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Coronavirus Outbreak Forces Uninsured Congressional Candidate to Suspend Door-Knocking Efforts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/12/coronavirus-outbreak-forces-uninsured-congressional-candidate-suspend-door-knocking

Best luck to Ms. Islam, but she faces some huge hurdles, not least of which is the stigma of being “not wealthy”. Also running for the nomination is Carolyn Bourdeaux whom I can’t find out much about but came very close to flipping the district in 2018.


Our insurance industry is bought and paid for. Don’t you hate it when the thing you bought, and paid for is broken or doesn’t work when you get home.

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The media is trying to dismiss the need for ACTION on single payer healthcare which has been taken off the table with a trade agteement (25 years ago), We need to withdraw from this agreement and if they refuse to unrig the system then flood Washington (and Geneva?) with millions of peaceful demonstrators. If we hold a die in every day to memorialize the million lives lost while healthcare has been rigged in the US, maybe the corporation monster that has stolen our nation will begone.