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Cops of the Pacific? The U.S. Military’s Role in Asia in the Age of Trump

Cops of the Pacific? The U.S. Military’s Role in Asia in the Age of Trump

Tim Shorrock

Despite the attention being given to America’s roiling wars and conflicts in the Greater Middle East, crucial decisions about the global role of U.S. military power may be made in a region where, as yet, there are no hot wars: Asia. Donald Trump will arrive in the Oval Office in January at a moment when Pentagon preparations for a future U.S.-Japan-South Korean triangular military alliance, long in the planning stages, may have reached a crucial make-or-break moment.

Exceptional piece, not only in the sense of providing essential intel about the issues, but in the rarity of such articles, reflecting a myopia we can ill afford.

Now if the USA had actually made a friend of Russia instead of destabilising the Ukraine and permanently threatening Russia with instant mega-death. Russia has a long border with China… But no, the USA is run by stupids.

It is a very good thing that this topic comes up. It is a pity that Shorrock must present it as though it were a Republican|Democrat issue or somethat that has just materialized under Trump–whom nobody seems to recall has not become president yet.

The Obama administration has increasingly engaged itself in harassing and playing chicken with both Russia and China. Pilger is a useful source. The first link is the trailer, the second the documentary: