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Cooperation Humboldt and the Solidarity Economy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/22/cooperation-humboldt-and-solidarity-economy


As of this writing only 52 coronavirus cases have been reported in Humboldt County, CA. 50 have recovered and two are currently hospitalized and no deaths. Something must be working.


So far most coastal counties from Humboldt north through Oregon, Washington and into British Columbia have had minimal COVID impact because they have been discouraging tourism and the coastal tourism season doesn’t usually get going until May.

Hopefully they will stay the course until the curve bends down.


Yeah, because that seems to be working out so well.

Humboldt! WOOT! Cheers to the home team!!!

Cooperation Humboldt. Cooperation Jackson. Transition Towns.

These and many others are wonderful examples of developing local collective self-reliance and resilience. Good lessons for us all to learn from.

In some places the context facilitates implementation easier than in others.

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