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Corker: Trump Recklessness Could Ignite War World III (And Most GOP Know It)


Corker: Trump Recklessness Could Ignite War World III (And Most GOP Know It)

Jon Queally, staff writer

"If Corker is right that most Republicans believe Trump is unhinged, they should impeach him and save us."


Distancing himself from Trump might be Corker’s first move toward a presidential run in 2020—pretty smart for a Republican. I hope the rest now feel empowered to do the same.


Amazing how repubs, who are not seeking re-election, are forthcoming about how unhinged and cra cra the * is. Get a few who are running again to come out and the flood gates will open. My prediction for * rump to not make it through the year still stands.


Well Bob…Trump lies because he is a narcissistic, racist psychopath. He can’t even fake compassion. We don’t believe anything he says. Please save us from another world war. Trump has no idea where he’s taking our country. He might blow it up while trying to fry our ecosystem.


Most rational Americans (I know - not a majority anymore these days), including most members of Congress, are quite aware of what a raving nutjob Trump is, with the attention span of a 2 year old and all of his associated personality flaws - the narcissism, the insecurity, the incredibly thin skin, the need to bully and destroy and hurt and insult everyone who does not agree with him or bow before him, etc. Leaving aside the 1/3 or so of Americans who think these things are all just hunky-dory, the rest of the GOP in Congress, and his handlers/aides/appointees/generals/etc., as well as the Dumbocraps on the other side of the aisle ,even as a minority, will be 100% complicit when he launches whatever military attack(s) he has planned or impulsively starts. There is still time to avoid it, but they’d better act damn quick. If they don’t, they own whatever disasters result afterwards.


Yes, if you ever needed proof positive that politicians are 100% owned by their campaign contributors, this makes it pretty obvious. and McCain. Suddenly they grow a set of principals when they are not beholden to their sugar daddies anymore.


We will own the consequences of Trump’s nuclear war along with all the other sentient species that inhabit our planet.


The sooner we silence this butt head the sooner we can get on with the real work of clean energy and government investment on high paying jobs.


Perhaps the beginning of the end for Trump, as his buds begin to unmoor their fates from this shipwreck.


I have been saying this now for months, mainstream Republicans have got to distance themselves from Trump if they don’t want to be victims of a Trump backlash in the 2018 and 2020 elections. If they want to be re elected they have got to show voters that they do not support Trump. For example, Trump has horrific foreign relations with other countries and in particular has shown antagonism toward all non white foreign leaders. This is exactly where a White Supremacist racist should not be in the White House.


I have of course been saying and writing about this since Trump took office (actually much earlier). Nor should this be seen as an ego driven reaction by Corker. It is the bald face truth- and what it means is that the Trump resistance may not be effective enough, fast enough.

Also, keep in mind that Corker is the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He knows full well that his comments could be seen as a sign of weakness by a potential adversary- yet he has seen fit to warn the nation and the world anyway.

I am not sure what it would take to remove Trump (quickly). But when factoring in the risk of nuclear war and WWIII- the calculus is clearer. As for the calculus and the remedy- that is difficult to write about in a public forum. A sane Congress would place restraints on Trump’s ability to launch a nuclear attack. They would dramatically improve and expand the War Powers act. They would show enough spine to engage in the kind of brinkmanship and intimidation politics that Trump understands. A sane Left would recognize Trump as a unique threat and not lump his “foibles,” with other “neoliberals,” or as some Fascist equivalent A sane right would align with the Left and moderates and work to firmly constrain Trump’s executive power with respect to foreign affairs. Sadly none of the aforementioned are particularly sane- and each waivers on principle, backbone and/or clarity of thinking.

So basically the options are to work within the system or to circumvent it. Since state protection is the key to freedom- the first option is generally the best- except when Dr. Strangelove is in the White House.

And on WWIII- wars generally start through a series of miscalculations and chain reactions. The path to war is often rapid- and the exit- excruciatingly long. In this case the threat is to more than just one nation- but life on the planet.


If the maniac that sits in the oval office is not somehow removed soon, I predict the following future,headline:

When asked about what Trump meant when he was asked what he meant about " the calm before the storm" and said: " you’ll see" says to me, Trump is in the planning stages of a shocking and awful preemptive attack on North Korea just like Bush did in Iraq. Trump also claimed only one thing “will work with North Korea” and by that he means war!


That is an amazing statement about a sitting president from someone in Congress from the same party. Since Trump won the nomination Republicans have been placed in a bad position because they need the support from many of the same people who support Trump. Since Corker isn’t running again he is finally free to speak his mind. The reason Republicans will not impeach Trump his that he has so much political support for his white nationalist agenda While many voters would swear up and down they are not white supremacists and certainly not Nazis they do believe the many non-whites are a major source of problems particularly violence and requiring tax money to meet basic needs and they also feel that many politicians seem to care too much about the fate of people in other countries. And many believe that Jews have too much control in such areas as banking and Hollywood movies. Religion also plays a large role in why many people support Trump. Corker is right about Trump frequently lying but he should also take a look at Republicans in general who lie about such things as climate change and the benefits of trickle down economics.


I never believed I would see the day when a Senator from Tennessee would dare to criticize a Republican president. It just goes to show just how insane Trump truly is. And for the rest of the republicans to sit back like the three monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil show how crazy they all are. They are all willing to have World War III to support their quarterback and their team. God, I hate the USA.


Not entirely true. Trump is a big fan of non-white leaders if they happen to be authoritarian monsters. He loves Duterte and the Saudis.


And my statement hinges on his exceptionally poor relationship with Mexico and Puerto Rico. Both have non white leaders. In Mexico the popular fad is having a Trump Pinata to smack around with a club.


I think we are way past that, the agenda being shoved down everyone’s throat is the republican agenda. We need to get rid of them, vote them out. Lets start with Orrin Hatch. He doesn’t think kids need health care and is willing to bargin on their lives to further his agenda.


Does this mean that you, Senator Cooker and your party along with all the corporate war hawks in both major parties will find an effective way to stop the barbarians in the WH? Judging from the many injurious policies gushing out of this administration I am very skeptical you and the rest give a damn about the nation. Ironic, isn’t it, that it is the immigrants you all so despise who demonstrate more concern for the constitution than any of you?


That simply is not true. Duterte and Erdogan are not white. Trump admires both of them.
Corker may be running for POTUS in 2020. Or, maybe he knew Marsha Blackburn was going to challenge him in the primary in 2018. The palace intrigue aside, Corker is The Establishment, Blackburn is a Loose Christian Cannon. Progressives lose either way unless Blessed Virgin Marsha has a Confederate statue fall on her during the upcoming primary.
Trump as No.1 Useful Idiot has outlived his " best used by " date. Pence & The Crazy Christians bide their time and pray; for Impeachment, mostly.
" Careful what you wish for, you just might get it "; with both barrels, mostly from The God Squad.
And, they’ll use nukes on Iran, Syria and anyone else the current Israeli government tells them to.


If trump declares war on N. Korea, it would not surprise me if at least a few generals refuse to go along with it, there may be a few who would put country first and take a court martial instead of starting WW3.