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Coronavirus a 'Clear Warning Shot' From Nature to Humanity, Top Scientists Say

True, but from the greedy, business, perspectives it has been called “Progress”.

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The anthropogenic mass extinction event is an ecocidal juggernaut accelerated by every human born, every tree cut down, every machine turned on, almost every act of consumer capitalism.
If humans weren’t invading the habitats of all native species and harming innocent animals, viruses such as Corona would never have jumped into humans.
The ethos called deep ecology consists of simple principles that reorient us to look at all life, not just human life, as valuable and interconnected.
Living by those principles is the best you can do to slow down the mass extinction event.


Just a brief response to this distressing story. Agreed with all the responses I’ve seen, thank you all for sharing your thoughts. I am distressed because for decades such warnings have been given, and there has been no turn in the curve for the destruction of the natural world, and it does not seem there will be. The major drivers of the destruction are habitat loss, invasive species, pollutants, overharvesting of plants and animals (there must be a better term than ‘overharvesting’) and on top of all the rest, climate change. It does not seem possible to stop or even slow down these trends. Meanwhile, human population increases at astonishing rates, and the added billions all expect to have increasing amounts of material goods. We are all in this together. That includes the plants and animals.


“The first rule of ecology is everything is connected to everything else.”
–Dr. Barry Commoner, 1917-2012


His other rules are:
–Everything has to go somewhere;
–Nature knows best;
–There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Oh Wereflea, appreciate the thought, but if we can’t take care of our own frickin planet any better than we have, I dread the thought of this human blight spreading throughout the universe. There is a story about 3 stewards entrusted with ‘talents’ by their master. I am afraid that humans have turned out to be incompetent, unfit, and unworthy stewards of our planet.


Reading a fabulous book by Richard Powers called The Overstory.
It won a Pulitzer prize and was published in 2018.
Powers’ writing is truly transcendent.
I also checked out other books by him from the library (which is now closed) and they are equally compelling reads.

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She is welcome. I’ve always wanted to live like Dick Proenneke did.

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Wow and I thought I was unrealistic in some of my hopes (that people on the whole would have dropped their TFR to well below 2 (1.5 would be nice) many years ago and I wouldn’t have to listen to so many moron writers talking about how Europe and Japan are in great danger of not enough babies, that many more people would move to a plant based diet, that more people would see the ridiculousness of our foreign policy in any possible way of looking at it other than war profit, that people would see Bernie is easily the best option, and on and on).

There will be no faster than light travel ever and even if you or someone else doesn’t believe in this very solid physics law, the rate at which we are improving our capabilities in space travel is not on track to do anything like Sci Fi ideas that stay with sub light travel (e.g. Mars colonization) for many many decades - the earth will have many more bullets for us during this time (I’d call this pandemic a shot, not a warning shot - whether the shot is in the finger, arm, leg, or heart is to be determined).

We’ll have to solve our problems right here - the rest of the universe is quite safe from our pitiful ability to solve problems on a global scale. I think the rest of the solar system is safe too.


I posted this article a while ago:


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Leonard Peltier has been saying this all along, so have all the natives Canadian and USAyan before and still saying that we are one with nature. Western science has just begun to realize that humans cannot survive unless they respect and revive nature.

Cause and Effect. It is not rocket science, but difficult to make sense of if you only get part of the story.
Lets just say a lot of people haven’t been paying attention in a big way.

Would it help to go vegan or at least vegetarian?

Agreed. This virus IS the planet saying?STOP!!!Stop!Stop!
Think on. Lets start with eating animals.
1] Animal Slaughter for EATING: Contrary to the vested interest’s propaganda?We do NOT need meat, we are not even the type of animal that has the correct teeth[evolutionarily speaking] to eat meat. So! Lets stop!How can a "thinking"person pet a dog!caress a cat!And then?Eat pig flesh???Really?Newsflash!PIGS are smarter than dogs!As Paul McCartney said! If slaughterhouses had glass walls?EVERYONE WOULD BE VEGETARIAN. Why wait?do it now, its no sacrifice at all.
The point is especially now?there are 7.5+BILLION OF US! Obv!We cannot all be eating meat…nor is it sustainable for those that do now, to continue…I wont even get into the raping of the Amazon [the planet’s lungs!] for farm land for cattle! SO NOT NECESSARY!
2] Fossil fuels: With a will there IS a way: We can do it!Not over night, perhaps not even completely, within one generation, but we can and we MUST make that transition, we are already!a generation too late. #ExxonKnew and so did Rex Killerson!MOFO responsible for suppressing science and fake news, since the 1970s.
] Plastics**: same thing, we can clean the oceans, do without FISH for a while!Wow!Big freaking deal!!! maybe a generation!maybe for good! We can and we MUST heal the oceans.
All of these things can be improved almost over night! historically speaking. Its a matter of putting those who understand the fragility of our planet in charge. Lets put the scientists in charge, those NOT bought by corporate interests…
Meantime, in so many ways, Nature is saying?STOP MOFOS!STOP!!!


