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Corbyn Decries 'Sideshow' as Cameron Announces Brexit Referendum



You've got to love the British aristocracy and their toady bag-man David Cameron. They will only stay in the EU if they get to feel more important than everybody else, and of course, continue their now disasterous relationship with the crony capitalist state that is the USA.
It seems that the only solutions that Cameron has for bringing Britain out of its economic doldrums are more xenophobia and of course, more austerity.
You missed you chance gutless public of Britain. Long ago you should have marched your land owning, effete lords and ladies out of the parliament building and into the gallows.


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Gutless? You are clueless about history. British history is full of 'gutless' people giving their lives trying to overthrow the aristocracy from even before the great peasant revolt of 1381, through the civil war 1642-51, and numerous social protests afterwards that gave rise to the Tolpuddle martyrs, the Peterloo massacre, (100's killed and injured by cavalry sabres for daring to ask for the right to vote) and beneficial inventions like co-operative societies and trade unionism, yet, you know, not just the UK but the whole world is still, despite all these 2500 years of similar struggle (if you count the slave revolts of ancient Rome) still in the thrall of the 1%. Gutless is an insult to those people. At least the UK got some 'progress' like National Health Service, trial by jury (inherited by the US), habeous corpus, and unarmed police. If you want to see a more 'gutless' population look at the US masses today.

The rest of your post I agree with.


I think you'll find, across the EU, it's the xenophobic, nationalistic, right wingers making a case against the EU.


Glad the Spotlight is at last on Corbyn, for anyone more sympathetic to the innocence of children and the internationally rampant child slavery and prostitution syndicate--- a priori, endangered snails.

How I wish I could vote for Hillary Clinton. Perhaps I would if only she would come CLEAN having to do with her complicity in child abuse, murder, and neglect. It takes a village.


Yes, how right you are! Thanks for the heads-up!

Too bad the Native Americans hadn't been xenophobic.


Charles de Gaulle was right,
when he vetoed the accession of Britain to the EEC in 1963 and then again in 1967. Britain was not a team player then, is not a team player now and will never become a team player in the future. The British mindset is much to insular.

I hope sincerely, that the UK will vote for the Brexit this summer.
The “divorce" will certainly be painful, make no mistake and will, no doubt, create some economic upheaval, but will beneficial to the cohesiveness of Europe in the long run.

It is also my hope, that the EU will re-formulate itself around the nations, which have accepted the Euro as the common currency.

You are either IN or OUT! You cannot straddle the fence forever, without harming the community as a whole.


EU is the brainchild of the noeCONS, look at what it's done to Greece and the rest of southern Europe. The eventual goal is to dismantle all social programs and turn Europe into little insignificant banana republics. I urge people to read Hudson's interview with Bonnie Faulkner on counterpunch.org it is extremely important work.


I disagree. Social programmes come from the EU, this is one reason why the neo-liberal element in, for example, the UK want to get out of the EU, because they oppose the 'social charter' which enshrines worker's rights and also other environmental and social regulations which they refer to as 'red tape' a hinderance to trade and business, (IE to exploitation.) Look at WHO opposes EU intergration and you will see it is the neo-liberals. those on the right. Either for xenophobic reasons (anti-immigration) or free trade reasons. An example is Cameron opposes proposed EU regulations to cap banker's salaries/bonuses and impose a financial transaction tax which he says will damage the City in London.


Corbyn is doing just fine.


But he didn't say that, only that Britain should stay in the EU. Everyone agrees the EU needs serious reform, a work in progress, but that isn't the same as saying you should stay in or leave it, a project to harmonise nations who for the previous 3000 years where almost perpetually at war with each other. Or do you believe humanity should continue to cling to petty nationalism?


Why's that, then?


There's no replying to emotive hyperbole like this What unbelievable barbarity? What 'bloody barbaric gang?' Compared to where? Where in the EU is fascism the norm?

It's not a 'false choice' it's the key issue. Scatch those opposed to the EU and you usually find a petty nationalist, opposed to immigration from other EU states.

Is any US state independent? So you think each state in the US should have its own currency in order to have its own sovereignty. The EZ problem is because there's not enough integration and each country is still thinking of its national interests.

Yes, within the EU for Yanis is 100% pro-EU.

Of course there is democracy. Parliamentary PR in most EU countries which is as population responsive as you can design. Or do you have a better form of democracy? What's this very referendum if not democracy? Granted it's very lacking in the EU itself, which is what needs the reform, but that doesn't mean dismantle the whole project just because they haven't worked out a good democratically responsive way to govern it all.


Ok, I agree. Yet if you're ever over here in the EU and you want to talk to people who actually DO have lots of sympathy with your views, just hang out with Marine Le Pen's Front Nationale in France, xenophobic-TTIP advocating UKIP in the UK (run by a City ex-banker), the far right Golden Dawn in Greece, sinister Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish democrats) in Sweden, Nazi saluting Alternative für Deutschland, in Germany, etc. They all say the same things you say so no disagreement there.