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Cori Bush Booed by House GOP for Denouncing White Supremacy

I don’t think they would. It all stems from the same hate.

Defunding police needs to be thought of and called police reform starting with higher pay to hire college educated criminal justice majors or minors who have studied and embrace the notion of inequity in our police and judicial system. It starts at the top with rooting out police chiefs who look the other way and deny police brutality and attorneys general who never bring charges of homicide against murderous police officers who gun down unarmed people of color or those actually running on foot who fear for their lives because of the history of police shooting people running for their lives. And yes, college educated criminal justice majors have a more open and judicious view of society and would do a hell of a lot better than the miserable lot that terrorize everyday folk on a daily basis. One bad apple spoils every single police officer. They need to take heed to that and understand that as a group they are not liked.


I’ll reform.

This method of addressing members of the House is in the parliamentarian’s rule book and is SOP.
Not sloppy, but tradition.