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Copspeak: 7 Ways Journalists Use Police Jargon to Obscure the Truth


Copspeak: 7 Ways Journalists Use Police Jargon to Obscure the Truth

Adam Johnson

The close relationship between reporters and police is often marked by diffusion of language from the police PR team to the front page.


I am not sure if "journalists" is the correct term for "news" readers. Then, there is this analysis:


I've decided to put it in a larger context and call it "dronespeak" because it distances us from the violence.


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"a thought-terminating cliche" ! Beautifully concise and I believe a vital key to understanding and destroying the US news media as it now stands (with the boot on our faces).


Thank you, Mr. Johnson. I wonder if some of C.D.'s commentators will have a problem with your exposure of purposely deceptive language frames. After all, they're ready to attack when corrected in their own spelling errors and false language frames.

The passive language and other purposely vague vernacular also favor WAR CRIMES and hiding the culpability of their chief authors, actors, and analysts. After all, it's just that "mistakes were made" and "who could have known" and such.

Most popular of all in these threads is hiding behind "the sheeple" or blanketing the entire population with one causative, generic "WE" qualifier.


"Man Killed After Officer-Involved Shooting in SE Houston"

If it wasn't a cop who shot him the title would be "Man killed by handgun"

It's all the same PC talk.


And all these Journalistic Tricks are turned into Copy to be read by Clueless, Young, Telegenic, Perspective-Free Newsreaders who read Stories of Situations about which they personally know nothing, but Intone with a faux "Matter of Factness'" before they move on to the next piece of Propaganda Tele-Prompted before them.


You've provided important, good examples. Here are some more:

"Enhanced interrogation" for torture.

Obama "Health CARE initiative" = a policy of mandatory Insurance-Extortion pay offs.

War ON Terror as a War OF Terror

"Q.E." for Qualitative Easing--more like easing money out of citizens' pockets and bank accounts

"Healthy Forest Initiative" as rationale for cutting down the best hardwoods

"No Child Left Behind" as blueprint for indoctrinating kids and holding their minds hostage (to standardized tests)

The legal argument in support of bio-genetically "altered" (more like fucking adulterated) food, that it's the "Substantial Equivalent" of the genuine product.

There are quite a few others, but these come foremost to mind.