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Conviction of Loujain al-Hathloul in Saudi Arabia Condemned as 'Blatant Attack on the Most Basic Human Rights'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/28/conviction-loujain-al-hathloul-saudi-arabia-condemned-blatant-attack-most-basic


And H Bush cut a deal to protect these assholes in exchange for cheap oil! American greed, the addiction that never stops taking away.


A great hero who fought a good fight. Saudi Arabia is beyond my comprehension, as are many parts of my own country.


The Saudi monarchy and all the petty Gulfie despotisms need to be overthrown.

Isn’t it funny how America’s Christian dominionists want to establish a religious based republic, much like the oily Sunni Wahabbists have founded in the Saudi kingdom?


Meanwhile, elsewhere in dystopia…


The Mayflower was a Wahhabi cult.

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Rather than seeking to influence these backward regimes toward more progressive and humanist policies, we instead reliably elect vermin who seek to learn from them the art of suppression and dictatorship, as if they were a shining example of what America could ideally become.


Yes, but long before Bush, Nixon the convicted criminal who was pardoned by Ford, cut the deal with the Saudi’s to replace the gold standard $ with the petro- dollar and that is the reason every POTUS since has been in the pocket of the egregious, Saudi, regime.


How can the US remain sucking up to this regime that oppresses HALF OF ITS PEOPLE?

Who voted for them? Who put them there? What give them the right?

They need to have the right to determine their own government, and not get our help (and jobs) to prop up despots.

Only half- the US oligopoly oppresses most our citizenry for financial and power reasons. Naturally they don’t have problems with the Saudi’s as long as they are pumping oil and supporting apartheid Israel.

She’ll be out in two months that is amazingly less than what I expected from a regime that is fond of public beheadings. It appears they have felt the heat and are trying to not look so heinously horrible. Reason to keep up pressure on our congress critters to dump the Saudi royal savages-that’s not an ethnic racial slur, it’s behavioral.

On the other hand, if Assange ends up in Alexandria his expected treatment(incarceration) may be much longer. But since his case is so flagrantly unconstitutional he may fair better in US courts, than that British kangaroo court. If the MSM will wake up they will put on a full court press to support him; as his case means most of the investigative reporters who deal with national security are, as lawyers say “exposed”.

George W was business partners with one, a Bin Laden in a failed air line.

Somehow, like Granpa’s close relationship with Germany’s Nazi party (until sometime in late 1941) and GATS, they almost completely kept that out of the media.

Wow, just wow…

Hi Unmentionables:
That was very astute, and very funny too.

Hopefully all their oil will be gone soon and then they will be ignored and return to their ancient desert ways, where people were actually treated better than they are now. : (

But our noble Liberal Elites push to overthrow Maduro and Morales as ‘dictators’ all the while sucking up to the Saudis. Guess that’s what happens when your ‘morality’ is conditional upon your personal energy portfolio.

Yet another example of male leadership run amok.

If you can afford one and if they meet your needs please get an electric vehicle and switch your electric carrier to one with a renewable portfolio (Green Mountain and Arcadia come to mind). EVs powered by PVs are pro environment, pro justice, pro national security.

I think the reasons are almost infinite. Not limited, sorry.