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Corker-Kaine AUMF Would Expand, Not Curb, Trump's Ability To Wage Endless War


Corker-Kaine AUMF Would Expand, Not Curb, Trump's Ability To Wage Endless War

Jon Queally, staff writer

Joining others who have already made their opposition clear, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.)—who in 2001 was the sole member of Congress to vote against the original Authorization for Use of Military Force in the wake of the the 9/11 attacks—is raising her voice once more against a bi-partisan proposal introduced this week that she says would only strengthen, not curb, the "blank check for war" that Congress has bestowed on the president.


This is a typical approach of Congress - their solution is simply to make something that was illegal or unconstitutional, legal or constitutional.


But whatever you do, never, ever, question the seminal event that led to the original AUMF from hell that ultimately leads to this one. Just, don’t, do it. (sarcasm)


Considering that we all now effectively live under the control of a military industrial complex dictatorship with the corporations controlling their puppet politicians and that war is the only thing keeping the “economy” afloat, this is pretty much a done deal. And both the Democrats and Republicans will vote to ensure its passing as they both work for their oligarch owners who profit immensely from endless war.


Co-sponsored by Hillary’s running mate.

And along will come a LOTEr to tell me Hillary was the peace candidate.

If war is the issue, ‘not a dime’s worth of difference’ is the answer.


Barbara Lee is a national treasure, and as such would be well-advised to avoid flying on small aircraft. The rest of her colleagues, however, should all go fly a kite, preferably near some high-tension power lines.


Kaine the Klown. That was just ANOTHER reason to add to the pile of crap that was Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

We’re gonna see this ass holes name in the “class of 20” piss poor candidates for the Dem nomination for President. Kaine (and the other Senator from Va Warner) should either retire or change party and become what he is and always has been a Republican.


That’s what’s referred to by all the “elite intellectuals” as the rule of law. I’m being sarcastic of course, but I always think it’s funny whenever I hear anyone refer to “the rule of law”. The rule of law is WHATEVER the lawmakers decide to make it. IE, the courts and judges of the fourth reich were “upholding” the (Nazi) rule of law.


With regards to war the Constitution has been perverted since the Korean mess in 1950. The rational used to bomb Syria is so classified Congress can’t even see it, which means it’s a joke written on toilet paper. War, killing and the machines used to execute death are a sin but who cares about sin, morals, ethics and higher functioning brains/thoughts? Surely not anyone in government anywhere on the planet. It’s only us little people because we don’t wanna die. What part of our government isn’t a fraud and a death trap???


Beware of the “Snake Oil Salesmen” impersonating Politicians.


Kaine the Killer Klown. It turns out he was indeed the perfect choice for running mate for the Queen of Chaos.


Yes, well said. The US War Eagle has two wings and it could not fly unless supported by both wings of CON! GRESS.


Or the Kabuki Kongress should at least be made to fly Southwest, on which the engines blow up.


Yes, the ‘rule of law’ has very little to do with justice.