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Cop Arrested for Murder After Video Shows Him Shooting Man in Back


Cop Arrested for Murder After Video Shows Him Shooting Man in Back

Jon Queally, staff writer

A white police officer in South Carolina was placed under arrest and charged with murder for the shooting death of an unarmed black man on Tuesday after video surfaced of the shooting which showed the victim being shot in the back multiple times as he attempted to flee the scene of an altercation.


The amazing thing is that where this is playing on youtube, I can guarantee you that many of the viewers (white and USAn of course) will be commenting that what the cop did was fully justified becasue he was running away and, well, what else should the guy have expected to happen if he ran away from a cop? And what else is a cop to do of someone is running away from him?

I’m still quite skeptical the cop will get convicted of anything…

The only thing more vile that USAn pigs are the white USAns who treat these fascist thugs with complete god-like obsequiousness.

Get me out of this hellhole.


It’s a long way before justice is done. There will be a trial, and you can bet the prosecutor is a pal of the cops. Or, maybe a trial: first, the Grand Jury, which will do whatever the prosecutor asks.


This can’t be fixed.

All layers of government in the US condone this criminal cop behavior. Because a good video showing the planting of evidence has surfaced, Federal Attorney General Eric Holder has to go through the motions and pretend to investigate this, but he already knows the score: Killing unarmed civilians is what this government does for sport.

“This is just how we roll” - Barack Obama on the collateral damage done to the innocent.

And the contempt for common citizens “trickles down” to every cop at the local level as well.


Our world is full of hate. We are divided as a nation. Right now somewhere in American someone is defending or justifying what the police officer did. Not because of there affinity towards cops but cause of their hatred of black folks. The Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hanitys of the world will twist and distort to there audience. Their audience will repeat what they heard and the cycle will continue… Thrus our society will sink closer to the point of no return. It is said that evil wins when good people remains silent. Listen carefully and you will hear the crickets


This is murder! Many years ago, I was a reserve police officer. One of the many things we had to learn was that it was not permissible to shoot at someone who was running away from us! One reason was that errant shots could injure or kill an innocent bystander. The second reason was that it was thought that the suspect could most likely be apprehended alive, and stand trial if he were guilty. Today it seem as if the police seem very trigger happy, recently mowing down a man who was walking towards them with a screwdriver (two cops shot him!), and school resource officers tasering young children who throw temper tantrums! Our police have in fact become another army, what with the military weapons they’ve acquired in the last two decades! Time for some changes!


These cops are 100 percent out of control , the result of a culture of impunity for the “ruling class”.

111 people died at the hands of the Police in the USA in the month of MARCH alone. In the United Kingdom , over some 115 years the police killed 52 people.

This in the nation that was born in a Revolution claiming they lived under tyrants. I hear nary a peep from those Politicians and radio talk show hosts and other such blowhards who worship the “founding fathers” and the constitution when it comes to these Police State tactics.

An American is 500 times more likely to be killed by a Policeman in the USA than in the UK. Would any sane individual live in a neighborhood where one was 500 times more likely to be murdered than one a city away , and I am sorry but those that would rally around this police officer who has murdered, just as those would would rally around the troops that have murdered are part of the problem as well and in fact play a very large role in this “Culture of Impunity”



I’ve read that the victim had a warrant out for his arrest on a family law matter. So that explains the fleeing. He didn’t want to wind up in a South Carolina jail. UPDATE: the witness who took the video said in the Washington Post today:

The bystander who shot the cellphone video and gave it to the Scott family told NBC News on Wednesday night that Scott appeared to be running away from the Taser when he was shot.

“I remember the police [officer] had control of the situation. He had control of Scott, and Scott was trying just to get away from the Taser. You can hear the sound of the Taser.” Feidin Santana told the network.

The shooting seems to be mutating into standard practice in the USSA as the penalty applied for disobeying a police officer. “How Dare You! Bang Bang Bang…” Fergeson, Mo was the same thing.

