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Coronapalooza: The Great White Hope and the Perfect Deadly Storm

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/19/coronapalooza-great-white-hope-and-perfect-deadly-storm

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After hearing the following exchange from the Tulsa Trump Rally—

Protestor to a Trump supporter : “All lives cannot matter if black lives don’t matter. Why can’t you see this?”

Trump supporter in response : “White lives matter too. White skin matters”

I could only conclude that what the Trump supporter was saying is that white “ skin " can only matter so long as black “ skin ” does not matter.

And that is where we are. That sums it up: Skin, the outermost layer of the human being, is what is to count or not count if it has more melatonin.

From the article:

“To deny him is to deny themselves.”

To deny that black lives matter under the retort of “All lives matter. White skin matters” is also to actually deny themselves, why can’t they see that?

This situation is really horrible.

I think Ive figured out what Trump is trying to do, its pretty obvious.

We need a national discussion to happen that gets the scheme that I’ve been trying to make people aware of it out in the open.

Its what Trump is trying to make toxic with his racism. Discussing it requires discussion about a bunch of big lies that seem to me to be fairly obviously lies, the biggest ones is that parties put people first, they obviously put corporations first.

We need new candidates, both of them. Ones who are adult enough to not infantilize the country as they have been.

because we need to have an adult conversation about where we want to go.

And not fall into a huge trap thats being laid for democracy here.

W as a country also need to reject the corporate scheme to create a sort of guest slavery category of worker to displace decent wages globally. AS WE CAN SEE its creating a huge amount of politician dishonesty and it is threatening to create a vast disillusionment which can only lead to the worst places.

What made Germany in the 30s vote for Hitler was the Treaty of Versailles. Something like that could happen here if the plans (which go back to the 1980s) to outsource and offshore potentially huge numbers of jobs to artificially dis empowered workers, in order to prop up Third World dictatorships is implemented.

Frankly, it needs to be rejected because its totally undemocratic, its also undemocratic to use these deals to prevent whatever the people want to vote for - like a single payer health care system (It currently does that and nobody seems to grasp that or why its been done - its being done so those jobs could be used as bait with foreign countries-)

the same trade deal also caused the 2008 financial crash and the deaths of at least a million poor Americans during the last 25 years (since Jan 1,1995) while health care has been rigged.

Help us get out of this mess, by getting the country out of this manipulation mess and getting the facts out on the table. Biggest fact is that politicians and executive branch entities like USTR should not have the power to alienate such important rights as work permission (which is why only the House has problem to change immigration laws, because permission to work directly impacts peoples ability to work, - also huge changes like the GATS treaty should never occur out of sight and out of the context of a huge debate on every possible outcome of them.)

Poor Americans are being manipulated by Trump but buried in there, they do have ONE legitimate concern and its a strong one, they can sense that a process is underway thats basically a threat to them on a survival level (we see thats true in trumps behavior on COVID-19 but there is a very much more fundamental cause which is neoliberalism and its war on the poor and war on the idea of a middle class, which so very many of us of all races are clinging tenuously to. We see it in the 2008 crash which was caused by a massive theft by insiders after the “reform” (repeal) of the Glass-Steagall Act because of GATS created a way for banks to basically steal from the taxpayer so they stated selling loans they knew would fail and ended up taking large amounts of equity from lots of regular people, who had the misfortune to buy houses at the wrong time.

The same deal is almost certainly why the DNC refused to even marginally treat Bernie Sanders fairly. Because it had already traded “his” policies away - making them FTA-illegal. A set of facts which almost none of us realize and which we it seems have trouble understanding because its so far away from what we are taught is happening.

Right now the country- and world- is being ruled by oligarchs who have traded things that frankly never should have been assumed were theirs to trade, future jobs.

They insist also that Americans are too expensive to educate or employ. What they want to do is wash their hands of us en-masse by stealth.

Bringin in other workers who are artificially disempowered by being kept in a kijd of status where their presence at jobs - officially intra-corporate transfer across borders and the WTO would like, exempt from all immigration laws becaus eit considers them to be something else “non-immigration” - Its really more like indentured servitude.

How could politicians allow this? Easy they didnt tell us, they did it behind the country’s backs, with the help of hugely powerful lobbies of huge international industries- totally behind our backs, and hid it for decades. Not saying a word on those zillions of ties when they should have spoken up.

We need a new pair of parties and a new set of priorities that reflect those of all Americans and not businesses that are only too impatient to make changes that freeze us out of the economy of our own country (which is what will happen)

We should be uniting against that,

Politicians of both Right wing A and Right Wing B who try to divide the country need to step down.

When I was growing up, we had two parties but we didn’t have this kind of dishonesty, and when it emerged (Nixon) Nixon had to step down.

As far as immigration, we should preserve it for people and not let corporations and their desire for slave like labor capture it, which is what will happen now - nomatter who wins in November, we can pretty much bet on it with these two.

because they dont need to do anything, just not stop it. Its already a done deal and its on autopilot.

We also owe a lot of improvements to our Black Americans in the form of improved quality of life. We cant just declare that all that is over and set up ne priorities that channel all the jobs to corporations from repressive countries- a shift that most certainly will hurt Black Americans and women a lot. Because the public jobs they do will be most likely to be privatized and outsourced/offshored, here.

We should let students come here and work here and even move here but they should not be artificially disempowered and we should not defund higher education - we should dump deals that frame our funding of higher education as a potentially forbidden trade barrier. The sae with healthcare for all, public banking, etc.

Because they are so deeply imbedded in their racism they cannot see any other color than white being the correct one and what counts when it comes to which lives matter. But truly there is no answer other than they are severely mentally ill to believe such insanity at all. It would seem that the human brain has too many flaws in its ability to “think insane thoughts” for the human race to survive long term. We are at that point now I fear. I wish I had more melatonin as well so I could sleep through this unfolding nightmare. (Insert smiley face)

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