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Convicted for Protesting Jeff Sessions is No Laughing Matter


Convicted for Protesting Jeff Sessions is No Laughing Matter

Tighe Barry

On May 1st, I stood on trial for having “greeted” Jeff Sessions in Congress before the start of his confirmation hearing in January. I was convicted along with my fellow activists, Lenny Bianchi and Desiree Fairooz. We each face up to $2,000 in fines,12 months in prison, or both. The sentencing will take place on June 21st.

"Unless we rise up and demand our first amendment right to dissent, then the joke will be on the American people."


We the 'Sane' People of America are with you Tighe.

Sessions is small man with a small mind that is neither morally, spiritually, intellectually, or constitutionally qualified for the position he has been given.

His time will come.

We must never allow our right to speak freely be taken away.

"Give me liberty, or give me death." ~Patrick Henry


The Third Reich had Goebbels; the Fourth Reich has Sessions. Tighe: I suggest we take up a collection to pay your fine and attorney's fees.


I'll certainly be watching to see how the sentences are applied. With those in power now, the penalties could be stiff as authoritarians use their iron fist approach for all sorts of malfeasance. The fact that several states are trying to make protests, even peaceful ones, a crime is just inviting violence to break out and the govt will crack down, literally. Just look at historical records and all the head cracking and shootings by those in authority. I guess the loss of civil rights and freedom is all part of "making America great again". And by god even if we have to crack heads and shoot more of those pesky protesters, we'll do it, says Sessions.


And give me a petition to sign.


Agree! Good for you protestors. This is right out of a dystopian sci-fi novel.


Give me a Freaking Break.

We have Freedom of Speech or we Don't!


"Unless we rise up and demand our first amendment right to dissent, then the joke will be on the American people."

Maybe if we show up armed to the teeth like the Tea Party does...


Thank you, Tighe, for your words and other actions. Until a lot more people are willing to walk out on "business as usual"(permanently!) and voluntarily join all those who have been involuntarily marginalized by the social predators, the predators will continue to be empowered to take all they can get. I pray that you won't end up in prison.


Right: Freedom of assembly, freedom to redress grievances are written in our constitution. The pipsqueak who will soon be wearing a tinfoil hat has apparently not read it.


The right to laugh at what is patently absurd should come even before free speech. The funny bone cannot be controlled and ridiculousness needs to be laughed at with the strongest gufaws possible.


Joke prosecution. I can see maybe a small fine for disrupting an official hearing, but 12 months in jail is preposterous and I don't know the relevant laws. Good thing our upstanding president is all above board, right?


As always, thank you for your nicely attuned actions and words! It's a well written & compelling piece. One possible correction, however: To the credit of the North Dakota legislature, I don't believe they passed that stupid proposed law permitting folks to run over peaceful protesters. I was corrected on that score myself when I visited Standing Rock in February. - Jim Schulman


They'll look at us the way they looked at the Black Panthers a half century ago.