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'Coronavirus Isn't Stopping Us!': Youth Activists Adapt to Global Pandemic With Digital #ClimateStrikeOnline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/13/coronavirus-isnt-stopping-us-youth-activists-adapt-global-pandemic-digital

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We are fast approaching “Too little too late.”
Any proactive, truth to power actions are welcomed.
Do we leave the next generation a paradise, or a cinder ball?

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I see the stock market is rebounding. I guess a correction is out of the question. Will just reset the bubble level and hold on tight.

One good outcome of the coronavirus. The NBA and NCAA tournament winners won’t be obligated to a White House visit.

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With a 1.6 trillion Fed Reserve infusion.

Changing our behavior for the greater good requires that we keep our brains as malleable as we can manage and not wait for crisis to occur since we never know when they are going to actually strike. This is especially important as we age to prevent our brains from becoming too rigid. Thanks to these youths who show how to do this.

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In the US Senator Bernie Sanders can be our new leader even if he is not elected.
Think: The Other Economy
Solar Power To The People. (Solar Power is a matter of World Security)
Gave His only Begotten SUN

Build a solar panel.
Learn to tab a cell.
Even Grandpa can tab a cell.
Buy a photovoltaic kit with glass, frame, photo cells, tabbing wire.
A message from The Other Economy and National Security to World Security

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Dear Corporate America and the Politicians who Worship Them:

OWNING: one castle, one expensive car, one island —or the world’s largest diamonds , a most famous Rembrandt, or ruling a kingdom: ALL of this STUFF pales when compared to a plastic free ocean, a field of corn with no pesticides, a sky without pollution, a herd of cattle without growth hormones, or a river with clean water. Everything a human needs is here and on the planet Earth---------and after so many millions of years--------isn’t it time we revere the Earth and all the wonderful life it serves?