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Coronavirus Makes Clear: The Tme for Serious Civic Reforms Is Now!

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/28/coronavirus-makes-clear-tme-serious-civic-reforms-now


Sorry Ralph, but what you propose is kinda like asking the Titanic not to sink after hitting that iceberg. I do not believe that structural reforms are possible in the “United” States without a revolution. We live in a Stalinist version of democracy, where our candidates are hand-picked by the very interests that oppress us. The information we receive from the MSM is what those who oppress us allow us to hear – try finding reporting about corporate domination of MSM and of corporate domination of and control over congress and most aspects of our lives from the very MSM controlled by the very corporations that oppress us. Nearly half the country rejects science in favor of an autocratic, anti-scientific blowhard. These folks would follow Donald Trump over a cliff merely on his say-so, stridently asserted by Fox, that the rocks at the bottom of the 400-foot cliff are really pillows that will cushion their fall. We more resemble an empire in steep decline than a functioning democracy. When the information necessary to make rational choices is denied us, and half the country rejects rationality itself at the direction of the supreme leader, rational, structural change is no more than a pipe dream, unless we have the courage to rid ourselves of our accustomed norms and storm the f—ing Bastille. And, that will NEVER happen for the same reasons that voting has become an exercise in futility. We are going to sink, period.


Oh why oh why is Ralph Nader not President?
Can you imagine what our country would be today if he had been elected?

Instead we are stuck with an insane dictator.
It now time to adopt Leonard Cohen’s song, Everybody Knows, as our national anthem.


Why is “Nader not POTUS”?

Answer: During the 60s Nader created a consumer rights paradigm change that put the 99% in a position of power they had never enjoyed and have not enjoyed since. This success was met with the full force of the corporations, their media and politicians to the extent that no expense was spared to turn Nader into a pariah. By the time Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 their mission to demonize Nader was accomplished. The 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) landed Nader on that party’s blacklist and they have used him as a fall guy whenever they needed an excuse for failed campaigns and bad decisions, most notably when the DNC failed to demand a recount in Florida in 2000.


Actually, I think it actually is the tme (pronounced “tum”) in which we’re expected to digest fabulous reforms and fixes to the flaming Hindenberg. (Oh, the humanity!) It’s certainly not the time.

We’re fresh out of time. We have barely enough time to hang on for dear life, for awhile.


Will anything really be “serious,” or will it end up being "status quo?"

ralph, your beloved capitalism needs to go, breh.

this isn’t a time for tinkering with a monster. it’s a time to end it.


Same reason Bernie isn’t.

Same reason we need a 3rd Party on the Left


COVID-19: We Won’t Go Back to Normal, Because Normal Was the Problem

When a global pandemic strikes, the private-sector austerity model simply falls apart,


Another strong comment, Ray. Historically accurate.

Ron Reagan steered the country on an awful path toward extreme inequality since his election in 1980, and it’s been a long 40 years of political reactions to his damages, to find our way back to justice and equality. Dr. King presciently observed this in 1967, “Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought within one’s own bosom and in the surrounding world.”

Ralph Nader has a decades-long friendship with Bernie Sanders, and while Bernie is not mentioned in this commentary, their politics are clearly the same. Bernie Sanders is still best-positioned to lead us after these 40 years of rampant greed and corruption to “serious civic reforms.” As Dr. King also said in 1967, “There are revolutionary times.”

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I heard Ralph Nader say on one of his radio shows last year that Bernie Sanders hadn’t returned a call from him in 22 years. I suppose they could still be friends, but I wouldn’t be. Between that, and Sanders not responding to calls from the Green Party in 2016, I think his highest priority is avoiding independent cooties that might displease the Democratic Party leadership.

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Thanks, mc, for that info. It surprises me, because in reading the commentary, they are so alike! Nader made public his displeasure with Sanders after he endorsed HRC in 2016, and he hasn’t endorsed Sanders in 2020. Must be more animosity than I imagined.


That’s always the problem. The Wall Street Dems NEVER take responsibility for their willful ignorance

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Time to apply the concept of household sufficiency as a economic mechanism in urban settings, as the antithesis of corporate dependancy and gang insurgency. Social isolation is an opportunity to innovate Home Learning and Earning Schemes, and start the conversation about creating Neighbourhood Centres for walkable integrated services, psychosocial support, and community governance groups. Community based and economic changes can spur national guidance from a ethically orientated government.


We absolutely need to implement Mr. Nader’s five suggestions. But I have to agree that I can’t envision a way to manage even one of them. The citizenry is too pacified, on purpose, to come out of our preoccupied haze of being sure we are the ‘best country in the world’ and equally sure our government does a terrible job.

Our mainstream media keeps us in the haze by not offering us real analysis of issues but only analysis of how many agree or disagree with political figures.

Our Congress is far too busy raising funds for their re-election campaigns to oversee the ins and outs of how our money is being spent.

We are a severely divided country with half of voters devoted to a megalomaniac leader and much of the other half too timid to recognize Bernie Sanders as the man who could be the person who could turn this country around.


Ray, well said! I supported Mr. Nader for POTUS vs, Bush and Gore and I was excoriated by many Democrats for " COSTING GORE THE ELECTION". That Mr. Nader was the reason for Gore losing the election to Bush was total BS!

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Most of us have our own belief in the order of events. The variable speed at which these events happen is all important for our decision making.
Even if we got our act together, there is no indication of positive cooperation from the rest of humanity.

Then we will have to address the urban chicken keeping laws.

It didn’t help. Just like Ross Perot didn’t help G.H.W. Bush.

It did not help whom, you mean the fake opposition!