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Cops Aren’t Under Siege. Civilians and Liberties Are


Cops Aren’t Under Siege. Civilians and Liberties Are.

Pierre Tristam

Last week the sheriff’s office posted a thank-you letter on its Facebook page that a citizen gave two deputies. It’s about 100 words long, and it’s a touching note of gratefulness “from a family that cares” for cops who put their lives on the line every day to keep the community safe. I agree wholeheartedly.


This is why Public Education is Under Siege.

The Love of Learning, properly instilled, creates and fosters Curiosity.

Nothing to see here, just Thank Me for my Service and Move On.


Police know the thorns on their force and need to police their own, quit blaming others to protect the thorns.


The bad cops are known and the good cops need to get rid of them not cover for them.


Innocent until proven guilty?

As Lionel would say :

"Innocent until proven INDIGENT."


Living in Miami, FL for 10 years was an eye opener. I got a cop in trouble with the Broward commissioners. Surprisingly, the Miami Herald ran an article on the matter. Came home from work one day, opened the door and was met with a strong odor of gas. The apartment complex had about 10-12 occupants in 2 story buildings. Somebody entered my apt and removed the gas line from the wall. Cops don't play well with civilians.


Until America deal with the reality of the structural dimension of inequality, racial disparities will not only be a stain on American society, but will continue to limit America’s broader economic prosperity