual ending of that that war idea phrase is that “all roads led to DOOM.” We see to be heading that way.

We who believe reincarnation occurs think it may not be a coincidence that George Bush Jr was born a short time after Hitler died. I’ve amended the joke to end with "it may not be a coincidence that Donald Trump was born a short time after Mussolini died. Mussolini and Trump were both gross pigs. George Bush Jr still speaks with pride about his War on Terrorism, yahvool, mein American fuhrer of death.

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This is his wedge against impeachment, astutely played.

Some entertainment for you Senior…


Whether or not we like it, or want to be involved in it, we are at war with this administration. They have crossed a line in the sand that can no longer be tolerated. Do what you can to fight back, as this phony election crap is just a distraction. Peace. eventually.


Misleading illusion and deception. The “speculators” have discredited themselves with false photographic evidence. Now they are using secret drone pictures as evidence of attribution. Invisible flags.


“War is organized theft.” – Dr. Jacob Bronowski


Whether one believes in reincarnation or not, it is immutably true to me, that ever since operation paperclip, the Third Reich was replaced with the nascent, Fourth Reich!

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“You know they did it because you saw the boat,” Trump said. “You know they did it, because you saw the boat, I guess one of the mines didn’t explode and it’s probably got, essentially, Iran written all over it.”
I guess the Pentagon can just fire all of their military analysts, because our genius pResident just figured out it was the Iranians in a matter of minutes just by looking at a short video clip.

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Flying Object? Guess that rules out Boeing 737…