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Contrived Chaos and States of Confusion


Contrived Chaos and States of Confusion

Randall Amster

There has been a lot of analysis suggesting that the executive-level politics we’re seeing play out right now are about incompetence or irrationality. The psychology of the President himself has been called into question, with bizarre public performances and blatant falsities being propagated, mirroring that of others in the Administration. To those accustomed to the presidency (irrespective of ideology) requiring certain levels of comportment, decency, and accountability, this moment can be dizzying and even terrifying.


Hegel is giggling in his grave.
(Or perhaps just rolling from one side to the other.)


"Contrived chaos and States of Confusion" also serve to distract us from boatloads of regressive and sinister legislation the GOP Congress and GOP State Governments are ready to launch.


The author seems to believe there is a method to Trumps' madness. And, that in the end, we may see an evolution in his politics.

I, for one, believe multiple personalities are at play and as time passes, one will take over.

This surely will create more Chaos and States of Confusion, for him, for us, and the rest of his presidency.

Long Live The Resistance!


I hate Donald Trump. For the obvious reasons, and because he's so full of himself he doesn't even realize he's more Bannon's puppet than Bush was Cheney's. Trump's big policy problem is that he wants to make America great again by doing business (unregulated, environment destroying, and worker killing business), but the deep state wants to make all the world America first and then do unregulated, environment destroying, and worker killing business.

Believe me that Donald Trump is serving the best interests of the 1% and their corporations right now. It will only be a matter of months before the GOP rides in on their white horses and begins impeachment proceedings against Trump. They install Pence, who appears squeaky clean, right before the midterms, guaranteeing they hold onto majorities in Congress, with the added benefit of going onto take the next two presidential elections.

There's value in this piece, because everything is a distraction from the left being able to articulate a unified democratic vision of the the future and a strategy to get there. Our fingers are literally stuck in the dykes of contrived chaos and states of confusion.


This is how abuse works. Keep your victims guessing and under stress, in reactive mode. The DNC, aka "Do Nothing Constructive" is the perfect collaborator, making all this possible. The autocratic playbook fills a massive library while real democratic strategies fit in a tiny brochure and are easy to thwart where the will is lacking. In the words of Elvis, "A little less conversation, a little more action..."


The repubs only got behind Trump after Pence was in the mix. Maybe they gambled on Trump's arrogance being immune to the heat that he would generate? Trash the regulatory framework and let a new age of robber barons take over? They were willing to go with Trump but only so long as Pence was their 'responsible looking' failsafe.

What this country is seeing is that the republicans do not believe in representative democracy. Moreover we see that the democrats are really a branch of the republicans at heart. Wealthy individuals who like most of the republican positions but whom would generally prefer a somewhat more moderate version of same.

It is like Trump and Co. are plunderers who are grabbing what they can while they can. Does Trump actually expect to stay in office four years? Doesn't look like he does. Grab the secrets and run! He doesn't need to take the money and run after all. Giving the ultra right (like Bannon) access to the deep state apparatus may be the prize. No doubt the Trump clan will be inheritors in more ways than one as well.


I'm not religious myself but I have some Wiccan friends who sent me this. It's worth a try.



When they say that they intend to "destroy the administrative state", I think they mean all of the progressive reforms of the last 120 years or so, in short, to totally destroy the New Deal, which has always
been their wet dream, to privatize and commodify everything that they can, and take us back to the "Gilded Age" in many ways.

We must unite. We must resist in every possible way. We must not compromise. This is serious!


Democrat have 30 years of this dysfunctional obstructionist chaotic and yes this is more so but if dems have learned after 30 years don't give them a break now.

They need a clear, concise, repetitive message of what they will do for the people without that hope and change ruse that got Obama elected to the oligarchy/deep state.


I certainly hope that after enduring this maniac and his group of thieves we can come out of this with a better way to put it back together. This is where progressives can make a real difference, either start a new party or replace the blue dogs in the Democratic party. The Repubs won't recover from this mess for a long time.


That was wild, Po.


The Republicans are branding themselves for life.

I'm pretty sure we'll never be able to trust any governmental agency again, but I would really be interested in knowing if the Board of Elections could tell us how many registered Republicans are changing their party affiliation after the embarrassment, namely, Donald Trump, took office.


You put a guy in the White House who doesn't read books, doesn't care about laws, knows little about any issue, and you are going to have chaos. Imagine electing a seventh grader and letting him do what he wants. That is about the state of things. Basically you have child who is a bully in the body of a man at the head of the most powerful country in the world. Inside his head hs mind must be screaming "I want, I want." And there are no adults around to tell him no. He he probably obsessed at trying to keep his relationship with Russia secret because if the secret gets out he knows he is done. So he won't release his taxes, is trying to interfere with an FBI investigation of all things, and his trying to discredit the press which is also trying to get to the bottom of the Russia thing. It's crazy.


That sounds like mission accomplished in the GOP's eyes. They want the public to not trust government so they can have private interests take control.


UnclePo, this reminded me of something I read recently on the huge group meditations that were happening during WWII. To shift the energy so to speak and get some of the big boys and girls on the other side on board to help out.

Hey, all for the greatest good I say. And let it be so!


Simply go back and re-read Mein Kampf. Trump is utilizing Hitler's "Big Lie" playbook brilliantly. The chaos will lead -- in one way or another -- to an explosion somewhere where then Americans will think they need a strong leader. In the meantime, continue to tell the same lies loudly, constantly, assuredly and many people think, "No one would lie so blatantly. There must be something I don't understand..."


Money & Power via the Fossil Fuel Industry primarily

Shock & awe blitzkrieg multi directional attacks on the people

Yet to Come:
Storm troopers forming....to suppress people....they certainly aren't really for the quiet border.


I actually thought after Bush no one would be too willing to vote in another Republican but memories are short.


It seems more like we've been stuck in a repeating loop. People have been "on the verge of an awakening" at least since Reagan. Many did conclude that the Obama years represented our last chance to pull the "masses" together, to push back against (what meets the definition of) fascism. It didn't work.

Trump merely represents the next inevitable step of what began with the "Reagan Revolution." The years since Reagan have been dedicated to deeply dividing the "masses" by class, race, and ideology, ensuring that the masses couldn't unite to push back this time. Congress and the Supreme Court at least appear to have ceded their authority.

Trump is just the figurehead of a fascist (by definition) wing that has slowly been rising in power, increasingly dominating our politics and policies, assuming significant "influence" over the media in the process. We hear all the old familiar calls for impeachment, knowing it's not going to happen. What everything comes down to, at the proverbial end of the day: How many people could risk losing their jobs by "rising up," knowing there's nothing to fall back on?