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'Coordinated Strategy-Du-Jour'? Trump Claims Media Not Reporting Terror Attacks

I fear that Trump will not give a damn about the dead. It is not the 1% dying so who cares?


The country turned thumbs down on Pat Robertson’s presidential bid, but now we are stuck with Trump.
Talk about going from the fire into the volcano. I think it has to do with the way the media gave a free pass
to Trump. He was protrayed as entertaining and different, not as the corrupt idiot that he is.


Chump sez: “And in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it. They have their reasons, and you understand that.”

Perhaps ‘they’ saw the treatment accorded Chelsea Manning for ‘reporting terror attacks’.

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i can’t remember voting for anybody who said they liked war.

Hillary Clinton said war is the last resort. I think that states the position of the Democratic Party. The Republican Party has moved so far to the right that it is now totally irrational and may be crazy enough to want war to sell weapons. Anything goes with that crew of extremists.

Didn’t you just KNOW that the CIA and NSA were recording the media’s conspiracy to de-beak “Tweety-bird”? “He tawt he taw a orange teeny twit”

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Of course, keep the pressure on the Dems also, totally agree. I just am tired of the constant Hillary this and Hillary that. She’s gone, kaput, finished, out to pasture. Focus on the real threat of rump and the extremist repubs.


Or maybe the media is just mad at the way Trump has been abusing them and calling them liars, which they often are. The media doesn’t ever seem very concerned with the truth any more (most of the media at any rate) and they are fine with going along with any line of propaganda if the oligarchy is happy with it. Hopefully, Trump is causing a break in the ranks of the overlords.

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That talk about Hillary being “evil” is nonsensical. She was a standard, rather dull status quo US politician focused above all on stability of our institutions, alliances and business practices. Trump is clearly a sociopath intent on causing any kind of chaos or disaster just to make a big deal of himself. To continue at this point to equate Hillary with Trump is to play into the hands of our new dictator.

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As it is now, it has always been.

This is end stage capitalism. Trump is just the right agent to deliver the wealth of this entire nation into the hands of the 1%. He’s part of a malevolent force to strip of us our still imperfect democracy. That is the coordinated strategy, of which Trump plays the stooge, while the Republican leadership is very close to permanently owning a government capable of turning our Constitution into a fascist screed.

It’s hard not to laugh, cry, and cringe at Trump’s outlandish behavior. Remember he’s just the sideshow, and fight like hell for authentic participatory democracy–the only antidote for fascism.

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Trump is correct. The US commits terror attacks left and right (I read where the Obama administration dropped bombs at an average of about 1 per 20 minutes for eight years). Yet I don’t see much reportage of this carnage the US leaves in it’s wake.



The use of chemical weapons in Vietnam and two atomic weapons in WWII by Democratic administrations doesn’t do much to support the fallacious anti-war stance of the Democratic Party, either.

It’s okay to support one Party or another, but it’s not okay to ignore wrongdoing, no matter which Party a person supports. Democrats saying one thing and doing another is why the Party is in such disarray. If you support the Democratic Party, make it better by calling out their lies and making them practice what they preach. The Republican Party certainly does.

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I think it’s just too hard to cover Trump in a both-sides-do-it type way. How do you sound neutral or balanced when you’re getting leaks from the White House that the president stays up all night, watches cable, rants about polls, and talks about White House decor when bored? Or his administration says the news doesn’t cover terror attacks? Or his doctor says he’d really on several different medications and is not as healthy as he himself said during the campaign? I mean, it’s all complete bullshxt and everyone can see it. The problem is his supporters seem not to care.

But the orange man with yellow hair on tv says otherwise. Ok, jk. Yea, peace is going to be highly subjective pretty soon i think.

Don’t forget, Democrats are the Party of slavery. And Republicans are the Party of Lincoln. Time it seems does not march on in your world.

Yay Trump!

The parties have not yet showed themselves in opposition when it comes to empire and foreign policy. It is never really on the ballot. Few candidates or office holders have personally taken a definitively anti imperialist stand. Bernie would not be one. I do not take from that an equivalency between the parties or that individual candidates and office holders, including Bernie, do not offer significant and important differences on a wide range of vital issues, foreign and domestic.

Luegen presse?

Time does march on in my world and yours. Both parties have shifted philosophically since the days of Jefferson and Lincoln. Your argument is specious. What never changes among men in power is the thirst for war, and apparently the Democratic Party, then and now, is more willing to go to war or is more easily manipulated into it by the Republican Party.