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Copp's Plea for You and Me


Copp's Plea for You and Me

Ralph Nader

The plain-spoken, public-spirited former Federal Communications Commissioner, Michael Copps, is indignant—and for good reason: The FCC is not enforcing the law requiring the “dark money” super PACs and other campaign cash conduits to reveal, on-the-air, the names of the real donors behind all political advertisements, which are now flooding the profitable radio and television airwaves.


Should the people succeed in forcing the FCC to come clean, Congress will likely scramble to protect their benefactors--SOP.

Should the FCC actually succeed in fulfilling its mission (although an argument can be made that it is in fact already doing so), we would likely find the same names, over and over again, with the Kochs at the top of each list.

This is what really chaps my hide:

Political ads have become a huge cash cow for the television and radio stations that use OUR public airwaves free of charge. We citizens, who are the owners of the public airwaves, receive no rent payment from these tenants. (Thanks to a corrupted Congress!)

I won't complain if I see the names of the buyers of these political ads, but what I really want is payment to the people for the use of our airwaves--proportionate to the profits made by using them. I would settle for the dissolution of the corporate media conglomerate that has nearly destroyed the free press.


Too bad Ralph couldn't see his way to helping elect a progressive Bernie Sanders when it might have helped but is so willing to grab hold of Bernie's coat tails and benefit from the huge support that Bernie has generated among the voting public. Nader and the Green Party supporters who worked against Bernie and helped the rigged game media politics that benefited the Hillary campaign with unfair criticisms of Bernie's foreign policy (as compared to our former Sec Of State's known policies) positions. It sure would have been nice had a lot of supposedly progressive pundits including Hedges and Coates and many others who continually assured us that Bernie won't win etc., instead had helped elect a progressive rather than leave us (in their supposed purity) caught between Trump and Hillary. What principle was served by doing that except the one - divided we were conquered?

So don't forget to tell us about your super duper progressive conference seeing how Bernie has reawakened a sense of identity among the young people, the poor, the working and middle class, the union members, the patriots who oppose Citizen's United and the rise of oligarchy and the corporate coup! Isn't it exciting Ralph at how people are so motivated these days? Isn't it a great opportunity for you and others to benefit from all the hard work Bernie did creating that awareness in the public?

Too bad you didn't help him when it would have mattered but look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are not calling for people to protest and demonstrate against what is so obviously a rigged nomination process that disenfranchised millions and cheated and suppressed others of their right to vote.
Where are your ethics and principles or like Hedges who constantly blathers about others rising up in opposition and protest? Where are you and Hedges now? I guess maybe you are busy Ralph?

Do you call for people to protest this damage to democracy that may never heal btw? Maybe you should ask just how much you believe in the things you say? Certainly Hedges keeps telling people to rise up but is he calling for people to protest and demonstrate at the convention, against their losing actual democracy in this election? I guess you guys are too busy because there is so much to do ... now.


Really, what everyone needs to do is STOP WATCHING TV at all till after November. So little of the content is of value, these toxic messages clog the brain and waste time that could be used for living.
I have had NO TV for 14 years and could not find time for it. Get a LIfe, before it is too late!!!!!


Good grief!

Surely you don't think that electoral politics are the way change happens.** Ralph Nader has been organizing and raising hell for 60 years. What the fuck have YOU been doing??

This gathering is about these things called "organizing" and "solidarity" which is the way real change happens.

**As if a Nader endorsement of Sanders would have made a difference in such mis-begotten politics - are you forgetting that Nader sullied himself with this system by running for President four times?


What a man Ralph Nader is! He is 82 years old and still fighting! People a third his age have quit with severe organizer-burnout. How does he do it?


Did he organize for Bernie or against? How nice that you feel certain people should never be criticized for what they do because um? Why? I think Nader's ( and Hedges ) negativity and undue criticism towards Bernie needs to be discussed for what it did. It was more of the same status quo elites saying no to helping a progressive candidate until the damage was done and then they want to reap the benefits of Bernie having done the work organizing the left and progressives into a viable electoral force. Now that there is a base for progressives Nader is all about everybody working together isn't he? Too bad for Bernie though because Nader and others didn't feel that way earlier. I am not so much into your blind hero worship although I respected Nader up until he chose not to drop out when there was absolutely no chance that he could win in his own race. That was all ego and once again not an example of this everybody join together ideal he promulgates. Nader is Nader and he makes his choices but he talks that 'everybody together' when it suits him. I wish he had helped everybody elect a progressive for the first time. He chose not to do that 'everybody together'.

And now does he even ask people to protest this disenfranchisement and dirty politics...this rigged game? No. He does not but he talks as if we ( he ) shouldn't lose this opportunity now that we have been organized together. Yeah great Ralph... Thanks for your non-help when you could have.

