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Contrary to Spin, Trump Slashing Energy Jobs With New Executive Order

Contrary to Spin, Trump Slashing Energy Jobs With New Executive Order

Nika Knight, staff writer

As the Trump administration brags that Tuesday's executive order to dismantle Obama-era climate regulations will create coal industry jobs, new employment data from the Department of Energy (DoE) demonstrates how misguided that claim is.

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See Blood on the Mountain

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Are you like me, just sick and tired of the climate terrorists; climate, devastation freaks; and climate deniers ad nauseum spin that: " WE ARE BRINGING JOBS BACK"!


This talk of “jobs-jobs-jobs” from businesses and their political allies has never, ever, actually means jobs - it is a code word directed at the gullible US working class for “more wealth and power for me-me-me”.


YES! The Koch Roach Brothers will make potentially, billions on the filthy tar sands now that Trump has approved DAPL, but that is totally irrelevant, because the gullible will have jobs!


I think you meant KXL. That’s the one that benefits the Kochs because of their refinery in Texas that can only refine dirty crude like the tar sands oil from Canada (not lighter Texas oil).

The ridiculous part is that the tar sands product is destined to go offshore not provide energy security for the Excited States of Paranoia as was claimed by Trump the other day.

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Thanks for the correction.

It appears that coal miners have forgotten the struggles of their forebears and who their real enemy is. I haven’t forgotten the Battle of Blair Mtn. rump shows a marketed ignorance of the real economic forces affecting the coal industry if he thinks killing sustainable energy production will increase coal sales. These deplorable republicans are only doing this to spite those pushing for sustainable, clean energy. rump’s actions here are purely sociopathic. Somehow, we’ve seriously got to kick these assholes in the teeth as they have been doing to us all this time. Somehow.