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Cornel West: Bernie Sanders an Insurgent on Par with Jesse Jackson


Cornel West: Bernie Sanders an Insurgent on Par with Jesse Jackson

Steven Thrasher

Bernie Sanders is as much an insurgent as Jesse Jackson was, according to Cornel West, who worked for both Jackson campaigns and is now the socialist Democratic presidential candidate’s most high-profile black backer.

“Absolutely, no doubt about it,” the academic and campaigner told the Guardian. “There are some similarities and elective affinities.”


So Bernie is the next JJ and Cornell West's endorsement is the proof! What next, a campaign song by Kanye and Jay Z (aka Shawn Corey Carter) and endorsements from Beyonce' and the Kardashians? This article is but one more unsubtle "ll bacio della morte" (the kiss of death) politically speaking for Bernie.


Cornell, I have A great amount of respect for you, but please don't ever make the mistake of comparing Bernie Sanders to Jesse Jackson- Sanders is much more than Jackson could ever be-


Government of the people, by the people and for the people would be color (etc.) blind.


Thank you, Mr. Thrasher and Mr. West! I, too, believe that Bernie is pretty radical for his time and will at least begin to steer America in a more equitable, peaceful direction, something I had nearly given up hope for, not long ago.

Go Bernie!


What isn't mentioned in the piece is that Sanders endorsed Jesse Jackson in both of Jackson's Presidential bids (1984 & 1988).

"In 1988, Sanders and his organizers helped Jackson win a surprise victory in the Vermont caucuses--by one state delegate. In Jesse’s memorable phrase, Bernie Sanders & Jim Hightower were among the few elected White officeholders brave enough to “cross the color line” to support him when it mattered."

25 Things You May Not Know About Bernie Sanders

Sander's has a long history supporting civil rights/racial equality:

"Sanders actually got involved in politics through the civil rights movement, as a community organizer with CORE (the Congress of Racial Equality) in Chicago. He organized a sit-in against segregated housing in 1962. Later, reports John Nichols in The Nation, as an organizer for SNCC (the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee), Sanders joined the March on Washington in 1963 and was in the crowd for Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. He endorsed Jesse Jackson for president -- twice."

Chicago Tribune - Aug. 13 2015

"The civil rights movement also became a home for him. He became leaders of an NAACP ally called the Congress of Racial Equality at a time when most civil rights activists were black. He was arrested while demonstrating for desegregated public schools in Chicago. (No big deal, says Sanders: “You can go outside and get arrested, too!” he jokes. “It’s not that hard if you put your mind to it.”) He once walked around Chicago putting up fliers protesting police brutality. After half an hour, he realized a police car was following him, taking down every paper he’d up, one by one. “Are these yours?” he remembers the officer telling him, holding up the stack of the fliers.

In his second year at college, Sanders made national news. On a frigid Tuesday afternoon in January, 1962 the 20-year-old from Brooklyn stood on the steps of University of Chicago administration building and railed in the wind against the college’s housing segregation policy. “We feel it is an intolerable situation, when Negro and white students of the university cannot live together in university owned apartments,” the young bespectacled student told the few-dozen classmates gathered there. Then he led them into the building in protest, and camped the night outside the president’s office. It was Chicago’s first civil rights sit-in."

Time Magazine, The Radical Education of Bernie Sanders

"Let's not keep putting poor people in jail and disproportionately punishing blacks." Bernie Sanders in 1991

You Tube, Bernie Sanders on Crime, Punishment and Poverty

Found through: 20 Examples of Bernie Sander's Powerful Record on Civil And Human Rights since The 1950's

Cornell West's support of Bernie will certainly help Sanders overcome some of the support for Clinton in the black community. At this point many people are unaware of Sanders long history in the civil rights movement. When they learn about it, and contrast it with Bill & Hillary's record, Sanders should do even better.


Bernie Sanders is very much like Jesse Jackson. Anyone recall what Jackson did, after running for the Democratic nomination, twice?

In 1984, he bailed out and endorsed Walter Mondale. In 1988, he... bailed out and endorsed Michael Dukakis.

History is about to repeat itself, as another fake leftist shores up the corroding right-wing nucleus of the Democratic Party.


Actually, as more people become aware of Bernie's long history in the Civil Rights movement, and contrast that with the Clinton's record of increasing imprisonment (Bill Clinton says he made mass incarceration issue worse) and welfare reform (How Bill Clinton’s Welfare “Reform” Created a System Rife With Racial Biases), support for Bernie in the black community can only go up.

