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'Coordinated Homophobic Attack' on Alex Morse Denounced as Progressive Challenger Falls Short of Ousting Corporate Rep. Richard Neal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/02/coordinated-homophobic-attack-alex-morse-denounced-progressive-challenger-falls

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Three whole successful primary challenges by “progressive” Democrats.
As Ed Markey noted, the Age Of Incrementalism is alive and well.

Ready for worse than Trump in 2024? Fasten your seat belts.


Okay, being the resident centrist here, I will say this:

Generally I don’t care much about progressive/establishment challenges, but had the scandal been true to how it was initially reported, I would be celebrating Morse’s loss as a victory of basic decency over blind adherence to platform.

Now though, it feels like an ill-gained win. Square, but not fair.

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Did you mean that Markey said “the age of incrementalism IS over” as he actually said, or are you disagreeing? Your comment is confusing.

I’m thinking Biden may win in 2020 and then his “centrist” incrementalism will be wholly inadeduate, and then Trump or someone worse (as you indicate) will run and have a very good chance of winning in 2024.


I did a little editing on Markey’s comment.
To make it a better reflection of reality.

I don’t think Biden is going to beat Trump.
But I think the d-party has achieved its two big goals this cycle so they don’t really care:
They crushed Bernie and any progressive movement.
They’re raising record amounts of cash.

For us, Biden’s fade will be even worse when McConnell remains in charge of the Senate. Yet for the Ds, who will remain positioned to pass decent legislation in the House knowing that it’ll never see the light of day in a Senate they don’t control, it’s all good – the “bait and switch” kabuki show will play on schedule.

And for the d-party honchos, beyond the slapdown delivered to progressives, all that corporate donor money, and the opportunity to carry on with the charade of fighting for us, there’s one more bonus: They’ll be able to blame their loss on radical hippies who looted and rebelled instead of continuing to peacefully “be patient” and “let the process of incrementalism play out.”


The solution is not very palatable, but it is necessary. Progressives must DEMAND that ANY candidate or incumbent we vote for not take A DIME of corporate or wealthy person money, period. They do not have us over a barrel, we do have the choice to not vote for that office and will LET THEM LOSE, and keep doing so, until we can force all of them out of office. That begins this year, I urge every progressive in the MA First to leave that ballot space blank, as well as the Presidential line, and make sure the corporate tools running the party know we are coming for them, and Daddy Warbucks can’t save them much longer. It’s pretty much assured that Neal will get one more term, but he, and Nancy and Co., need to feel our hot breath on their necks. Who know, maybe if enough disgusted voters in that district refuse to bend the knee, Neal might lose, and then progressives can bring Morse back in 2022 for the win.


Regardless the closet trump supporter crowd, there was not any opposition to Neal’s corporate DP whoredom in the past and the prospect of Neal’s defeat and progressive-voter growth is likely/hopefully near as evidence seems to show.
On the one hand it is postulated 4 more years of trump & co is “better” for “real” change than biden to smash the DP/DNC right-wing domination, while any third party support is minimized or scoffed-at.

Blatant support for trump & co as the supposed catalyst for “real” change seems as unlikely as biden really changing the status quo - but…I think trumps extremist destruction of so damn much for another 2-4 years and we are all fuckin barbecue along with Mother Earth, and the obtuse pro-trump arguments vs bidens promise that “nothing will change” are very dangerous false equivalencies, IMO…

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I wouldn’t doubt it considering elections must be bought now, not just run locally.

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We can’t relinquish anything to the greedy, racist party. They will thrive better on any quarter given.


I am interested in anyone that calls themselves centrist. I look at decades of stagnating wages for most, massive and growing inequality, crumbling infrastructure, systemic corruption, a preponderance of low quality jobs, the most inefficient and deadly (and worst according to many studies) in the developed world, and an environmental crisis that could bring down civilization. There is no realistic way to deal with that without radical changes. You look at politics and think everything is fine. I don’t get people calling themselves centrist without establishing if they are in the center of popular opinion on issues, which people that call themselves centrist are not. Can you explain though why you think things should largely stay the same? It can’t be said that so called incremental change leads to progress, cause the data shows things getting progressively worse. Just curious, since you a here.


