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COP21: Strong Words from Secretary Kerry, But Will the US Back Them Up?


COP21: Strong Words from Secretary Kerry, But Will the US Back Them Up?

Jamie Henn

John Kerry started his political life as a protestor against the war in Vietnam, and today in Paris he spoke with the energy of an activist, railing against climate deniers, speaking about the moral urgency of action, and thanking people around the world for leading politicians towards a clean energy future.


Putting a finger into a dam that's breaking open:

"The big announcement that went along with Kerry's speech was that the US would double our finance for adaptation by 2020 from around $400 million a year to $800 million. That's a lot of money for you and me, but it's still pennies compared to the billions that the US spends every year on subsidies for the fossil fuel industry (or military spending, for that matter)."

Until both the oil barons and the MIC are reined in, what can change?

Tossing a few dollars at systems collapse without changing THE SYSTEM is obviously a recipe for failure.

The real question, given the purposeful spread of wars, the should be illegal chokehold of companies like Monsanto over our food supply (as it's being genetically adulterated in very dangerous ways), and the absolute chemical overload of toxins impacting our food, air and water... is whether the elites have a plan for population decimation.

ONLY that conclusion can explain the blatant disregard for LIFE and living systems that takes place to sustain the unsustainable: Business as usual as run by Shock Doctrinaires with the support of LOTS of mercenaries and the firepower they command.


Jamie Henn writes as if, we transition from fossil fuels to renewables, job done. Just a matter of political will and investment.

There's way more to it than transition to renewable energy. Richard Heinberg's article today provides way more reality than this piece from 350 dot org.

We need a fundamental transformation of the economy on multiple levels, including an end to militarism and war. We're not about to get what we need from the leaders of the US political economy. So we need a mass movement and multiple kinds of grassroots action to move our own lives, our communities, and society against the grain of entrenched economic and political power.

Props to 350 dot org for all they've done, but there is a deep need to take the discussion, and the strategic campaign, to a whole 'nother level.


Laughing all the way to complete ecological and civilizational collapse.


No, i get it. Just saying, that's the reality if we don't end war.


Kerry;s call for full decarbonization by 2050 is a goal that the US should have and in theory could come close to meeting, at least with regard to electricity. But one thing that should be made clear is the US federal government doesn't have the power to do it. It would require the 50 states to also work toward that goal. What the US government can do is set a national goal and provide incentives for the states to participate. Also, a carbon tax would help. Given the politics in various states at present it is hard to be optimistic. About half the states are going to court to stop the EPA from regulation carbon emissions from power plants. The bottom line is the US government can't back up Kerry's words. It can only happen if the states are on board as well as local governments and individuals and various types of institutions and busunesses.


I think energy from renewables will help to end the oil wars and thus intervention into other peoples lands. Militarism will be at least less popular.


Yes we can.

But no we won't.


To placate about 16 too big to fail fossil fuel giants, we must spend enough money each year to buy ONLY from them fossil fuel as mineral rights to be maintain their incomes adjusted for inflation, as long as USA remains a sovereign nation with a viable economy. One would think that once USA has bought all remaining fossil fuel as mineral rights, that would be enough. But, I am not so sure. We can't just leave those fat cats in the lurch. Renewable energy is inexhaustible, and I hope a free market can sort OK who gets what from renewable energy.


When Obama or his successor signs TPP, TTIP and TISA it will not matter what anybody at COP21 said or promised. the corporate tribunals will sue whatever member government(s) attempt to enforce any actions emanating from COP21, effectively negating the value of all COP21 actions.


Certainly can't hurt, and in the long run the end of oil primacy is certain. But it works both ways: weakening the war machine hastens the end of oil, and the Pentagon is the single largest institutional producer of GHG in the USA so it's a direct cut too.

There've been other reasons for war too. We need to simultaneously work for peace, for this and multiple reasons.