"As recently noted by Reason.com, Hillary actively lobbied for the aforementioned criminal justice reforms as First Lady and, as a New York senator, voted to expand grants that dramatically scaled up police involvement in anti-terror and homeland security efforts. She also said things like this, in support of a crime bill that would impose draconian new sentencing provisions:

“We need more police, we need more and tougher prison sentences for repeat offenders. The three strikes and you’re out for violent offenders has to be part of the plan. We need more prisons to keep violent offenders for as long as it takes to keep them off the streets.”

The Clinton dynasty’s horrific legacy: How “tough-on-crime” politics built the world’s largest prison system


You keep repeating the same nonsense.

Bernie on the military budget:

""Why am I not shocked that in addition to wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare as we know it, cut education, cut nutrition programs for hungry kids," Sanders told reporters, "their other brilliant idea is to increase military spending at a time when we spend more money than almost the rest of the world combined..."The idea that we would allow for significant more spending in defense at the same time they want to cut education and nutrition and health care to me is something that the vast majority of American people don't agree with," Sanders said. "I certainly don't.""

Sanders on Drones:

"SANDERS: I think what you — Martha, what you can argue is that there are times and places where drone attacks have been effective, there are times and places where they have been absolutely countereffective and have caused more problems when they have solved. When you kill innocent people, what the end result is that people in the region become anti-American who otherwise would not have been.

So, I think we have to use drones very, very selectively and effectively. That has not always been the case.

The context of this statement was a discussion of the use of force. Sanders had just told Raddatz that “I get very nervous about my Republican friends who keep implying that the only way we could do that is through another war. War is the last resort, not the first resort.” Sanders did admit, “yeah, there are times when you have to use force, no question about it.”"

Bernie is the only major candidate to have spoken against Netanyahu and Israel's actions during last year's Operation Protective Edge. He's also spoken strongly for the right of Palestinians to their own self-governing state.

You keep slanting or simply ignoring Sanders actual positions so you can attack him.

Why is that?


Thanks for all these, ctrl-z. I'm bookmarking this page.


Gosh, what would you have said if Cornell West opposed Sanders?

West's support for Bernie helps Sanders, no matter what you'd like to make of it.


Sanders' involovement in "the Civil Rights movement", meaning participation in events promoting 'racial' equality, was all in the past. Heaven help us if some of the things we did 20-40 years ago are ever characterized as us having "a long history of"! Does Obama's supposed "community organizer" experience mean he has "a long history of" helping black neighborhoods?

A life is a patchwork quilt, and a couple of flowers in one corner does not make it a floral duvet.


Here is another listing of Bernie's activites involving civil rights through the years, he's been involved on many fronts all along:



Bull, in their last available ranking of votes the NAACP said Bernie supported legislation favored by the NAACP 100% on the time and gave him an 'A' rating.




Yes, that's an excellent link. I used it in an earlier post in this thread.


I'm sorry, I didn't notice it, twice doesn't hurt. I became incensed when others continue to imply that his actions stopped 40 years ago, along with the strange notion that our lives gain meaning, and respect, only by what we did ten minutes ago.


Bernie and Trump are the only viable candidates that take no Wall Street funding. Bernie is the only one with a long record of progressive votes, legislation and vast experience in dealing with Congress.

Trump would have an advantage however, due to the takeover of Congress by the voter suppressing oligarchy Republicans and Democrat sellouts who will block Bernie's initiatives.

To bypass Congress, Bernie can refer issues for all the people to decide through binding referendums. Aided by encrypted electronic voting for safety, speed, repeatability, voting would be accessible to minorities that are now suppressed.

That would be grassroots democracy, turbocharged.


Okay, fine, but statistics are what we make of them, and some people actually do not rely upon the NAACP as the pulse of civil rights progress (I could joke that the NAACP doesn't even know who's black anymore, re whatshername, Rachel Dolezal.)

My point stands, that what someone did way back when (but not since) doesn't mean a lot. You won't agree, I assume, but I found the discussion of this issue (the real value of Bernie's civil rights history) interesting: http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/08/12/why-bernie-sanders-is-no-great-white-hope-for-black-america/


The PPP poll is an outlier among the polls regarding Clinton/Sanders in Iowa.

You've yet to say one positive thing about Bernie. Who do you support in this election?


Your point didn't stand when you made it and doesn't stand now. Finding an anti-Bernie Counterpuch piece is about as hard as finding your nose with your hand. It doesn't change the facts.

You are pretending a lifetime history of working for Civil Rights isn't evidence of support for Civil Rights and that the NAACP doesn't know how to rate candidates.

That's bullshit.