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#CorkerKickBack Trends After Last-Minute Tax Giveaway Benefiting GOP Lawmakers Exposed


#CorkerKickBack Trends After Last-Minute Tax Giveaway Benefiting GOP Lawmakers Exposed

Jon Queally, staff writer

"He promised he wouldn't vote for a deficit increase... Then traded his leverage for cold hard cash."


These corrupt, greedy politicians, corporations, AND those owners of LLCs just cannot get enough money. What is wrong with them? Have the pathways in their brains been disrupted or rewired in some way that doesn’t allow them to be compassionate or see the destruction they are causing, eventually even to themselves? Seriously, what the hell do they think they can do with so much money?

They are diseased.


My reply will be essentially a repeat of a comment I’ve made in the past on CD, that it really isn’t about the money.

It’s more a game they play . . . one they’ve probably played so long, perhaps most, if not all, of their lives . . . a game of having so that others don’t, because it makes them feel superior somehow. A version of us against them, if you will.

Call it class warfare, as Warren Buffett admits, along with the fact his class has won.

I do agree it is a form of mental illness, of behavioral abnormality.


Any tax bill will have a santas bag of goodies for those in the know. This bill is 30 years worth of full santas sleighs. Corker clearly had his gift list. He just had to stop being naughty.


After a certain point. I don’t think they know what to do with the money, or the power. But a single digit followed by a seemingly endless line of zeros is so irresistible.


If in the future scientists are allowed to conduct research and actually use appropriate words to share their results, it would still be interesting to see the results of autopsies on these wealthy, ruthless people. Maybe they have a different form of encephalopathy, maybe CWE?!


Its simpler than that…after 6 months in DC most politicians are addicted to corporate money and there is no 12 step program to shake that addiction. Isn’t addiction classified as a “mental illness” ?

As long as they vote in favor of the 1% and their corporations, DC politicians have a K Street lobbying job with their name on it just waiting for them to lose an election or retire. A one term politician gets at least one million for their first year on K Street, multi-termers start at two million.

Corker and others are lying when they say they are not running for re-election because of Trump. They are not running because K Street jobs pay way more than the $175K Congresscritters get paid.


Welfare for the Rich again and again and again!


And so it goes…Corker proves himself to be a mealy-mouthed lying two-faced hypocritical bastard with zero credibility–so what’s new?


Isn’t that the job description for DC electeds ?


The deficit will be paid for by the poor the elderly the sick, the retired, American labor. They will, or course raid social security, Chip, Medicare Medicaid, sell the highway system to China and Yellin will continue to raise interest rates so that any of the promised middle-class cuts have already disappeared. The top 1% will continue to increase its ownership and “so-called” middle class will be forced to work as migrant workers harvesting cabbage, cane peanuts, apples etc. We gave our country to the wealthy and they took it without even a thank you. Repatriating wealth is a myth told by Ayn Rand sycophants. Hey, fellows, she wasn’t an economist, just a joke like Arthur Laffer. Joan Walsh coined a phrase that is pure genius and it applies to the entire Republican party.“They have had their backbones transplanted with slinys.”


This has gone far enough. Without proof, Without conviction, this will wind up
like they all have. Innocence by collusion. We need a new system.


Corporate whores R Us



We will all owe John Dickerson a great favor if the following exposure of Trump’s administration “throwing all the Republican Representatives and Senators under the bus” is made known by the MSM to Congress!

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and his wife, Louis Linton, who were infamously pictured, virtually hugging newly printed money, in this NYT Editorial Board Opinion piece:

But here’s the killer story that Dickerson exposed while interviewing Mnuchin this Sunday on “Face The Nation”:

That same Steven Mnuchin has now provided what may well be a ‘death-blow’ to Trump’s oversold and equally sleazy massive ‘tax cut’.

Stupid Stevie, under pointed, but subtle questioning by John Dickerson, was so inept in dodging the truth about why the ‘carried interest’ provisions in this ‘tax cut’ had not been removed as President Trump earlier recommended.

Mnuchin was at a lose for a good excuse and blurted-out, “that’s up to the House and Senate”, and continued “the President was not in favor of some things in this tax bill”.

Wow! Did anyone else recognize this as a national TV ‘throwing of the House and Senate under the bus’ by Trump’s man, Stevie ‘not so politically bright’ Mnuchin?

Trump’s “Wondeful and Great Tax Cut” for his populist working class white supporters is at risk of not passing as a Bill, because both Republican House and Senate members, who ar ealready politically vulnerable in 2018 are going to feel addtionally vunerable now that Steve ‘the knife’ has “thrown all of them under the bus” to save his boss, Emperor Trump any embarrassment if the very many and very ‘bad’ results of “their Bill” blow-back in “their faces”.

The Republican House and Senate members have to be told that Trump’s administration if dodging any responsibility for the Tax Bill, and putting them right in the line of fire — which will raise political hell for them — and likely cause some desertion from voting for the damn Tax Bill!

Here’s the video proof ----- watch this video from 7:10 to 7:30 as Mnuchin says Trump is not responsible and “throws the Republican Congress “under the bus”!


I Agree. I have seen this before. Power!! We need Direct Democracy. And a whole lot more. Much more discussion.


“the myth that any Republican Party lawmaker actually ever gave a whiff about the deficit”

Republican so-called elites love deficits for 2 reasons:

  1. They would much rather lend the money to the government to cover a deficit than avoiding that deficit in the first place by paying for, in taxes, what the government is spending. This way the IRS can become a vehicle to collect money from the mass of people and pay it to them; and

  2. Growing deficits provide fodder for a fatuous argument that, "we don’t have the money. We must have entitlement reform, we must reduce spending on programs (here insert the programs they want savaged).


Another: “Grand Old Prostitute” takes the money and runs.


If read this right, you are against the tax cut bill. How About the dissolution of the government.?


Another corrupt POS Senator gets exposed but has no shame and will vote for the bill all the same.


The kick back was left out of both House and Senate versions, then added to the final bill at the last minute, and Corker flipped. And now he would have us believe it’s all a big surprise to him? Somewhere in his youth and childhood, he must have had a moment or two of decency. Pity.