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Corbyn Victory Energizes the Alienated and Alienates the Establishment


Corbyn Victory Energizes the Alienated and Alienates the Establishment

Gary Younge

“I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” the Queen told Alice in Through the Looking-Glass. By lunchtime on Saturday that number would have been fast approaching double figures. The leftwing stalwart Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership election. His first act as leader would be to address a huge rally welcoming refugees.


A good complementary article to the one from Chris Hedges.

However this:
... the question of whether Corbyn is electable is a crucial
one to which there are many views but no definitive answers.
is awkward.

This reflects the sort of mental inertia the author otherwise attacks. Anyone on a ballot paper is electable! All they need is votes. Has the author not got the lesson from Corbyn's opponents who called him unelectable for the post he has just won with a landslide majority?


"Short of perhaps a speeding ticket, they didn’t appear to have a single conviction between them".

Sounds like the Labour Parties in the three Commonwealth countries with which I am familiar.


Beautifully stated, Mr. Younge:

"But then little of this is really about Corbyn. He is less the product of a movement than the conduit for a moment that has parallels across the western world. After almost a decade and a half of war, crisis and austerity, leftwing social democrats in all their various national guises are enjoying a revival as they seek to challenge the neo-liberal consensus. In the US, the self-described “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders is outpolling Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in key states. Podemos in Spain, Syriza in Greece and Die Linke in Germany are all posing significant challenges to mainstream centre-left parties."

I'd also add that several South American nations are also pushing these types of postures and the people of Guatemala, as well.

Yes. When the elites take too much away from The People, they catalyze the wave--or pendulum--to move back to where it belongs!


It interesting that these moves to the left occur after a series of what have been Governments moving more and more to the right , in other words a reaction to the extreme. I can only wonder if this mobilization would happen under a centrist party that had many of the attributes of that far right but enacted them in a slower and insidious fashion.

It the analogy of the frogs in a pot of water where the water gradually made warmer and warmer.

In their hubris the Corporations and far right might well have overplayed their hand and what the true left must be wary of is them suddenly "seeing the light" and backing initiatives that seem worker friendly that result in them staying in power for the next 40 years.

In other words this evolution towards a saner society as Mr Corbyn advocates can not let up. Those of great wealth and power can never be trusted.