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Cori Bush Booed by House GOP for Denouncing White Supremacy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/13/cori-bush-booed-house-gop-denouncing-white-supremacy


Cori Bush is a breath of truth and hope for this nasty ass state of MO.


Would they boo her if she denounced Nazism, fascism, and anti-Semitism? These four destructive, evil ideologies are all related.

NEVER FORGET that RethugliKKKans support White Supremacy.


Note that she was only given 30 seconds. The speech times allotted varied; I don’t know what the criteria was except the two individuals who were orchestrating the speeches determined it.


Cancel culture call it what it is white supremacy


Cori Bush is Right, This Country needs to be Cleaned up Starting with the Politicians and the Judicial system Judges DA and Police All need to be Cleaned up. This is a Problem that has been Ignored long Enough.


Nadler gave almost all the Dems except leadership only 30 seconds, whereas Gym shorts Jordan gave Repubs varying times from 1-4 minutes. This was all pre-planned to allow as many Dems as possible to speak.


These repuke f$$#W@@kers won’t own up to anything, will they?


Looks like the GOP is living on a parallel universe spewing out the same mendacity as Trump.


Put yourself in the position of the poor woebegone racist congresspeople, boxed in today by constraints too weighty for ordinary humans, calling for spectacular moral gymnastics… they must be exhausted. The prepared line today (of the Jim Jordanesque lunatics – most House Republicans) is supposed to be outrage over the inconsistency of Democrats.

I have to start a new paragraph because their line is actually difficult to follow, even if you slow down and try hard. First you have to not only imagine that Democrats never objected to any actions of BLM protesters last summer, such as burning down that Minneapolis police station. You have to accept it as a matter of faith that Democrats love all black mobs, and hate all white mobs. I’ll have to leave it at that – I can’t make any more sense of it than this, myself. That’s what-all they’ve got, and now here comes someone from one of those black mobs, it looks like. How did that person wind up in Congress?

It sounded more like groans of pain than boos of derision. Hoisted on their own racist petard.


While I don’t know her very well yet, it sure seems that Ms Bush is one of those rare people that knows how to read a room, and knows just what to say to elicit the exact response she wants. She was hoping that when she mentioned white supremacy that the idiot republicans would make asses of themselves. They obliged, and then she used their own stick to beat them over the head.
Let this be a lesson in what we are dealing with. Republicans have always been racists. But the GOP of the past was at least smart enough to either stay quiet about it, or use the coded language from the book of dog whistles. This GOP has no such sophistication or intellect. And that makes them a dangerous lot indeed.


Bull Conner is rolling in his grave

With laughter

I am waiting for the Repubs to claim that all the bad people at the riot/insurrection were BLM protesters in white face, not their noble freedom loving (freedom for themselves to get their way by any means necessary) base. the following is an article about a Proud Boy email where the poster suggests going to the Capital in all black garb to look like Antifa. ~https://youtu.be/WMdIJkM9H7A


This speaks to the point Congresswoman Bush makes:


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“What does it mean when they boo the Black congresswoman [sic] denouncing white supremacy?” asked the freshman Democrat from Missouri.

Good for the Representative for denouncing white supremacy. And Representative is her official title in the House, not “Congresswoman.” That’s sloppy language. I thought these people were “lawmakers” who specialize in using official, legal language? Using “Congresswoman” or “Congressman” for only House members implies that the Senate is not part of the Congress, since Senators are never referred to as “Congressman” or “Congresswoman.” Yes, I know many people use this sloppy language. That doesn’t make it right. But I know some people rush to justify the sloppy language especially when it’s someone from their party using it.


how pathetic and sad that the people who supported an insurrection against the USA are now booing a person who calls them out for their crimes–if they do not pay the price for their treason we will only have more treason to deal with


My grama was racist. Parents too. Back in the 1850s many here in KC were evacuated, displaced, kick out of their homes, leading up to the civil war. They called it “bloody kansas”. I can feel it in the air up and down state line. Lots of anger. Lots of guns. Trillions of tiny pieces of cobalt that make my tablet function. I’m thinkin’ that if I keep microdosing mushrooms my own racism will subside.

How long did it take her to vote for Pelosi as Speaker? Hint: you can measure it in nanoseconds.

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The Republicans have been Bigots ever since Lincoln was assassinated. They have tried to deprive our Black Brothers and Sisters of their right to vote since Reconstruction.

When Reconstruction failed because the White Supremacists thought that Blacks were making too much progress getting elected, it was time for the White Bigots to stop the Blacks with intimidation and deceitful Jim Crow practices at the Ballot Box, similar to what we witnessed this year with a maniacal candidate who simply wanted to Lie about the results of a fair election.