Perhaps I should clarify what I mean by “Centrist.” By national standards, I probably am not a centrist - steadfast Democrat, favor strict gun control, wants much higher taxation of the wealthy and financial regulations, and definitely want stronger action on climate change. However, when it comes to the progressive and moderate wings within the Democratic party, I definitely sympathize more with the moderate wing. I have no desire to overturn monuments to founding fathers, can tolerate privatized healthcare for the time being, can accept 3c or lower warming, and above all am willing to compromise ideals in the name of large political success. (Ideals are nothing without power) By Common Dream’s standards, that is centrist.

So on health care, you are not a centrist per @JoanRobinson’s definition since roughly speaking 2/3 of the US and a big majority of Democrats favor M4A. I think you should be asking yourself if you are mistaken on that one.

Don’t bring up overturning statues in a conversation that should be 100% on policy. It makes you look like you are concentrating on very peripheral matters.


Well, some of your stances would be considered right wing in any other developed country and I regard being indifferent to privatized healthcare no different than a Canadian citizen or a citizen of Scotland would. The private, multi-payer nature is why the healthcare system is so horribly inefficient and will remain so. And you can say you are fine with that, but you can’t dodge the real world impact of the system or tying healthcare to a job. So, you are also okay (or at least okay enough that you remain indifferent) to the up to 70,000 dead a year because of this system, the up to half a million driven into bankruptcy, job lock and the large amount more most individuals and the country pays into this rotten system. And you remain indifferent even during this pandemic.

We have a full blown environmental crisis, of which carbon is just one issue to deal with. The species extinction rate is thousands of times the natural rate, deforestation, spil erosion, massive issues in regards to plastic waste and waste overall, the ocean being free of fish at current rates in decades, ocean acidification, among countless other things. Markets not only cannot address those issues, they are the key reason why there is an environmental crisis.

I don’t have the energy to touch on the statue issue. Was just curious.


Their conglomerate media spoon-fed “affluent” white folk the comforting illusion that they’re “normal” (granted, media was by 1%, for & about 9% urban liberals; with us working class, minority or single female stereotypes, relegated to ABC sitcoms, with laugh tracks to show us how amusing we were?) Just think of the genius behind IRA & 401k? Skin in the game scam: suppressing wages, privatization of public sector and off-shoring of unionized blue-collar jobs (Archie Bunker, Laverne, Shirley or Al Bundy’s deaths o’ disparity?)






Lots of grammatical errors. What happens when typing on a phone on the fly.

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Good effort, Mayor Morse. Try again in 2022. You’ll have a much better chance and will likely win.


Did mayor Cheat Buttigieg endorse Morse?
I can’t find any info saying he did.

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Thank YOU…

There were roughly 27K folks, here in NYC, who learned ALL about why VERY few could, “tolerate privatized healthcare for the time being” since March? Some of them were pretty damn smug, that only POOR folks would suffer from what the FIRE Sector & PhARMA had done to US preparedness to cope with our new concensus reality, media hides from us?

“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” Paul Romer





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I take it you are neither Black nor Indigenous.

Thankfully, many disagree with you and don’t recognize the so called “founding” fathers—on stolen land and lives all while holding a bible under one armpit and a rifle and some rope under the other. But I would further argue that it is not simply the eradicationof all racist iconography but the damned exploitive system that made these crimes possible in the first place that must be destroyed once and for all.

Read Edward Baptist book on this, The Half That Has Never Been Told., A Little Matter of Genocide, Ward Churchill; Dunbar-Ortiz’s book, An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States along with Vine DeLoria, Custer Died For Your Sins


It does not help when CD does not let one edit caught mistakes as I have just tried.

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