I wish we could post pictures here…it would make things much simpler. But yes, animals!There were one BILLION+ lost in the recent fires of Australia, thats on top of!the fact the more than one half of all wildlife is GONE. Meanwhile" the #thugspawn of the gangster in the WH continue to slaughter animals for “trophies”.
Here is a quote from Carl Sagan who knew our treatment of other sentient beings was wrong on every level…he predicted the dumbfuckery of the evangelical rapture nuts like pompeo and pence too.
Speaking of Animals, Carl said:
“Humans - who enslave, castrate, experiment on, and fillet other animals - have had an understandable penchant for pretending animals do not feel pain. A sharp distinction between humans and ‘animals’ is essential if we are to bend them to our will, make them work for us, wear them, eat them - without any disquieting tinges of guilt or regret. It is unseemly of us, who often behave so unfeelingly toward other animals, to contend that only humans can suffer. The behaviour of other animals renders such pretensions specious. They are just too much like us.”
As above, I have this in a handy meme but cant post it!
Carl tho!More awake in death than many on the planet now.

The capitalist infection rate is many orders of magnitude as great as the Coronavirus. Symptoms include seeing the world strictly in terms of dollar value and a “me against them” competitive mentality.

Absolutely nothing is going to change unless and until the capitalist economic system is taken down. A system based on ever-increasing extraction of natural resources and dependent on infinite growth in a finite planet is not only unsustainable but suicidal. That it will go down is not in doubt but whether it will be taken down by us or by nature. If we think it will be hard for us to do it, think how nature will go about it. The Coronavirus is not even a preview of what nature has in store for us.


Our arrogance makes likely our apocalypse


Very true. One of my pet peeves is the way this is always termed “from animals to humans.” I have have some headline news to report. Humans ARE fucking animals, not some totally different life form like plants. We are mammals and therefore are susceptible to catching diseases from other animals and especially warm blooded ones. One more glaring fact…as far as climate change, damaging air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity, EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE PROBLEMS are caused by exploitation caused by the unending demands of capitalism. Theoretically we are all due an equal portion of all Earthly resources upon birth. I wonder if these huge corporations would be able to exploit all these resources if everybody thought along these lines or for for that matter if they could even exist.


If the universe is devoid of life (something that I do not believe btw) then even a bacteria is a miracle of life and full of evolutionary potential. If we find a sterile ball of rock and terraform it to sustain life that is a plus. We humans are wasteful greedy primates that are destroying their own environment by overpopulation but then that is an intrinsic behavior of most species if not all life. We are on an island with limited resources and breed as we were evolved to do. Every living thing if provided with a nourishing and suitable environment ends up overpopulating like a herd of goats stranded on a small island. Eventually they eat up everything and most starve. Sometimes all of them. We have no predators to limit our numbers except disease and each other.

I am hoping that like how quantum entanglement may presage teleportion and allow us to travel faster than light across the universe which may in fact be empty of life (unlikely) but still filled with an immense number of empty (of life) planets that we could colonize.

Given a choice between our biologically rich refuse and detritus, we do well by comparison to empty lifeless balls of rock.

They were able to pause briefly, a beam of light. It existed without moving for a tiny moment but they succeeded in doing it. Conceptually that is awesome. Certainly Einstein would have loved it. Quantum entanglement was proven to exist where two particles seven miles apart experienced or existed in the same way at the same moment. This meant that two particles were ‘undifferent’ momentarily though separated by 7 miles. What happened to one also happened to the other in effect. Lol. Beam me up ,Scotty. Someday?

I think humanity is not all bad. Many a human is a progressive for example. Lol.

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Correlation does not equal causation.