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'Coordinated Strategy-Du-Jour'? Trump Claims Media Not Reporting Terror Attacks


'Coordinated Strategy-Du-Jour'? Trump Claims Media Not Reporting Terror Attacks

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Whether it is the "coordinated strategy-du-jour" or just more "alternative facts," U.S. President Donald Trump's claim Monday that the media is conspiring not to report on terror attacks has left many observers "speechless."

Speaking to military leaders at the U.S. Central Command and Special Operations Command headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, Trump expounded on the threats posed by the Islamic State, or ISIS.


How very Mussolini-like...clarion completely false statements to fill the ignorant masses with fear and exercise a very childish attempt to validate in a very bizarre way, the evil emperor's illegal, unconstitutional, immoral execution order targeting people of the Muslim faith from seven countries for refusal of entry to the US while giving precedence to Christian followers. He is so effing juvenile, dangerous, and out of control with a deep dark penchant for punishing any and all who thwart his highness.


Trump understands his white nationalist/supremacists out there in the hinterlands need a constant supply of fear from him to maintain their state of paranoia about Muslims. The media certainly helped George W Bush in his drive for war but they do not seem to be doing the same for Trump, probably because unlike Bush they can see right through Trump and understand that his only game in lying. Bush fooled the media but to the media Trump just looks like a fool.


Do not get "news" from You-Tube or Facebook or biased, self-created organizations created to disseminate opinion pieces (and garner tax write-offs) based on "investigations" and "interviews" conducted to validate suppositions and said opinions...even though they may be well-intentioned.


Let's put this in context. He made the claim to the leaders of Centcom and Special Operations. Who would be in a better position to know if this was true? Really, their disciplined show of respect for a superior(!!) officer must have been strained to the limit. All he did was wedge his tiny little foot into his tiny little mouth.


Hey, master prevaricator, the WMD lie has already been used and the only building that might elicit a terrorist attack would be Trump Tower. Better go hunker down in your bunker now where you will not be able to tweet your twisted tantrums but you might be safe (or not) from all those boogey men and hoards of people around the world whose deep hatred you have evoked,


Barely could stand reading what he said. This is going to suck. He's setting all us up for a social distortion that our country hasn't seej in awhile. With American education, noone will be prepared to fight the "police man in their head". Well, knew tgis was going to happen sooner or later after 9/11. Just was hoping i would have been in the grave by the time it was going to happen. Oh well, maybe our Children's children will have a better life, because that's se alive today and the next generation are screwed. Everyone is going to get paranoid very soon.


There's Bowling Green, of course. Apparently a complete cover-up, beautiful, fantastic, by the dishonest media.

This guy is out of touch with reality. When is the Republican leadership going to move to get rid of him before something really horrible happens? This is starting to be less funny every day.


Goodtimes77 is speaking the truth, I think the "iron is hot" and we need to maintain a strong coalition as a community to insist on non-establishment rule. It is not enough to simply depose Trump and his cabinet, we need to install actual leadership for the people, not for the fascists, and not for the corporations. democrats and republicans should have to fight for their offices against a people's candidate in every district at every level.

And any republicans who are tired of their parties bull shit should start their own run for office, most of you live in rural communities where you could probably talk to just about everyone pretty easily, and you don't need to know everything, just need to be honest and interested in listening to peoples ideas,and then you get to pick what you think is the fairest. And if you lose the election you have still won, because elected official should have to work for it.


All of the traits of malignant narcissism.


I do not have full cable access that includes MSN and get my news from proven credible, fact-based sources.in the US and around the world and am fully aware of US incursions and use of force worldwide. Since WWII and the creation of the military-industrial complex (marrying national interests with corporate greed), the monster has grown unmanageablly large and powerful. Everyone wants a piece of the action to pay for their vacation retreats and pad their retirement accounts for future comforts regardless of party (or military ranking). War expenditures and financial corruption of govt funds were far costlier under GWB in the trillion$$$ as were the costs in human lives,decimation of entire cities/towns/villiages and untold environmental destruction.


The hardest thing for a president to do is send Americans into harms way in war. And seeing the caskets come home is very difficult for a president. I don't think either political party likes war, not only because how awful war is but it often costs them politically. Think about LBJ and George W. Bush. Wars cannot be controlled and when things go bad and the president is blamed. Trump is already getting blamed for a botched action in Yemen.


Our so-called President is deranged.


I'll bet the military leaders were surprised to learn of terrorist attacks all over the world, all the time. I'll bet some are thinking about ways to help him out of that office. He's a lunatic but a dangerous one. He has a deal with the devil.
He hands over control of domestic issues to the Republican religious right and he gets to be the dictator. What a deal, he likes deals.
This is a fight for this country and it has been coming for a while.
By harnessing the passions and paranoia, of the religious right and their need for a patriarch he has shoe horned his way into the White House. He is attacking every agency that can check his outrageous behavior. including the judicial. Wtf is it going to take to stop this coup?


Nope Climate Change will make sure they won't get a peaceful life, if not outright extinction.


This seems like perfect excuse to justify a false flag attack. Be afraid folks, not for brown skinned Middle Eastern people but for the orange skinned manchild that now has dominion over us.


I am at the point where I have no idea if rump is a master propagandist or just going all cookoo nuts on us right in front of our eyes.


Hey you are correct. It is sick. Our total existence is based on war. How can the citizens be sane? Half of the taxes they pay goes into killing others. Churches are everywhere and its not like we do not have enough pedophiles from churches to set the moral standards. "Thou shall not kill." No one pays any attention. Nobody talks about it. People turn away avoiding responses. Go out in public, look around and every citizen worker you see hires killers to kill for them. Men, women, children. Its what it means to be an American.


Wow Naive?


I certainly hope our military leaders are watching very closely the nonsensical way in which Donald Trump works, and more specifically, how his mind works. Or doesn't work. In my 65 years, I have never seen anyone who lies as much and actually believes his own lies, like Donald Trump. With the power of the Nuclear Trigger, and the power to Crack down on freedom of speech, I hope there is a military man close by in possession of a sidearm, prepared to stop any Madman that would abuse his power, to hurt others. Our military is our military. The president may be the Commander in Chief of the military, however, the president is our employee elected to serve the people, which makes the military obligated to serve the people as well. I know military who concur.