Hedges is even worse. he is always exhorting people to rise up in the streets and blah blah blah but is he asking people to protest losing their votes and likely the defeat of democracy in this oligarchic election? Is he? Where do you see Hedges - Mr. Rise up in the Streets Hedges... Asking people to rise up for real and protest what is a shameful episode in our democracy and to support the progressive against the fascist and against the oligarchic corporatist? Where is Hedges?

You are a true believer and I am more a non believer I guess. You know what I've written so I need not repeat it. I have done my share these many years and am proud that I have been where I ask others to go. If you want to censor people with this hypocritical comparisons then go ahead but do tell your own achievements first. People have a right to criticize public figures and professional pundits and they don't need your authorization first nor any justification for doing so based on their experience either. The public criticism of pundits is not restricted to only other pundits. Nader published articles that were of no help to Bernie when that wasn't necessary to do. Why are you not critical of that in the face of us getting either Trump or Hillary instead of Bernie? I may not be Nader but then I don't pretend to be. I was an organizer of demonstrations and a protester and several other iterations of leftie progressive activism in my life but even if I had never done anything, you hypocrites have no right to censor anyone by saying what have they done? Who knows if you've ever done anything yourself btw but also what about a young person and people who can't participate for various reasons. You made yourself a hypocrite by your blind hero worship and I for one am not surprised that you did.


My thoughts exactly. This is a problem that everyone can solve regardless of what others do. Instead of watching TV try reading books, learning the art of person to person conversation, and maybe even learning some new skill. TV free since 09/12/01 after watching GW Bush lie his way through the disasters in New York and at the Pentagon. Getting rid of a TV is really easy and the difference it will make once withdrawal has been mastered is truly revolutionary.


Yes, the simple answer to the wave of constant propaganda on TV is to get rid of or stop watching the boob tube. I really don't understand the infatuation with television given that there are plenty alternatives online. And, yes, people instead need to read a variety of news sources and political essays to get their information about the world, not rely on corporate news propaganda.


There is more to the universe than organizing for a politicians election campaign! In the 1920s and 1930's, did workers get concessions from their bosses by wasting all their energy in the campaign of a politician? No, they won their rights by direct action - strikes, boycotts, and sometimes sabotage and riots and armed battles. Sure, the US congress and president eventually passed laws (Wagner Act) that codified their rights - but it all was achieved by direct action in the streets, and workplaces - wasting their time supporting a politician would have gotten them nowhere.

All this Bernie crap (and for that matter, Jill Stein crap) is just wasting enormous resources that could be going into far more effective organizing for change.


More than wherewithal, gathered signatures and canvassed all over my city for Ralph in 2000. But since then, I have come to realize that maverick US presidential runs are largely an enormous waste of organizing resources that are better spent in other, more grassroots efforts.


Oh bullshit! Where are we commenting right now and about what here on CD all this time? Yeah okay there is more to life than ...than...than remaining fixated in some hard core socialist fantasy from the past - the legendary heyday of socialism in the 20's and 30's? Yeah I know the labor history but it was back then not now. No problem. Too bad Nader and Hedges and others didn't put aside their egos or personal peeves and helped elect a progressive politician who represented much in common with your heroes and would have been a boon to the people of this country. They couldn't see it which is more bullshit because what we get is a fascist or a Wall St corporatist instead. That matters you know. It isn't some fantasy. The resultant effect on this country will be ...reality.


But in the case of Bernie's campaign he has awakened many people, who would otherwise still be asleep, to the injustices they live under. That is generating a substantial progressive following that has great potential.

I don't see this as an enormous waste of resources, and much less so if Bernie abandons the Dems and continues his revolution with a party of the left.


Dude! :no_mouth::thumbsdown:


Somebody's a turncoat, Yun.


So, you're gonna now blame NADER for Bernie going down in flames? You're hilarious, Flea!


At my local precinct in 2000, I had to almost fight my way through MoveOn supporters to vote for Ralph. And I'm damn proud of it, too. (BTW: F*ck you, MoveOn)


It's the worse drug of all. Get rid of it! It'll change your life.


For all the all the bitching & pissing in this thread by 'Flea, for Ralph not giving his entire life right now to Bernie Sanders, let me ask: Did Sanders come out and support Nader when he ran for president in 2000?


You resort to manipulative dumbed down simplicity which shows why you have no trouble wanting to vote for Trump. So spare me your simplicity if you cannot debate in a reasonably intelligent nuanced manner. I don't blame Nader but I did criticize him and Hedges et al. Apparently nuance is not in your repertoire but a lack of it is not in mine.