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COP21: Humanity's Last Chance Saloon


COP21: Humanity's Last Chance Saloon

Desmond Tutu, Mpho Tutu

We are in uncharted territory. Never before have representatives of the entire human family had the opportunity to sit down together and collectively change the trajectory of our species and our earth.

Leaders of the world’s nations gathered for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference this week will (for the first time in 21 years of United Nations climate negotiations) seek to achieve a universal, legally binding and enforceable agreement on climate change. Their goal is to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels.


"We know that God has given us new ways of generating electricity from the sun and the wind and the oceans."

Yep, those pathetic scientists just couldn't do it...


Will humanity - will people be able to control the corporate? Will we return the priority to the majority - return to the idea that people matter more than does profit - that the health of the planet on which we all depend matters more than does the excess of wealth of a very few?

Last chance saloon? Seems like that after that is the Twilight Zone, dear Reverend. How fearsome a gift is our free will though many will babble about why God doesn't stop global warming or even others who will blame God for what we choose to do.
In this fight God is on our side - humanity - but whether all of us humans are on the same side remains to be determined.

God bless the planet Earth and all those who would save it.

BTW doesn't anyone else wonder at the timing of the terrorist attacks in Paris? The forces of destruction and chaos do not want unity even against global warming. Another case where fundamentalism is ungodly and blind to reality.


You have a right to your opinion wiseowl but if you'll notice... It didn't add anything useful to anyone. How vain and dull that sourness is.


I can see why some might think it is a false flag but do they really think that the powers that be will order a massacre of innocents and that men will simply obey such an order without concern much less consider that they may be caught or killed? To me that is fantasy and one too many conspiracy theories under the belt! Moreover ISIS has claimed responsibility for it so how does that work?
Do people have no criticisms of the terrorists and their preference for chaos and disruption? They should because ISIS may actually prefer a doomsday future of chaos as one that favors them and hurts the industrialized west.


I think that you underestimate the strategies of destruction being used by ISIS. They are not simply reactive but are consciously trying to expand their role and influence by spreading chaos and disruption.
I cannot believe that any government would knowingly permit some maniacs to go shoot up a crowd of innocent people like in Paris.
I do believe that most governments and especially right wing politicians would exploit the incident if they can. We see that many have already done so here but that is rank cynicism after the fact and a different thing than allowing it to happen.

There are conspiracies I suppose but they are what might be better called open conspiracies of ignorance. Media consolidation happened by corruption and collusion (a conspiracy) but done more or less openly (everything except the amount of bribe money passed under the table).
Data mining and the total surveillance state is another open conspiracy etc. But the second gunman type of high importance but smaller scale secret conspiracies are very rare. False flags are too. Gulf of Tonkin was one but 9/11 was more Bush incompetence than anything else. That it was exploited is unquestioned but IMO Bush wasn't smart enough to plan it to be honest about it.
The terrorists seek chaos. They see it as a way of weakening the west... Like as if they were saboteurs.
It seems the timing was simply to disrupt unity. Chaos and fear is preferred by the terrorists


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What an amazing hypocrite you are! Your comments have shown you to be very pro meat. Your remarks have shown no empathy whatsoever for the animal kingdom. How do you get the nerve to pretend to be an environmentalist?


And you're a card-carrying advocate for the official 911 false narrative and that of finding Bin Laden in a cave, too, right?

This short video is an eye-opener:


Some agreements that need to happen for COP 21 to be determined a success.

(1) agreements must specify deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions at regular milestones leading to 2050 (e.g., 2020, 2030, 2050), not just goals set for 2050.

(2) total global commitments must leave at least 80% of the current fossil fuel reserves in the ground and plan for 100% renewable energy by 2050

(3) agreements must be binding and not voluntary

(4) developed nations (those that have had one to two centuries to industrialize using fossil fuels and are major perpetrators of climate change), led by the US, must make the most significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and resource extraction, leaving space for non-developed nations such as those in the global south to improve conditions for their peoples.

(5) developed nations should pay significantly for developing nations to improve conditions in their countries (e.g., bypassing fossil fuels and moving to renewables), in part due to their responsibility not only for global warming but also due to the poor economic legacy they have left with developing nations as a result of colonial/imperial histories.

(6) solutions must always prioritize justice and equity far ahead of corporate and national self-interest and profit. .

(7) nations cannot count holdings/actions that take place in other countries against their own climate commitments; unless they significantly improve global climate and environmental conditions and the lives of people in the 2nd country.

(8) corporations, especially the multinational ones, must agree to make significant cuts in greenhouse gases and pollution.

Time for transformation.


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Cookies, one small suggestion: Organized religion got us into this mess.


Especially the ungodly fundamentalism of US hegemony in the ME forced by deceit, greed, bullets, bombs, torture, murder, wholesale slaughter of innocents, and last but not least the direct and indirect creation, funding, arming, and protecting of US proxy against Assad, the terrorist group known as ISIS.


It's not so much "eating meat" as supporting the monstrosity of how commercial meat is produced and the environmental cost. I'm not a vegetarian, much less a vegan but I am a conscious consumer. Most of my animal protein comes from local eggs from happy free-range hens. I eat small amounts of chicken and fish but not from CFO sources.


Real CHEERIE here on the first day of COP21. Want some advice? LIGHTEN UP, Give Optimism a little TRY. And quit blaming everything and everyone else for our present circumstances . We all share some responsibility.

My opinion: Way to go Tutus.


That's fascinating.


It seems to be a forgone conclusion that there will be no legally binding treaty on emissions. So, this doesn't seem to have much to do with the actual conference being held in Paris. Also, while the stated goal is to stay below 2C the actions countries are willing to take indicate no such goal is being taken seriously. The only goal seems to be for countries do the best you can. A 2C goal requires a cap on global emissions. So far there isn't any cap. This article appears to be mostly rhetoric divorced from what is actually taking place..


The article expresses the hope that a legally binding agreement can be reached yet your crystal ball hE decided that nothing will be accomplished.

Whoopee do for you and all that you've accomplished by your put down-drag down fatalistic comment. Um exactly what does it accomplish BTW?

The days of giving up are over... It is that late in the game... Any help is welcome help as this article relates.

Yeah yeah... For you the end is nigh... Um... We have heard that before you know? What else have you got ? Anything useful...?


"Anything less than a legally enforceable treaty on carbon emissions will be to condemn our children to inheriting a disfigured world and a blighted family."

That sentence seems to express more than hope.I believe most of the countries that made pledges did so based on the assumption that it would not be legally binding. I doubt if there would have been many pledges had countries thought it would be legally binding. The lack of a legally binding agreement is what made it possible for the US to make a pledge (since the Senate would not approve a binding agreement) and probably China as well. So I think it is a positive not a negative. We need some optimism associated with voluntary pledges as we move forward. It is not what we expected ten years ago but I think we need to adopt our attitudes to the new reality of voluntary commitments.


As I understand the conference is that they will try to hammer out legally binding goals. Are you saying that this is not to be the case?