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Contrasts Could Hardly Be Sharper as Dems Debate in Brooklyn


Contrasts Could Hardly Be Sharper as Dems Debate in Brooklyn

Common Dreams staff

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In a contentious and sometimes "feisty" debate in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday night the contrasts between Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was once again made stark.


People have to be driven to put themselves through the insane process that is our presidential campaign. It is so long, so repetitious and so wasteful of time and resources. If people would pay a little attention, a month or two of campaigning would be sufficient. It shouldn't take much thought to determine that Bernie is the best choice for most people. Changing minds, once they are made up, is nearly impossible. It's too bad that independent voters are left out in many situations. I'm tired of the whole thing, but not so much as to give up on Bernie.


Clinton was thoroughly unmasked last night and from the expression on her face at the end of the evening, she knew it. Go Bernie!


A few observations about the debate. First I thought Bernie won on substance. Hillary when questioned about Libya threw Obama under the bus, instead of the usual praise and riding his coat tails to garner the African American votes. When she came after him hard for accepting campaign money from the NRA and how this had subsequently influenced his voting on gun issues, how can she not see that is exactly what Bernie warns about Hillary, which she denies that big corporate money will have any influence on her going forward. The last point on the tragedy of gun violence and deaths at Sandy Hook, so tragic, but how does that compare to the million deaths in Iraq, an illegal war she voted for. Go Bernie!


I think we'll see a greater contrast later today when Bernie speaks at a conference in the Vatican about a moral economy while Hillary slinks through the side door to a $300,000 a couple dinner.


A Major League pitcher gets endless TV time to pitch to a batter. A candidate for the most important job in America gets between 40 and 60 seconds ( I timed them last night ) to answer a question before being interrupted with a rude "Thank you!"


Indeed anything longer than 60 days makes me wonder who's benefitting? 2 years is dreadfully overdoing it.
HRC is not inevitable.
Feel The Bern!


I've noticed the word "surrogates" used regarding people who speak in support of
Bernie. However, Bernie says what he means and doesn't need or use surrogates unlike his opponent.


On the subject of Syria last night. Bernie sounded like another intervenionist. First he wants to get rid of Isis in Syria. Which the U.S. has no legal right to be there. AND Isis is a creation of various intelligence agencies. With the main purpose of Isis was to topple Assad. Bernie then states. After he gets rid of Isis. Then he will focus on getting rid of Assad. It sounds like the same failed regime change policys. That have created failed States and chaos in the Mideast.


She got booed but you won't see that stressed in the media. If Sanders had been booed like that we would hear about it the next day. Hillary was very autocratic which happens when people are following scripted answers they've memorized and want to get in that last point in the script so they keep on talking. The way Hillary treated the female host was really insulting. Hillary plays that she is the everywoman's candidate but she is the power elite and very far removed from ordinary women's issues. The Clinton's end welfare now threw lots of women and children off welfare as Robert Sheer mentioned this morning on Democracy Now so there is the Hillary of the elites right there.

Hillary no longer looks confident but is in full bore acting mode. She is only confident of having the media's help and no longer feels that she has the support of most Americans. She knows that if it were an election between her and Bernie that the majority of independent voters would throw the election to Bernie. She knows that more Americans would want Bernie.


"Clinton defends her role in Libya:"

In all fairness, I don't think it was Hillary that originated the decision to implement these murderous policies in Libya, and other places. She just contentedly took her marching orders from Obama, and he takes his from his "advisors".

It's these "advisors", such as The Council on Foreign Relations - a private, non-governmental think tank - and the Bilderberg Conference - a gathering of leading capitalists from around the world - that decide how the world will be managed in the near future. It is these organizations that really call the shots.

The Council on Foreign Relations may be thought of as the domestic facilitator of the Bilderberg Conference decisions.


It seems like she did way too much talking. I hardly got to hear Bernie talk. She also likes to twist things that he says. She was blaming him for Sandy Hook?


Wiki leaks recently revealed. That regime change in Libya. Was about the fact that Gaddafi was changing to the gold standard. And Hillary was behind this plan of regime change in Libya.
I would of like to of seen Bernie mention this at last night's debate.


Where's that character who earlier in the week was touting Hillary's Yale debating skills to the detriment of poor Bernie who only graduated from the University of Chicago? Bernie made every important disticntion in last evening's debate. And making distinctions is key, in life and debates. He called the questioner out on his false narrative that Bernie started the she/he is not competent brohaha, he made the proper distinction that being fair in the Middle East doesn't mean being anti-Israel, he tied her in knots over the $15.00 minimum wage, he couldn't get her to answer the question about raising the cap on Social Security, he cornored her on a carbon tax, and on and on. Yes, the lady from Yale showed her stuff, legedermain, evasions, and "seems to bees," quite an unmasking. If Bernie's campaign has done nothing else it has unmasked the entire faux liberal establishmet as phony.


Most of the time, Hillary Clinton was unable to answer the specific questions that were asked of her.

Q: Madame Secretary, is your husband named Bill?

A: Well let's see, I won my first senate campaign in the year 2000 while we were still living in the White House. . .

Q: Yes, but is your husband named Bill?

A: As I was saying, and then we never had to really move to New York because as you know, being a Senator is a full-time job...


Yes, I had to turn them off. Mankiewiecz does not belong, and the others were not much better.


That wasn't guilt it was first a smirk and then it was concern only about how that would go over with the public.


What do you expect it's Soros funded.


It did seem Wolf rephrased questions to favor Hillary and to let her run on and on but that happened with the media in every debate. Bernie seems to get short changed on time because they let her run on and then cut him short before he was able to finish the sentence. Wolf was the worst though of any media mouths about cutting off the summing up sentence. It was very noticeable last night in the way he did that so often to Bernie.


"(Strangely, neither CNN or any other outlet has yet isolated the clip of this exchange.)"

Do people still think that media oligopolies can give millions to Clinton and not expect anything in return?

A couple of days ago while I was getting my teeth cleaned, the hygienist said that she didn't think such corporate "contributions" would affect her decision making. I couldn't argue with her because my mouth was full of sponges and saliva ejector. Plus I didn't want to antagonize her while she was in possession of sharp instruments.

Denial is not a river in Egypt.