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Cornering Trump on Jobs, Sanders Announces Anti-Outsourcing Bill


Cornering Trump on Jobs, Sanders Announces Anti-Outsourcing Bill

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has introduced legislation to ensure that a key campaign promise of President-elect Donald Trump comes to pass—keeping American jobs in America.


The outsourcing that scares me the most is commercial airline maintenance.


IT'S TIME TO HOLD the president accountable for all their campaign promises. Time and time again as soon as the sit down all the promises go right the window. As much as I hate the GOP's they need to keep in mind the average person is only one or two paychecks away form living on the street. So hopefully Bernie's bill will pass, but the fact that the GOP controls both houses it's unlikely. I'll be watching!


Go Bernie!!


Are we witnessing the unofficial start of the 2020 campaign?

I certainly hope so.


An always comforting thought whenever you subject yourself to air travel is that all of the parts for the aircraft were supplied by the lowest bidder.

This is also the economic model used by the American car manufacturers. Japanese auto manufacturers have a different philosophy: they establish a relationship with trusted suppliers, and although there is always pressure to lower costs, they will not automatically select the lowest bidder and instead work with their established suppliers to lower costs. No system is perfect, but in my own personal opinion, I think that this has enabled the Japanese manufacturers to create a more reliable product.


Better chance that trump keep promise than Clinton.


"and imposing stiff tariffs on executive bonuses like golden parachutes, stock options, and other gratuities."

To Bernie and Donald,

One of the first things that needs to be done (will probably never happen): Tell SEC Chairman, Mary Jo White, to make it illegal for companies to buy back their own stock as the rule was before 1982. Before 1982, it was considered stock manipulation.

"There was a rule change in 1982, under Reagan. A guy who was the former Head of E.F. Hutton became head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and he changed the rule about companies buying back their own shares. Before 1982, it was virtually illegal to do that because it was considered stock manipulation. When a company buys back its own shares, it reduces the number of share owners, and therefore every share is worth a little bit more. If you do this, all things being equal, you’re going to boost the share and manipulate the price. The free market’s not doing it, you’re doing it. This guy thought, 'Well that’s very efficient. Anyway, competition will even all of that out.'"

We need regulated capitalism once again.


Not too optimistic about this passing, Bernie only got three pieces of legislation passed in Congress and two were for naming post offices. Now if Clinton had won and the Democrats had taken control of the Senate then Bernie would be actually relevant for getting legislation passed. He should be focusing on protecting social security and the Affordable Care Act, as well as the EPA and various other things because the assault will begin in less than two months.


The GOP big shots would lose all their underpaid domestic help, if the illegals would be shipped out. :slight_smile:


Wait one minute: If the corporation leaves we simply threaten them with withdrawing 'defense'--war in all honesty-tax payer funded contracts? How about a law that states categorically that any corporation wishing to leave will have their charter removed and all their assets turned over to the workers who can run the place themselves and these former corporation prohibited from ever conducting business in the US?

Let's make the era of little to no taxes on the rich be over also. You need not eat the rich just tax them into oblivion that the planet and others may live.


After US taxpayers bailed out GM after the 2008 economic meltdown, GM used the money to close US factories, buy back stock, and expand operations in China to the extent that you can walk into any Buick showroom today in the US and see Buicks made in China.

Bizarre how candidates especially during the primaries were bragging about how they promoted the GM bailouts when the bailouts were a gift to stockholders and didn't help workers one iota.


Plate tectonics should move so slowly.


Our primary weapon against the capitalist stranglehold is our most effective one and that is the boycott. Never mind about the next election cycle. We can easily organize and inflict great harm on these people simply by not buying their products. Don't buy Koch Industries products like Brawny paper towels and make your next a.c. something other than a Carrier unit. Google lists of products by Koch Industries and don't buy them.


Then why is he so respected on both sides as "the amendment king"? He takes poison pills out of partisan legislation. That's how it's done until we get rid of party loyalty as legislators' top priority.


Yes, and there are CEOS from other countries like Denmark who actually care about their workers and their communites as well not just money . In our country many people work and cannot afford to eat. We are a third world country.


Please do not insult people with a mental illness. He's just mean.


I agree, but do not hurt the workers ; hurt the morons who are CEOS who have the money disease. When is "more" not enough?


Bernie tried to tell people that for many years. The rich are obsesses with money and now power as well.


I agree, and is this person really in Canada? Could be a hack. Tell this person from Canada that if that country is so great why do they club innocent seals?