What is interesting in this video, to me, is the coverup. First, the murderer goes back 50 yards or so, and picks up something and walks back to the victim and drops what looks like his long, rectangular taser gun next to the body. A request for “a kit behind the pawnshop” by the murderer could mean ‘get an illegal firearm or drugs to plant on the corpse’. Next, a black police officer shoots the corpse at close range with a quiet silver gun which makes almost no noise, presumably to get a black gunpowder residue cloud on the corpse, to make it appear that the shooting happened at close range, in line with the murder’s claim that “he feared for his life as the perp tried to kill him with his own taser gun.”

Of course, as we all know, the victim was actually running fast away, and shot a long ways away from the officer. This video puts a lightened circle on the planted object by the officer:


This has happened many times in the past, when It was not caught on video and unfortunately, it will continue, many times in the future. So disgusting, I have no words!


Over on HuffPo there are commenters seriously arguing that the police officer was completely justified because he’d tried to take his taser.

I’ve been wanting to say this when I read about the Boston Bombing trial. You wouldn’t want me on a jury because I will NOT believe anything a police officer or DA or anyone considered a state expert tells me. Their telling it to me makes me believe it is more likely to NOT be true than true. I do not find any credibility in anything these people say.

Yet for some reason I still enjoy watching “Blue Bloods.” But I know that’s fiction. The reality is the opposite. I do not trust any of them.


I agree with you. What I’ve been thinking is that all cops should wear the body cameras and if the crime is not filmed, then any evidence they collected is inadmissible. If they are involved in a shooting and the body camera is off, then they get automatically brought up on manslaughter charges. If someone claims brutality and the video was conveniently off, they are automatically guilty, immediately lose their job and the victim wins a default judgement of millions. These aren’t isolated incidents; misconduct is part of police culture.

We need to put the burden of proof on them to the point where even the perception of misconduct has severe consequences. The benefit of the doubt should always go to the people.

We have given the police and prosecutors too much power. It’s time to realize that they can’t be trusted and strip it away from them. For every case of misconduct we have on video, countless more go unrecorded.

And any apologist that says not all cops and prosecutors are corrupt can save it. No one thinks that.


murdered for a tail light out … whew , cruel and unusual punishment .


Every cop in America needs to wear a camera to bring these killers back in line.


It makes me wonder what kind of society we live in. Why the hell he shot him? Didn’t find any logic. Why not run and try to catch him? Apparently that cop is himself a criminal. To shoot a man who didn’t impose any threat to him or anyone else? If we believe that even he is a criminal then why didn’t he run after him instead put him in death is very stupid and crazy act. Good thing that someone took the video otherwise he would lie to his teeth. I believe he should face the death penalty.


At what time stamp in the NYT video do you purport this to have happened? Silencers/suppressors are not actually as effective as they are portrayed in movies and TV. Even with a suppressor, a gunshot will still be around 130 db, 117 db is typically cited as the lower limit. That is still very loud, about as loud as a non-electric chainsaw at 1 m or a jet engine at 100 m. You would very clearly hear a gunshot in the video.

I mostly agree with your overall statement, but I don’t see where you are getting this part about a silver gun.


There was a recent study involving a number of police dept. now using body cameras on their police officers. That study shows a significant reduction ( 50%) reduction in complaints against Police use
of excessive force.


" I am still quite skeptical the cop will get convicted of anything".

Me too.


The cop should have been able to outrun the fat boy, there was absolutely no need to using a weapon here. Even in the WWW days shooting someone in the back would have got you hanged. I think black people ought to get there shit together and fight back like hell, non stop until victory. What have they got to lose anyway? They are getting assassinated almost daily anyway.


Flee because you are scared to death of cops, that’s a human child’s natural reaction


Disgusting. Demented. PO fired 8 shots, then commands the dying man to put his hands behind his back. PO was obviously not threatened by the man running away. How brave the person behind the smart phone was. Had the POs seen him, he might have been commanded to give them the phone; had he not, he may have been the next to die. When does a PO get convicted of murder? If justice is ever done, it should be done here. The dead man’s family should sue the department. AG Eric Holder can do one final good thing by putting the full weight of the justice department behind the civil rights of the dead man and convicting this officer (this bad actor) of murder. Lord, how many more. On the day the man who preached non-violence and spoke of the beloved community was murdered 47 years ago, we have a long way to go before we get there.