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COP25, Social Movements and Climate Justice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/02/cop25-social-movements-and-climate-justice

Nice manifesto.

Now get ready for the extractive capitalists to get even more rapacious and violent.
That’s how they react to threats.

The mega-monopolies in the extractive industries know nothing else. They are in symbiotic pacing with impoverishment via IMF / WB and the financial sector. The bigger they get, the more they must lie, steal and cheat to impoverish in order to assure a virtual addiction to their squandering. Its a short circuiting of every aspect of life. The practitioners then, to somehow assuage the void in their psyche must have the rarest of the rare, the priciest of the expense - wait!! That is a psychosis ! Kinda like Weinstein delusions about abusing women hollywood style; Catholic priests sexually abusing youngsters; US administrations placing lobbyists at the helm of agencies that would regulate the corporations they represent… on and on.
In other words, the institution claiming to represent Christ, is the fallen angel in the mode of satan; the institutions to regulate the deadly go into reverse and kill; the institutions for balancing economic activity deliberately work to destroy any coherence in the system because they cannot survive without increased (growth of) pillaging;

RESIST! Take the shovels away from those digging the pits

sad that the climate crisis that should bring humanity together as we all face catastrophe - well to do and poor, north and south, white and black, instead screeds like this needlessly divide us, bad politics as well as a bad idea. Note well to do people with coastal property, or in fire zones, or in paths of cyclone bombs face climate challenges too. We need all hands on deck to tackle this, and yes, it also involves personal responsibility. Driving and flying everywhere, eating lots of meat, having lots of children, burning forests, all contribute to the problem, blaming some remote force while contributing to the problem may make one feel god rationalizing bad behavior but it is no solution.