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“Controversial Guy” Gets Stopped, Hassled at The Airport


“Controversial Guy” Gets Stopped, Hassled at The Airport

Leonard Pitts Jr.

Shaun King is a controversial guy.

As an activist and journalist, he’s been prominent in the Black Lives Matter movement, defended the Palestinians, and attacked the Republican Party, On Monday, apparently as a result of his politics, King was briefly detained at JFK Airport by an agent of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol while returning home from Egypt.


COINTELPRO never stopped.
The"pro business" democrats call this a "conspiracy" theory


“Shaun King is a controversial guy.”

As has been historically so with the US, perspective is very defining. Outside looking in or the inside looking out. Morality and justice go in one direction, controversial as that is to some people’s perspective.


Sounds like they were trying to intimidate him.


This story makes me angry, and it should make everyone who reads it angry as well. Mr. King is an American Citizen. He has the right to criticize his Government. They have no right to single him out for harassment and persecution! This metastasizing, Orwellian security state is getting out of hand.


It is a point system. Travel to certain countries. Acquire certain languages. Have or had access to corporate or government information. Have an unusual name. Minority. Using press to spread certain deas. In the wrong place at the wrong time. Express certain opinions. Accuse the goverment of certain things.

Look at that terrorist list, few ever did anything illegal. Thousands. Oh, wait, you can’t look at it.

Best wishes to you and your family, Mr. Pitts.


Sorry, best wishes to you and your family, Mr. King.


Capitalism is crumbling so the watchers wanna instill some fear!


So sorry they tried to intimidate you! We all support you. Talk with your Congress members.
Good luck.