The Reason why the White Supremacists support Trumps Lies about the election being a fraud is because they finally got their Jefferson Davis in the White House and they were willing to Lie, Cheat and attack the vote counters in the Capital Building to keep that Racist in charge.

Why do you think Trump wholeheartedly opposed the removal of Slave Holder Robert E. Lee statues, because he wanted to show his treasonous Confederate Base that he is one of them.

Great Job Congresswoman Cori Bush, you exposed the Bigots in the House of Representatives.


Well, Naziism & fascism is actually quite popular now among the Rethugs ~ so yes, they’d likely boo her for that as well. I think anti-Semitism would NOT be as bad ~ at least the Jews are white guys, right?
I can just picture those fat-ass, racist, old white men - these are the guys who miss the days of slavery & would love to bring it back. Look past the suits, really look at them & listen to the shit they say, in general; look at their far-right, bigoted, fascist, greedy, arrogance, on any given day in Congress. I look & listen & I have no trouble picturing these old Repub fcks in their younger days; rampant racism in the South; when these dckless schmucks in groups, be out lookin’ fer trouble to git into ~ God Help any “colored folk” they might find after chugging a 6-pack or 2! Too old for that shit now, but they still feel the same in their wicked little shriveled-up hearts. Now, they’re drunk on Rethuglican power instead of beers. Just replaced 1 with the other & now they probably drink hard alcohol, starting at lunch, I imagine. “Good old boy, white Repugnants of GOP” – big fat bellys over their pants, can picture them with a drink in 1 hand, big stogie in the other, tellin’ off-color jokes & all laughing like they’s funny, dirty old men. Not hard to picture it when they’re talking, or joking with cohorts in Congress during breaks. LAST thing they wanna’ see/hear is a smart, articulate, fearless, strong young black woman in “their” Congress, speakin’ truth to power & is oh-so-right, to boot! Scares the shit right out of them! So, of course they booed her & the other racist Rethugs, be they younger, joined in. They know what they are. Trump made being a racist asshole somehow acceptable… to others like them anyway. Not to the rest of us! Feeling threatened by smart women of any color, I’d bet. In their Party & social circle, it’s acceptable perhaps ~ fascism & authoritarian rule suits them just fine. Won’t change their lives any for the worse! They’d be ruling class elitists, being rich & all. They are the opposite of what America was working toward, albeit too slowly. Then things started turning back around & Trump has put that on the fast track! Bunch of pigs!
Look & listen when they speak – they do NOT belong in Congress & hardly able to represent any non-racist whiteys, or – “yikes!” – people of… ya’ know…‘color’. “Heavens, no!”
Until recently, the bigoted racist fools had to hide it. And they should hide it, out of shame! But, no more. Racist cops, elected officials – their numbers seem to be growing right along with their hatred. The division among Americans is being fed, nurtured, cultivated. Because “divided we fall”. Instead of turning against each other cuz’ of gross inequality – whether in wages, health care, our life options, or in fair justice for all – we SHOULD BE joining together against the common enemy! If we don’t do that for ourselves, we have no chance for better lives, neither do our children. Those in power will not do what is right ~ we can see that. They do what’s right for THEM only & it did not start with Trump. The face of it just got much uglier!
I’m old & thankfully, my time here will soon be done. Look how easily the Trump/GOP lies are sucked up by people they consider “deplorable”. The MAGAts are fighting against the wrong enemy & don’t have a clue! When those in power are done with them, will discard them like yesterday’s trash. Who’s next? When we’re tired of being beat down, will it be too late to fight for our freedom, democracy, equality & justice? The U.S. Constitution gives us these rights & more. We weren’t perfect, but were moving the correct direction…until it came to screeching halt. More like an insidious halt & turned around. A Congress full of millionaires getting even richer cannot relate to needs of common Americans & now, they don’t even pretend to try! They don’t give a dam*! It’s up to us, but we all need to see what we have in common, not what they use to divide us. It isn’t us against us. It’s us against them. Not with violence instigated by the worst president ever. If we come together, we CAN do better! Much better.
We need to hurry up & save ourselves! Now, how do we do that if some of us can’t see thru the lies being spoon-fed them?

Does anyone really think that we will be better off with a fascist regime at the helm? If they keep us fighting one another & believing the lies & liars who tell them over & over again, we will all lose. Losing ground now – can’t afford to lose more to those who are taking it all.
Will it take an American Revolution 2.0?? Hope not! Wars are bloody & deadly things. Sometimes necessary. But 1st have to know who the enemy really is, not who they say it is.

Just a thought.

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